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Project Engineer Resume Sample, Experience : 20 years

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Name of the Candidate:[Private]
Name of the Post Applied:Project Engineer
Job related skills / software:Assisting overall aluminium, glazings, railings, stainless steel works, composite panel cladding and curtain wall projects especially in towers as per approved shop drawings. Attend consultant meeting for discussions and clarifications.
Category:Site / Construction
Sub Category:Project Engineer / Manager
Years of Experience:20 years
Salary Expected per Month(Rs):more than 1 lakh
Highest Qualification attained:Diploma
Major / Specialization:Civil
Email Id:[Private]
Are you looking for job now?:Yes
Can the recruiter contact you?:Yes
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Personal Profile  :
Date of Birth  : 18/02/1975
Marital Status  : MARRIED
Passport No.  : E 8042284
Validity  : 27/01/2014
Contact No.  : 00966-565048426 (Mob), 0091-04902327728(Resi)
E Mail ID  : jdericf AT gmail.com

Technical  : Diploma in Civil Engineering Course Passed In April 1993 from State Board of Technical Education and Training,Tamilnadu, India.
: Auto-CAD Course Passed in December 1999.

Software Proficiency  :
Package/Language  : Auto-CAD, M S Word, Excel, Outlook Express.
Languages Known  : English, Hindi, Malayalam, & Tamil.

Working Experience  :
U A E  : 8 Years (Aluminium & Glazing)
SAUDI ARBIA  : 3 Years (Aluminium & Glazing)
INDIA  : 9 Years (Civil construction)

Present Employer (From 2011)  :
Working as a Project Engineer WithCLAD TECH INTERNATIONAL, U A E (Location  : SAUDI ARABIA)

Job profile  :
Project Engineer To assisting project manager for overall aluminium, glazings, railings, stainless steel works, composite panel cladding and curtain wall projects especially in towers as per approved shop drawings. Attend consultant meeting for discussions and clarifications. Prepare site programmed chart according to the planning chart from the planning department. Prepare method statement of projects. Prepare submittals of shop drawings and submit samples of aluminium, glass and accessories to the consultant and rectify the consultant comments on submittals. Prepare and send the requisition of fabrication units to the factory as per the priority of the site condition. Arrange weekly site meeting with site engineers and site supervisors for the progress of the project and giving proper instructions to complete the project as per programmed chart. Submit project weekly progress report to the project manager and project director. Provide proper instructions to site engineers and site supervisors about layout, alignment, wall bracketing, curtain wall assembly, glass installation and cladding as per approved shop drawings to complete the projects as per programmed chart. Storage and deliver the fabricated materials as per site priority from the factory. Maintain the documents (incoming and out going) and work orders, Check the quantity and quality of the delivered materials as per shop drawings, Issue the work orders.

Inspect the installed units and make sure that as per shop drawings. Reply the correspondence from the consultant and contractor. Snag rectifications as per consultant comments.

1st Former Employer (From 2008 to 2010)  :
Worked as an Project Engineer with BELGIUM ALUMINIUM AND GLASS, U A E.
Project Engineer  : As above

2nd Former Employer (From 2003 to 2008)  :
Worked as an Aluminium Estimator (3 years) and Project Engineer (2 Years) With AL ARABI ALUMINIUM & METAL ENGINEERING L L C, U A E.
Job Profile  :
Estimator  : Preparing Quotation for Aluminium an Glazing

Works for Towers (curtain walls)  :
Project Engineer  : As above
3rd Former Employer (From 25th January 1999 to 20th may 2003)
Worked as a Quantity Surveyor With INT. ARCH. BANGALORE, INDIA.

Job Profile  :
Quantity surveyor  : Preparing detailed and abstract estimate,
Preparing quotations and invoice

4th Former Employer (From 20th June 1996 to 18th January 1999)  :
Worked as a Site Engineer, Auto- CAD Draftsman With PRADEEP & ASSOCIATES, INDIA.

Job Profile  :
Site Engineer  : Construction of apartments, multy storied commercial Buildings.
Auto-CAD Draftsman  : Building drawings (plan, elevation and section details)

5th Former Employer (From 10th December 1994 to 10th June 1996)  :
Worked as a Site Engineer and Quantity Surveyor With PIONEER CONSTRUCTION CO. MUMBAI, INDIA.

Job Profile  :
Site Engineer  : Construction of multy storied buildings with pile Foundation and raft foundation.
Quantity Surveyor  : Preparing detailed and abstract estimate, material Quantity calculations, preparing quotations, invoices And follow up of payment.

6th Former Employer (From 10th January1994 to 10th November 1994)  :
Worked as Site Engineer, Surveyor for road construction with NAVABHARATH CONSTRUCTONS, MUMBAI, INDIA.

Job Profile  :
Site Engineer  : Construction of concrete roads, W B M and asphalt Roads.
Surveyor  : Levelling by using Dumpy Level.

Declaration  :
I hereby confirm that the information furnished above is correct to the best of my knowledge.

Date  : ___________
Place  : ___________


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