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Water Treatment Chemist Resume Sample, Experience : 7 years

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Name of the Candidate:Arumugam
Name of the Post Applied:Water Treatment Chemist
Job related skills / software: Improve the raw material Quality through continuous monitoring, Reduce the water consumption through Graphical analysis, Reduce DM water cost.
Sub Category:Chemist
Years of Experience:7 years
State:Tamil Nadu
Salary Expected per Month(Rs):15,000 to 20,000
Highest Qualification attained:M.Sc
Major / Specialization:Chemistry
Email Id:arumuganathanchemist AT gmail.com
Are you looking for job now?:Yes
Can the recruiter contact you?:Yes
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Resume Format / CV Sample Template / Example / Model :


Mobile  : +919751475535
E Mail  :arumuganathanchemist AT gmail.com.

 Chemist  :
With 6+ years experience in the field
Internal Treatment External Treatment Plant operation
Water Analysis Fuel Analysis ETP operation
 Presently working in Empee Distilaries private limited.
 Have a excellent knowledge in power plant internal and external treatment.
Water treatment operation / Maintenance
 Trouble shoot and ensure the RO,DM, Softener plant availability
 Erection involvement in RO.DM,UF, Softener plant

Analysis skill  :
 Analyze the all water samples , Fuel samples , Flue gas analysis , Coal analysis, Ash analysis ,and Chemical analysis
 Maintaining and handling the laboratory Equipments.
 (Like  : spectrometer, flame photo meter ,Bomb calorie meter, hot air oven, muffle furnace , hot plate , BOD incubator, COD unit ,Distillation unit, weighing balance, ph meter, EC meter and Nephlometer.)

Other activities  :
 Implementing and monitoring the 5S activities
 Preparing the Daily , monthly report and budget activities
 Involve in the plant efficiency improvement activities.

Significant Highlights  :
 Improve the raw material Quality through continuous monitoring
 Reduce the water consumption through Graphical analysis.
 Reduce DM water cost.
 DM plant equipments maintenance work done by ourselves.

 M.Sc Chemistry in 2013 H.H The Rajah’s college – Pudukkottai.
B.sc Chemistry in 2010 H.H The Rajah’s college – Pudukkottai.

Feb’2014 till date Empee distilleries Limited (1 - 10 MW) Chemist
 Aug ’2007 – Feb’2014 Chemist Auromira Energy Limited.

(1 - 7.5 MW &1 - 18 MW))

 Date of Birth  : 03.06.1990
 Permanent Address  :
 S/o M.Karuppaiah
 South street,
 Mangottai (PO),
Karambakudi (TK),
Pudukottai (DT)
 Marital Status  : Unmarried
 Languages known  : English, Tamil

I hereby declare that all the information given above is true to the best of my knowledge and belief.



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