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Project / Operation Management Engineer Resume Sample, Experience : 6 years

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Name of the Candidate:[Private]
Name of the Post Applied:Project / Operation Management Engineer
Job related skills / software:EPC, Planning & Implementation, Installation
Category:Site / Construction
Sub Category:Project Engineer / Manager
Years of Experience:6 years
State:Andhra Pradesh
Salary Expected per Month(Rs):Negotiable
Highest Qualification attained:M.B.A. / MBA : Master of Business Administration
Major / Specialization:Operations & Management
Email Id:[Private]
Are you looking for job now?:No
Can the recruiter contact you?:No
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Resume Format / CV Sample Template / Example / Model :


Myself Krishnendu Das [B.Tech(Electronics) & MBA(operation Management)] 5 +yrs exp in Project Management (EPC, Planning & Implementation, Installation & commission, Business Development,  Customer Management, Procurement,Technical support, Vendor Management)

Project Management / Operation Management
                        Seeking career enriching assignments in any sector with a leading organisation
Professional Snapshot :
Engineer(Electronics) & MBA(operation) professional with  5 years of experience in EPC i.e. Project Management,  Erection, Commissioning and Maintenance, Customer Management, Service Delivery, Quality Control, Vendor Management, Procurement & Business Development. Skilled in handling all types of Installation & commissioning work.
Acquaintance of understanding customer relations & satisfaction.Good understanding of Posses knowledge about the internal administrative tasks that are performed within organization.
Expertise in maping client’s requirements & providing customize solutions involving finalization of product specifications and selection of appropriate techniques.
Core Competencies
Planning & Implementation :
**    Play a lead role in planning, implementing and evaluating comprehensive plan for the project.
**    Assigned tasks to others & maintain a time line for project/ Service Delivery.
**    Followed up with others on the status of their contributions
**    Kept projects on track in harmonious environment by validating and addressing all team member concerns
**    Able to manage the shift properly.
**    Train staff how to handle customer complaints effectively using the correct mix of empathising, apologising and resolution
**    Performed the tasks of responding to mail, e-mails and voicemail on behalf of the supervisor
**    Responsible for maintaining and updating status documents to higher management team &  preparing reports and non-routine letters
**    Coordinates with the representatives of the department in disseminating and collecting information
**    Managed employee related information such as hours worked and time off using computerized systems
Technical Support :
**    Installing & configuring electrical, electronic devices.
**    Assisting in the design & implementation of the devices/equipments and troubleshooting.
**    Escalated issues affecting performance on priority to Internal Management Team & started coordination with other third-party members
**    Extending high-end technical support on various issues and ensuring high customer satisfaction levels through prompt redress of their problems.
Business Development :
**    Able to sale of electrical and electronic equipment.
**    Collection of information regarding prospective customers through seminars and various publications.
**    Collection of formal enquiry document.
**    Coordination between customer and Internal departments for further planning.
**    Managed transportation & distribution operation in a consistent manner on daily basis with cost, customer service, and corporate strategic requirements.
**    Took effort to improve on-time delivery percentage from 93% to 97%.
Vendor & Customer Management :
**    Able to interface with customers and Vendors by phone, fax and email.
**    Managing vendor relationships and building effective supply chain partnerships
**    Followed up Vendors on the status of their contributions
**    Chair status meetings with customer on progress of project.
**    Meet customer SLAs according to the project time line.
**    Ability to interact with all level of business executives in a professional manner
**    Possess excellent public speaking and negotiation skills
Quality Management :
**    Measure actual performance against goals on a regular basis and present results to the firm’s Senior Management
**    Provide Quality Assurance during the project delivery phase.
**    Carried out QA inspection functions as assigned by the manager.
**    Extending high-end technical support on various equipment and ensuring high customer satisfaction levels.
**    Proficient of receiving, processing and invoicing customer orders in an accurate way
**    Building the project management team and leading the team through the steps of operation management process.
**    Ability to effectively work with the company’s engineers and program managers to ensure customers’ needs are met.
**    People-management skill such as constructive feedback, conflict resolution managing individual styles and personalities
**    Result driven project management professional with a proven track record to deliver projects on time.
**    Ability to accept criticism, feedback, and input from others.
**    Skills in using team-based tools such as brainstorming, organising, decision making, project management, conflict resolution, and so on.
**    The ability to promote and sell the project both within and outside the organization.
Career Scan
XL Energy Ltd, Hyderabad                                                                                                          Since Jul’12
Assistant Manager(Projects)
**    Overseeing includes team Management, deployment of resources with proper planning and implementation.
**    Produced outstanding business development supports, Product administration, EPC Sales and several other responsibilities based on the requirement.
**    Support marketing manager to enhance company product.
**    Responsible for complete project management through the installation, testing and commissioning of the system.
**    Calculation & selection of all electrical materials like as SPV Panels, MMS, DCDB, ACDB, PCU, Battery-Bank, MCB, Energy meters, wires & cables etc.
**    Preventive maintenance of all the electrical installations and ensure compliance with regard to all quality construction.
**    Coordinate with corporate project department for necessary drawings and approvals.
**    Procurement of electrical materials for the installation in the Solar PV plant.
**    Selection and management of vendors and sub-contractors
**    Serves as technical contact with customers to support project improvements and problem resolution.
**    Planning & supervision of the project for Installation & commissioning of PV Solar module.
**    Ensured safety methods, practices and programs were implemented and maintained.
**    Working closely with sales team to convert specifications into sales.
**    Escalated issues affecting business goal on priority to Internal Management Team & started coordination with other third-party members.
**    Ensured internal staff and customers with timely and accurate project information and status updates.
**    Adhered to established service levels, quality standards, and best practices.
Prior Assignments
Huawei Technology India Co.

(P) Ltd., Kolkata                       Oct’10-Jun’12
Team lead
**    Quality Audit, Quality control & Quality Assurance during the project phase
**    Accountable for:
**    Meet customer SLAs according to the project time line.
**    Produced and maintain necessary project management database through electronic records management system for all incoming and outgoing correspondence and deliverables
**    Assisting & supporting team members over the telephone and by E-Mail for the resolution of the crucial issues.
**    Acted as Project Manager as needed during large-scale projects involving multiple Activities.
**    Conducting Training programmes for new employees.
**    Efficiently assisted with training of staff and compiling procedural documentation.
**    Identified reoccurring issues which may require root cause analysis
**    Responsible for the supervision of a staff of twenty people .
**    Participated in various meetings and project committees and summarize meting minutes
Alcatel Lucent Managed Solutions, Kolkata                             Jul’09 – Sep’10
Surveillance Engineer
**    Took care of the following:
**    Vendor Management, Material Management, Deployment of Manpower with proper Planning.
**    Exceeded key performance metrics and benchmarks relating to supply chain planning/forecasting set by management
**    Work with entire management team to ensure the highest level of support on-going and anticipate problems with staffing and equipment deficiencies
**    Countered to customer queries/ complaints regarding any important issues on daily basis.
**    Provided administrative support to project manager(s) during all project phases
**    Perform quality control programs to boost confidence and performance of employees.
**    Reviewed outstanding problem list & addressed appropriately as their severity.
**    Identifies opportunities for improvement and manage the process of innovative change effectively
**    Efficiently performed material co-ordination with ware house in-charge reporting to senior management accordingly.
ZTE Corporation India (P) Ltd., Kolkata                          Jul’07 – Jun’09
Residential Engineer
**    Was accountable for the following:
**    Site survey (Civil, Electrical)
**    Installation & commissioning of Electrical, Electronics Equipments.
**    Implementation & troubleshooting of critical activities.
**    Ensured safety methods, practices and programs were implemented and maintained
**    Internal & External coordination regarding Material dispatch.
**    Executed routine network maintenance checks as well as configured and managed printers, copiers, and other miscellaneous equipment.
**    Site co-ordination for better execution of work in terms of quality, safety and timely.
**    Provided support of  hardware, software
**    Followed up with others on the status of their contributions
**    Coordinated and interfaced with the other third-party functions.
**    Received Acceptance Test from the client regarding the customer satisfaction.
**    Responsible for streamlining work processes in various teams that include quality control, human resource, communication management and design
**    Directed users to the appropriate Subject Matter Expert to resolve complex or business-specific issues.
Educational Credentials :
MBA (Operations & Management) from Cybertech Info, Kolkata, Secured 1st class.
B.Tech(Electronics Engineering) from Institute of Engineering & Management, Kolkata, Secured 74.50%.
Diploma (Electronics Engineering) from Bengal Institute Of Technology (BIT), Katwa, Secured 78%.
Xth from Katwa Kashiram Das Institution, Katwa, Secured 75.15%.
**    Basic Knowledge of computer & Networking.
**    Internet savvy
**    Operating Systems: Windows 2000 & Windows XP.
**    MS Office and Microsoft Outlook Express.
 Received Award Certificate of Merit from ‘National Science Society


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