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Commercial Manager Resume Sample, Experience : 11 years

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Name of the Candidate:[Private]
Name of the Post Applied:Commercial Manager
Job related skills / software:Presales Management, Strategic Relations
Category:Stores / Purchase
Sub Category:Commercial Manager / Commercial Executive
Years of Experience:11 years
Salary Expected per Month(Rs):Negotiable
Highest Qualification attained:B.E. / BE : Bachelor of Engineering
Major / Specialization:Chemical
Email Id:[Private]
Are you looking for job now?:No
Can the recruiter contact you?:No
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Resume Format / CV Sample Template / Example / Model :


Welcome to my CV!
Passionate. This is probably the adjective that best qualify me. Passion for entrepreneurship, passion for digital, and passion for meeting people all over the world. I am a Social Media specialist and my job is to be a true visionary for my customers. Smart ideas, real innovations and structure are what I try to deliver to my clients.
Objectives: Seeking career enhancement opportunities in Business Development/Commercial/Sales and marketing/Operations/ Security Initiatives with an organization of repute. I have Strong connectivity with business Organizations.
Key Skills:
** Executive management experience
** High-performance team creation capabilities
** Strategic and analytical skills
** Solid business understanding
** Innovation and challenging the status quo
** Strong capabilities in strategic and commercial development of an organization
Offering news and business information, which increase the intelligence of our clients and help them, make the right decisions
Key Deliverables:
**    Strong competencies within all facets of general management, especially core competencies within business development, sales & marketing, leadership, change management, strategy development & implementation together with costumer & market understanding.
**    Strong focuses on execution via a combination of vigorous, perseverance and follow up driven by my need to create results. The results are created in a team collaboration which I promote via credibility, humoir and empathy.
**    Experience within one of the largest organizations in Delhi NCR, with full P&L reasonability for 3 divisions.
**    Broad experience from the financial service industry, business services industry and knowledge industry as a senior executive for different business areas.
**    Analytical and strategic thinking person, with desire to develop and innovate. Constant focus on the company’s growth opportunities and progress.
As a Business Development Manager/Commercial Manager/General Manager/Head Security Initiative, my main areas of responsibility included,
* Strategic Relations
* Presales Management
* New Business
Furthermore, focus is on developing sales and marketing strategies towards our large customers. Business Development plays a significant role in the continuous development of the customers as well as project management ensures success in the marketplace.
Leading the formulation and creation of pricing for major deals, liaising with line-of-business management to ensure pricing is competitive yet profitable and meets the wider objectives and strategies of the business.
**    Responsibility and accountability for highest standard by acting in a quality management/reviewing capacity and by instigating remedial action if required.
**    Strategic Consulting, including business plan & sales strategy development.
Strategic innovation with focus on market and costumer need
**    Change management - driving transformation and turn-around program
**    Development of G4S B2B markets, strategic development of G4S, sales strategy development, innovation & implemtation.
**    Responsible for G4S innovation team.
**    Responsible for the merger of sales and marketing divisions of G4S Guard A/S and G4S Security Services A/S
**    Leading significant programmers of bidding activity and to manage G4S’ response to the largest commercial opportunities for which it bids across India (pan India Contracts).
**    Devising and implementing the policies and processes that will improve the quality of the bids submitted to customers and the bid/win rate.
**    Leading relationships with clients, so as to manage the information gathering process, thereby clarifying and interrogating their requirements
**    Supporting and managing bids through the submission and negotiation phases, including managing any required changes to a submitted proposal.
**    Assuming responsibility for teams of more junior personnel, tasking these people, providing them with clearly defined and measurable objectives and ensuring they are fully aware of and comply with the company's objectives, processes and strategies, as well as those of individual bids. To monitor and direct their activity so that they may create world-class solutions and to provide them with the administrative support, knowledge management and training they require.
**    Creating virtual project teams on a bid-by-bid basis as appropriate, assuming managerial responsibility in a matrix environment for a variety of sales, commercial and operational staff, including director-level personnel. Furthermore, to manage and co-ordinate teams of external industry associates and advisors on specific projects (such as retired executives, high-ranking military personnel or civil servants). To drive high levels of activity amongst all these groups.
**    Building a detailed understanding of G4S, its products, services and capabilities, as well as of the firm's ambitions, vision, competitors and current and prospective customers. To build a thorough understanding of the trends, pressures and initiatives within the marketplaces in which the firm operates and to utilize the information and insight thus gained to drive business development and bid management activity.
**    Producing and providing forecasting, budgeting and other forms of reporting to senior management, as required. To achieve or exceed any targets, KPIs, deadlines and other metrics set by senior management.
Professional Synopsis:
Organizational Scan:
Presently associated with Chempharm Group of companies as a Consultant.
**    Specializing in environmental science, water and waste water treatment.2 years of experience in sales, and operations of water/waste water treatment systems.
Water Treatment Skills:
**    Experience in water treatment plant.
**    Experience in industrial (cooling tower make up, demin water make up), potable, domestic, and waste water treatment (activated sludge process, trickling filter, RBC's, Membrane filtration) systems.
**    Experience in industrial water chemical treatment applications: boiler water treatment (pre-treatment, corrosion inhibition, O2 scavenging, anti-scalant and dispersant programs), cooling systems (exchangers, chillers, closed cooling water loops, cooling towers - programs used: corrosion inhibitors, anti-foulants, biocides, algaecide, and dispersants).
**    Experience in water quality analysis (Standard Methods, EPA and ASTM water and deposit analysis techniques)
**    Experience in RO/RO pre-treatment system design and understanding of membrane fouling processes, and cleaning/maintenance chemical programs.
**    Thorough understanding of boiler and cooling system failure mechanisms (corrosion, scaling, fouling) and chemical treatments.
**    Environmental, Health and Safety Knowledge and Skills:
**    Experience in identifying hazardous situations, and mitigating the risk using proper equipment/design and risk assessment.
**    Experience in hazmat equipment and clean up operations
**    In-depth knowledge of chemical hazards and potential risk to health and environment
**    Hands on Experience working with concentrated sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, sodium hydroxide (caustic soda), and chlorine based compounds (Chlorine Gas, sodium hypochlorite, and chlorine dioxide)
As Engineering Specialist - Water and Waste Water Systems, reviewed/developed technical specifications.
As Turnkey Manager for the water treatment plant, managed, the subcontractor contracted to commission and operates the water treatment plant which includes two lime softening clarifiers and chemical dosing equipment, sand filtration plant and ion exchange plant for demin water production.
Also supervised chemical dosing and water-steam cycle chemistry analysis for all BOP systems and boiler.
Contributed to the understanding/critique of water treatment/analysis systems during the engineering phase.

Supporting procurement in establishing quality chemical suppliers and spare parts. Supporting efforts for REACH compliance.
Involved in the recruitment of new operation and maintenance personnel and preparation of technical testing materials. Currently we are in the commissioning phase of the water treatment plant which includes FLOCOPAC clarifiers, sand filters, active carbon filters, Reverse Osmosis units, potable water treatment plant, a mixed bed polisher, chemical unloading and dosing equipment and a lignite and water analysis lab.
Water treatment contractor in the design of potable, domestic, and waste water treatment systems, in developing chemical water treatment products, and developing water/deposit analysis labs.
Business planning:
**    Handling diverse roles in the field of Business Development, Corporate Promotions & Marketing, Budgeting, Product Promotions, Market Research as a planner and strategist.
**    Keeping regular communication with delegates, investors and foreign partners.
**    Finding out new hospital projects in overseas market in Sri Lanka / Bangladesh / Nepal and Middle-east and closing deals – All overseas selling taken care by me with support of CEO’s.
**    Collecting details of new upcoming projects in the healthcare.
**    Working with channel partners for Designs / Constructions / MGPS / Electrical and Planning.
‘Previous Assignments:
**    Worked with LE Group as a General Manager, (Business Development) from Feb 2009 till June 2009.
**    Worked with G4S Security Services India Pvt Ltd as a Commercial Manager from May’99 till Feb 2009.
**    Worked from Apr’97 to Apr’99 with Delfin Finance Ltd as a Senior Executive
**    Mar’97 to Apr’97 with Haryana Petrochemical Ltd. as a Shift Engineer
**    Jun’95 to Feb’97 with Nuchem Weir Ltd. as a Project Sales/Business Development Engineer.
Other Accolades:
**    Participated in many Exhibitions, Events, and Road shows & Campaigning all over New Delhi, Pragati Maidan.
**    Participated in all Cultural Activities in School & College & awarded Prizes.
**    1st prize for Long Jump / relay race and other sports in College.
Significant Achievements:
**    Developed a Financing Cost Calculation System – whereby one can arrive at a Percentage the    Customer can offer to Client based on the various options in Terms of Payment during the Negotiations.
**    Implemented a Progress Monitoring and Points Calculation System for measurement of actual work progressed taking into account the Effects required, the Costs incurred, the Criticality of the items and the Construction weight age for each activity during the entire Contract Execution period and the same can be used for Progressive / Running bills to the client.
Title: Comparison between Batch Bleaching & Continuous Bleaching
**    Experimental Studies on the manufacturing process of edible oil.
**    The comparison between batch bleaching & continuous bleaching as well as the efficiency of the two methods of bleaching.
**    Detailed engineering flow sheets were prepared.
**    Detailed design of two equipments namely continuous bleacher & slurry tank were prepared.
**    Successfully completed practical training at Vanaspati Plant & Caustic Plant with Shriram Food & Fertilizer Ltd.
I T Skills:
**    Language:Visual Basic, Fortran, Basic, Windows
**    RDBMS     : Oracle 9i with Developer 6
**    Designing Tools : AutoCAD release-12.
Additional Qualities:
**    An innovative thinker with the ability to develop solutions in a complex commercial retail environment; high level of energy, enthusiasm and the ability to be flexible; and a 'can-do' attitude with the ability to turn ideas into strategy, into plan and into action.
**    I have a solid ability and a mature attitude, with the experience and expertise to gain the respect of senior executives in the organizations; leadership skills with the ability to coach, motivate and develop an existing team as well as to manage their performance
**    I have more than 16 years+ experience in the service industry, where I constantly have developed my skills, with an increasing managerial responsibility. The common thread throughout my career has focused much on logistics service business and operational excellence and in recent years, including sales and marketing. This combination has enhanced my skills in terms of simplifying even complex processes that optimize business ratios while still getting better and better customer and employee satisfaction.
**    My strength lies in the involvement and communication with my staff at all levels, in order to get the soul and the culture to follow when there must be major changes. I have in recent years played a key role in mergers and major processes of change in culture sole and traditional businesses. I’m the type to be challenged and have new goals. I get them not as demands from the external environment, I am very creative themselves to see new opportunities to continue a positive development that benefits the company and not least for the customers.
**    Possess strong Interpersonal & Communication Skills.
**    Maintain a positive and happy work atmosphere in a manner so that to get along well with clients, co-workers & supervisors.
**    Ability to work under pressure.
Academic Credentials :
**    PGDBM from Institute of Marketing & Management, New Delhi in 1999.
**    BE (Chemical) from Dayananda Sagar College of Engineering ,Bangalore in 1994
**    CBSE Class XII from Army Public School New Delhi, in 1989.
**    CBSE Class X from Army Public School New Delhi,1987


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