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Warehouse Executive Resume Sample, Experience : 6 years

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Name of the Candidate:[Private]
Name of the Post Applied:Warehouse Executive
Job related skills / software:Daily and monthly Perpetual count of FG/ RMPM / Spares/ Bulk storage / consumables. Generate PID for variance in FG/RMPM and ensure book vs physical tallies all the time.
Category:Export Import
Sub Category:WareHouse Manager
Years of Experience:6 years
State:West Bengal
Salary Expected per Month(Rs):50,000 to 60,000
Highest Qualification attained:P.G.D. / PGD : Post Graduate Diploma
Major / Specialization:Finance & Marketing
Email Id:[Private]
Are you looking for job now?:Yes
Can the recruiter contact you?:Yes
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Curriculum Vitae :
Subhagata Bose
E-Mail : rikboseti AT gmail.com

Objective :
Looking for a challenging position to achieve excellence in the given responsibility and learning that offers me the opportunity for growth of my career in line with the company's goals and objectives.

Professional Qualifications :
 ** Completed Post Graduate Diploma (PGDM 2011-2013) with dual specialization in Marketing + Finance from Graduate School of Business & Administration (GSBA), Greater Noida.
 ** Completed BBA (HONS) from TECHNO INDIA GROUP under W.B.U.T in 2010.

Work Experience :
Duration : 6 months (sep13-feb14)
Company : Just Dial Ltd
Job Profile : Business Development Executive

Job Description:
 ** Generate sales through cold calling
 ** Fixes meeting with clients
 ** Giving presentation
 ** Lead generation
 ** Data collection of prospective customers

Work Experience:
Duration : 12months (mar14-feb15)
Company : Dey Construction
Job Profile : Site In charge

Job Description:
 ** Supervision of construction site
 ** Manpower handling
 ** Making reports
 ** Accountability
 ** Paper verification
 ** Stock checking
 ** Physical stock taking

Work Experience:
Company : Bengal beverages pvt ltd (Coca cola)
Job Profile : Shipping &Store Executive
Duration : March 2015 to June 2019

Job Description:
 ** Maintaining dispatch of finished goods
 ** Handling of finished goods
 ** Maintaining FEFO
 ** Checking stocks
 ** Maintaining warehouse
 ** Rack & radio shuttle maintenance
 ** Supervision of manpower
 ** WMS Maintaining
 ** Shift Handling
 ** Handling Team
 ** Supervision of Gantry loading
 ** Radio shuttle operation
 ** Fleet management
 ** Shipping & other reports making
 ** Forklift handling
 ** FG stock counting
 ** Inter franchise loading & unloading

COMPANY : Spencers Retail Ltd
JOB PROFILE : Sr Executive
DURATION : June 2019 to dec 2019

 ** Inbound operation
 ** Outbound operation.
 ** Sap operation
 ** Material handling
 ** Inventory control
 ** Damage handling
 ** Team handling.
 ** Fleet management
 ** Transporter handling
 ** Warehouse management
 ** Stock counting
 ** Ageing control
 ** Manpower handling

COMPANY : Hindustan coca cola beverages pvt Ltd
JOB PROFILE : Lead owner shipping & stores
 ** Daily and monthly Perpetual count of FG/ RMPM / Spares/ Bulk storage / consumables
 ** Generate PID for variance in FG/RMPM and ensure book vs physical tallies all the time.
 ** Ensure process compliance is adhered as per trainings and zero deviation and comply to ICM requirements.
 ** Monitor ESP plan vs compliance, order fulfillment and follow up for vehicles
 ** Monitor TTAT and ensure compliance.

Ensure zero truck detention.
 ** Preparation of Daily stock report TTAT report / Shipping productivity report / Forklift productivity / and other daily reports.
 ** Monitor GMP and GHK. Abnormality identification and mitigation.
 ** Monitor system GIT for FRA.
 ** Monitor GIT of returnable in SAP.
 ** GRN of RMPM / FG / Spares / Consumables on daily basis without any delay (48 hours).
 ** Movement of rejection to Quality on hold / rejection area / red zone area.
 ** Review RMPM and consumables stock report and follow up with procurement team
 ** Monitor ageing of inventory and control (Shipping and stores)
 ** Ensure WIP is consumed by production team on every run basis and follow up for TECO
 ** Ensure MRN (Material requisition note) is received form QA / production team
 ** Monitor CLTI checklist is done for forklift, Loadall
 ** Scrap management (World without waste)
 ** Ensure fall protection and traffic route requirements as per KORE
 ** People management - Forklift associates / Casuals in sugar dumping / waste management vendors / Transporters / drivers.
 ** Ensure and avoid unsafe acts / unsafe condition at stores and shipping areas
 ** Monitor safety compliance at Shipping and stores
 ** Pallet ordering and reconciliation with pallet vendor

Summer Internship:
Completed my 2 months of internship with “ANMOL BISCUIT PVT LTD (KOLKATA)” on the project of “A COMPERATIVE STUDY ON ANMOL PRODUTS” during PGDM program in DELHI

Key Responsibility Area :
 ** Checking the stocks
 ** Appoint new distributer.
 ** Appoint new retailer
 ** Product displaying shelf designing
 ** Problems findings of distributer & retailers
 ** Comparing number & visibility of Anmol products with competitors.
 ** Handling problems.

Academic Qualifications :
 ** 2007 Higher Secondary Garalgacha High School Hooghly West Bengal
 ** 2004 High School R.K.A.N High School. Hooghly West Bengal

Other Qualification :
Basic Knowledge of computer Ms Office, Internet, Malign, word, excel, PowerPoint .access

Personal Profile :
Name : Mr. Subhagata Bose
Father’s Name : Mr. Sanjoy Bose
Mother’s Name  : Mrs. Srabani Bose
Date of Birth : 01/01/1989
Nationality : Indian
Marital Status : Married
Hobbies : Listening music, Jyming, Football ,reading story books

Declaration :
The above information is complete and correct to the best of my knowledge.

Place  : ___________
Date  : ___________


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