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Merchant Exporter Resume Sample, Experience : >20 years

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Name of the Candidate:[Private]
Name of the Post Applied:Merchant Exporter
Job related skills / software:Shipment planning & co-ordination with the Factory and Freight Forwarder / CHA. Following up Check list from CHA after checking provide approval on checklist. Co-ordinate with CHA for clearance.
Category:Export Import
Sub Category:Exports/ Excise Officer / Manager / Executive
Years of Experience:>20 years
Salary Expected per Month(Rs):30,000 to 40,000
Highest Qualification attained:B.A. / BA : Bachelor of Arts
Major / Specialization:Documentation
Email Id:[Private]
Are you looking for job now?:Yes
Can the recruiter contact you?:Yes
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Resume Format / CV Sample Template / Example / Model :


<b><u>Resume  </u></b>:
Shiv Mohan Prajapati
<b><u>Email Id  </u></b>: shiv.mohanp AT hotmail.com, shivmohanp AT gmail.com

<b><u>Objective  </u></b>:
To be an active participant in a prestigious organization where I can put forth my effort and excellence with an optimistic outlook, organizational growth and self- development.

<b><u>Personal Profile  </u></b>:
<b><u>Date of Birth  </u></b>: 7th August 1970.
<b><u>Languages Known  </u></b>: Hindi , English and Marathi.
<b><u>Current CTC  </u></b>: Rs. 3.60 Lacs P. A.
<b><u>Expected CTC  </u></b>: Rs. 4.30 Lacs P. A. ( NEGOTIABLE)
<b><u>Highest Qualification  </u></b>: B.A. ( Graduate )

<b><u>Technical Knowledge  </u></b>:
 ** Proficient with Microsoft Office ( Word, Excel, Power Point, Photo Shop etc. )
 ** Proficient with XP, Window-2003, Window-2007, Window-2008, Vista.
 ** Proficient in working with Internet

<b><u>Extracurricular Activities  </u></b>:
 ** Attended Industrial Visit To Gujarat various Company.
 ** Attended Industrial Visit To Indian Suppliers.

<b><u>Interpersonal Skills  </u></b>:
Patience , Punctual , Smart working , Self Confidence and Positive thinking.

<b><u>Presents Job  </u></b>:
As an Assistant Manager – Export / Import ( Aug 2018 To. Till date.
M/S Maple Cross Pvt. Ltd., ( Exporter of Pharmaceuticals Material , Formulation & Chemical Product)

<b><u>Past Company summary  </u></b>:
Oct 2016 To. Jul 2018 BDH PHARMA LTD., Export / Import Officer ( 02 Years )
( Manufacture / Exporter of Formulation & Chemical Product )

Aug 2013 To. Sep 2016 TITAN PHARMA PVT LTD., Export / Import Officer ( 03, Years )
( Manufacture / Exporter of Pellets & Chemical Product )

August 2010 To June 2014 ROHA DYECHEM PVT LTD, Export Assistant ( 04, Years )
( Manufacture of Food Colors ISO Certified, Grade World No.2 )

August 1992 To July 2010 Ven Chemie Export Assistant ( 18, Years )
( Merchant Exporter of Pharmaceuticals , Bulk Drugs & Chemical Product)

<b><u>Organizational Experience  </u></b>:
** Shipment planning & co-ordination with the Factory and Freight Forwarder / CHA.

Following up Check list from CHA after checking provide approval on checklist. Co-ordinate with CHA for clearance.
** Liaison with overseas customers and update them on their orders and queries.
** Generating shipping documents like Invoice / packing list, Certificate of origin, Draft BL and other shipping related documents for commercial & courier shipments.
** Examine the customs documents before the Director to sign.
** Making report of import - export goods every month.
** Logistics, transport companies and review the quotes and negotiate on final rates and arrangements.
** Analyze freight rates through logistics tools and costs negotiate and reporting to Management / Head.
** Filling all necessary shipping documents in order wise.
** Visit ports and meet the concern Person for smooth operations.
** Prepare documents of entire Export operations and pre-& post shipment documents which include making PI, commercial invoice, packing list and customs documents, L/C documents, BL & Shipping bill verifications, Dispatch docs to bank & many more documents arrange as per requirements as well up to complete the job and claiming export incentives.
** Authorities & follow up on CHA activities.
** Knowledge of work, Handling of container stuffing with self-sealing through customs documents.
** Liaison ability with customs & central excise and Govt.
** Interacting with Container liners, CFS, Shipping companies, for cargo imports/exports
** Knowledge in Advance License Application / verification / Registrations / Cancelation / Bond
** Cancelation / Advance license utilizations and duty drawbacks follow-up.
** Before vessel arrive, arrange the required Documents / certificate /checklist.

<b><u>Declaration  </u></b>:
I “ Shiv Mohan “ declare that all the above information is True to the best of my knowledge.

<b><u>Date  </u></b>:
<b><u>Place  </u></b>: Mumbai


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