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HVAC Engineer Resume Sample, Experience : 5 years

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Name of the Candidate:[Private]
Name of the Post Applied:HVAC Engineer
Job related skills / software: Controlling Production, Testing and Commissioning of various Piping Systems, HVAC system and Accommodation Outfit in Platform Supply Vessels and repair works in Landing crafts , Piping systems include Sanitary Supply System, Sanitary Discharge System, Refrigeration Machinery System (Chillers), Provision plant, Window Flushing System and Deck Washing System.
Category:Design Engineering
Sub Category:HVAC Designer / Design Engineer
Years of Experience:5 years
Salary Expected per Month(Rs):40,000 to 50,000
Highest Qualification attained:B.Tech. : Bachelor of Technology
Major / Specialization:Mechanical
Email Id:[Private]
Are you looking for job now?:Yes
Can the recruiter contact you?:Yes
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E-mail  : anuvindnr AT gmail.com
Mobile +918129100358  : +919495197989
Permanent Address  :-
Naripparayil (H),
Elamgulam – 686522

Date of Birth  : 08-0-1984
Gender  : Male
Father’s Name  : Radhakrishnan Nair N A
Languages  : English, Tamil, Malayalam, Hindi
Nationality  : Indian
Marital Status  : Married

Passport Number  : F 3949795
Issue Place  : Cochin
Date of Issue  : 18/07/2005
Date of Expiry  : 17/07/2015

Looking forward to be part of a dynamic team of highly qualified professionals having abundant scopes for hard work, sincerity and honesty.

HVAC Design Software,
Auto CAD2008-12,
M.S Office Pack.

DEGREE  : B.tech Mechanical Engineering – 2009, MG university, Kottayam.
DIPLOMA  : Diploma in Mechanical Engineering-2005 Board of technical education Kerala
PDC  : Pre-Degree Course in 1st Group-2001 MG University, Kottayam.
SSLC  :ST’Marys High school Elamgulam Kottayam- 1999, Kerala State General Education Department.

1. COCHIN SHIPYARD LIMITED , COCHIN  :(For Maritime Montering Norinco India Pvt Limited)
Designation  : Senior Project Engineer /HVAC (Outfitting)
Duration  : Dec 2010 to till date
Projects  :SCANDI HAWK Norway (Platform Supply Vessel)
:SCI NALANDA India (Platform Supply Vessel)
:SEA TANTALUS Liberia (Platform Supply Vessel)
:SEA TORTUGA Norway(Platform supply Vessel)

(For Insulmech Marine & Mechanical Engineering.)
Designation  :Site Engineer / Domestic ,Commercial Building & Marine offshore(Piping and HVAC)
Duration  :Jan: 2010 to Nov: 2010
Projects  :Hotel City park cochin.
Troms Capella Norway(Platform Supply vessel)
INS Cheetah and Guldar(Landing ship of Indian Navy)

3. HITACHI LIFE CARE SOLUTIONS  : (For 24 Assured Services Pvt Ltd.)
Designation  : Site Engineer / Domestic, Commercial Building & Hospitals(Piping & HVAC)
Duration  : May: 2009 to Nov:2009
Projects  : 600Tr Hvac system in TMM hospital Thiruvalla.
400Tr Hvac system Vasundhara Resorts Vayalar.

As a Marine HVAC professional  :
Working as Senior Project Engineer (Project in-charge) for the complete HVAC Installation & Commissioning of Platform Supply Vessels (BY 81 to BY 89) which includes activities in Piping, HVAC and Architecture at Cochin shipyard. Maritime Montering Norinco India Pvt Ltd is a Norwegian based firm which deals in Turnkey projects in Ship building like Piping, Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning, Accommodation Architecture, Design etc for Platform Supply Vessels.
The main responsibilities involve controlling Production, Testing and Commissioning of various Piping Systems, HVAC system and Accommodation Outfit in Platform Supply Vessels and repair works in Landing crafts from Indian navy.
The various Piping systems include Sanitary Supply System, Sanitary Discharge System, Refrigeration Machinery System (Chillers), Provision plant, Window Flushing System and Deck Washing System.
Preparing Production schedule and coordinating with Customers and Surveyors.
Responsible and was part in Commissioning of Refrigerating Machinery (Chillers) and Provision plant in PSV.
Responsible for the Erection & Commissioning of Chillers (300 Tr-4nos,250Tr-2nos,150 Tr- 2 nos), Air Handling Units (10800m³/h-6 nos,3754 m³/h-2 nos,1800m³/h-2 nos).

Fan coils (5000-1000m³/h range)-50nos, Engine room fans-76000 m³/h - 8 nos, Mist Eliminators-80 nos, Supply and Exhaust fans (8500-500 m³/h) range-74 nos etc in outside & inside of accommodation.
Represents our company for the Sea trial of Project Brage Trader & Sea Tantalus as Service Engineer for Chillers and Provision Plant (HVAC).
Simultaneously worked as an estimation engineer for the entire marine accommodation system for 3 vessels for Cochin shipyard[ Fast petrol vessels-20 nos in series, Buoy tender vessel, IAC ( Indigenous Aircraft Carrier-nearly 2000 compliments),Seismic vessel for ONGC], 9 nos vessels for L&T Shipyard Chennai[80 M PSV-2 nos,90TAHTSSV-2 nos,Floating dock for indial navy,70 nos Inteseptor boats for ICG,252 compliment cadet training vessel,ADSV 80m,DSV-complement 100 people,65m PSV and 125TAHTSSV].ABG shipyard[20000 T DWT cement carrier-2 nos].

As a Domestic & Commercial HVAC professional.  :
Worked as a Project engineer (Site in-charge) for the installation & commissioning of complete piping & Machinery erections in relation with HVAC and sanitary systems for various hotel projects including city park hotel cochin, HVAC (600Tr Chilled water system (CWS) &16TR Duct-able split) system for TMM hospital Thiruvalla, 400 Tr CWS in Vasundhara resorts Vayalar, 200 TR CWS in focus mall Calicut, 600TR CWS in BMH Calicut, 16 TRx5 nos duct-able split units in Indus tower cochin.
Responsible for the entire project performance. From initial meetings with client and consultant to the commissioning of the project. Which includes, client, Department and site meetings, assistance in preparation of production drawings, preparation of BOQ from the production drawings, preparation of project schedules in relation with the master schedule andcontrolling the project based on the same, local material purchase, selection of vendorsand assigning work-order to them, manage the entire production activities, materials handling and inspections, progress monitoring and all site related and office related activities.
Commissioning of the system  :-Providing technical assistance to the HVAC commissioning team for the completion of the system trials and handing over to the clients.
Estimations & costing for new project enquires- which includes preparation of heat load calculations from the available drawings, assistance in equipment sizing and selection of the same based on the estimation data sheet. Site visit and meeting with clients and consultants.

I hereby declare that the details furnished above are true to the best of my knowledge and belief.

Place  : Cochin
Date  : 19 Sep 14

Yours Sincerely,


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