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Electrical Maintenance Engineer Resume Sample, Experience : 6 years

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Name of the Candidate:[Private]
Name of the Post Applied:Electrical Maintenance Engineer
Job related skills / software:Maintenance and Operation of Transformers, LT & HT motors,UPS, Maintenance and Operation of Air Handling units and AC’s.
Category:Site / Construction
Sub Category:Maintenance Technician
Years of Experience:6 years
State:Tamil Nadu
Salary Expected per Month(Rs):15,000 to 20,000
Highest Qualification attained:B.E. / BE : Bachelor of Engineering
Major / Specialization:Electrical and Electronics
Email Id:[Private]
Are you looking for job now?:Yes
Can the recruiter contact you?:Yes
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Resume Format / CV Sample Template / Example / Model :


Email  : sivprakash25 AT gmail.com

Carrier Objective  :
To take a challenging job, to learn new technologies throughout my carrier and to strive & attain standards of excellence in area of Information technology and electrical with committed and self motivated approach.

Professional Experience  :
Technician cum Supervisor
Exela Technologies, Thanjavur - March 2018 to Till

Job Responsibilities :
** Maintenance and Operation of Transformers ,LT & HT motors ,UPS (Make- Socomec,Luminous)30,100,120,400kv,DG(MakePowerica,Kirloskar)125,320,400,kva, CT, PT & CB(Air and Vacuum).
** Scheme Checking & Troubleshooting of all Electrical circuits(control & Protection)
** Regular analyzing of organizations Electrical Load Consumption with Ratios and analysis.
** Preventive & Breakdown maintenance of HT/LT side, ACB/VCB, HT/LT

Panels, Lighting Systems, Lifts.
** Maintenance and Operation of Air Handling units and AC’s.

Desktop Support Engineer  :
Sky computers Orathanad - June 2016 to January 2018

Job Responsibilities :
** Handling routine Desktop issues which include Installing and re-installing Operating Systems(OS) and basic configuring devices, MS-Office, MS –Outlook, and Acrobat reader, among others.
** Installing desktop and hardware such as DVD-Rom, and Wireless cards, among others
** Providing network support which includes configuring IPs and handling of switches, among others
** Configuring Print devices(Network and Local) on desktops
** Provide antivirus support
** Diagnose and Troubleshoot the all types of Software and Hardware issues.
** Meets the client Requirements, Supporting the clients, I take Responsibility of our work and complete it to support our clients
** Communicate with vendor for provide hardware support..

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