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Civil Structural Engineer Resume Sample, Experience : 4 years

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Name of the Candidate:[Private]
Name of the Post Applied:Civil Structural Engineer
Job related skills / software:STAAD Prov8i, Auto Cad, Scott steel
Category:Design Engineering
Sub Category:Structural Design Engineer /Tekla Steel Detailer
Years of Experience:4 years
State:West Bengal
Salary Expected per Month(Rs):Negotiable
Highest Qualification attained:B.E. / BE : Bachelor of Engineering
Major / Specialization:Civil
Email Id:[Private]
Are you looking for job now?:No
Can the recruiter contact you?:No
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Resume Format / CV Sample Template / Example / Model :


Seeking a Senior Civil / Structural Engineer position for a Civil Engineer to work in a globally competitive environment and challenging assignments that will candidly yield the twin benefits of job & organizational satisfaction and a slender paced professional growth as well.
Career profile:
Over 4 yrs 02 months of experience in the following sectors -
1.    Oil, Gas and Petrochemicals.
2.    Power system (Transmission & Distribution – 400/220/132/66/32/11 KV Substation Design) & Thermal Power Plant sector.
In detail, it is all about the execution of design and detailing of Pipe  supporting Racks/structures including detail drawing checking, pump foundation dynamic analysis, Design of Retaining Walls, High Rise Building design & detail drawing preparation, Building foundations design, Ware Houses design & detail drawing preparation , Multi Framed Power House Building design, Transformer & Electrical Equipment foundation, Control Rom Building design & detailing, Equipment support structure design & foundation layout preparation, Portal Frame structural design, geotechnical report analysis and decision making over the analysis using latest ver. of AutoCAD, STAADPro, MS Excel & Scottsteel .
Professional Experience:
Present Employer: December 7th, 2009 to Present.
Company: ABB Limited (India).     Department: PT-PS & PS-DS.         Location: - Faridabad.
Designation: Senior Civil/Structural Design Engineer
        (Reporting to: Asst. Vice President – RPO North Engineering)
Area of Work in ABB Limited:
1.    Design & Detail Engineering for Transmission & Distribution area of field.
2.    Construction planning for relevant sites.
3.    Site Supervision & solution providing responsibilities.
4.    Client meeting & follow up for monitoring & approval of engineering documents.
5.    Leading the team for Civil/Structural design with to the point guidance & experience.
6.    Time to time coordination with Electrical, project management & site execution team.
Projects: --
1.    (CLIENT: - HVPNL. (Haryana Vidyut Prasarn Nigam Limited.)
Project Name: - HVPNL – 006 (Package – A (220/132/33 kv S/S) & B (132/33 kv) & HVPNL – 009 (400/220/132/33 kv S/S)    & HVPNL – G5.(Package- A & B)        ----- -- Ongoing.
2. Revised Design for Control Room building of 132 KV GIS substations at PWD-Jothwara & PWD-Jaipur.
(CLIENT: - RRVPNL. (Rajasthan Rajya Vidyut Prasarn Nigam Limited.)  ------- Completed.
3. (CLIENT: - PTCUL. (Power Transmission Corporation of Uttarakhand Limited.)
Project Name: - Construction of 132/33 kv Substation at Sitarganj, PTCUL.          ------ Completed.
4.    (CLIENT: - PGCIL. (Power Grid Corporation of India Limited.)
Project Name: - Construction of 220/132/33 kv Substation at Sipara New – Bihar Phase – II.  ------- Ongoing.
5.    (CLIENT: - PTCUL. (Power Transmission Corporation of Uttarakhand Limited.)
Project Name: - Construction of 400/220/132 kv Substation at Srinagar ( Dehradun), PTCUL.  ----- Ongoing.
Project Name: - Construction of 132/11 kv Substation at Sahajahanpur  (U.P)  ------ Completed.
7.    (CLIENT : - BSES Rajdhani Power)
Project Name: - Sonia Vihar Project. ( In Delhi)  (66/11 Kv Substation)    --------- ongoing.
Project Name: - 400/220/132 KV Switchyard at Kawai ( Rajasthan) --------- ongoing.
Project Name: - 33 KV GIS substation at Wazirpur (Industrial Area) -  New Delhi. --- Engineering Started.
10.    Redesign & remedial solution of Cable supporting structure for “Auxiliary Header”, “ Main Header”, & “Bay Header”  for 14 nos. 11 Kv Substation at Delhi International Airport (IGI). ---------- DIAL Project.
(Client: - Larson & Toubro India / Main Client: - GMR)
Management role: - Client meeting in a regular basis to discuss over design & detailing & follow up for monitoring, review & approval of design & drawing documents.
Previous Employer: February 20th, 2008 - to December 5th, 2009.
Company: Torrance Technology & Services Pvt. Ltd, (In Kolkata branch office, India)
Designation: Structural Design Engineer (Civil/Structural Division) (Reporting to: GM -- Engineering)
Projects dealt with:
?    Oil & Petrochemical Field:
1. Connection design and Detailing of pipe racks (carrying 6 pipes in two tiers) at the location of Ras Laffan, Qatar. (Client: RASGAS Co. Ltd, Qatar)
2. Design & Detailing including foundation of a 75 m RCC pipe bridge in Doha carrying a 16” dia water-carrying pipe. (Client: QATAR PETROLEUM)
3. Jahleha Degassing System Cantilever pipe rack of span 35.8 m around a horizontal vessel in Doha, Qatar.
            Including foundation design, Connection Design, Base plate design & design of pedestal.
(Client: QATAR PETROLEUM)     
4. Design of an Overhead Oil Tank cleaning structure (A lifting Portal) with a monorail including its stability analysis.
          (Client: QATAR PETROLEUM).
    5. Analysis & Design of Foundation of a Tank supporting trestle including ladder.
    (Client: - Descon Engineering LLC.

Qatar. )
    6. Capacity Design of Two Lifting Eyes in the Engineering field of QATAR PETROLEUM.
    (Client: - QATAR PETROLEUM).
7. FAHAHIL NORTH DEGASSING STATION (FNDS, at Dukhan Oil Field, Qatar) Creation of Additional Well Slots at FNDS Proposed Structural Modifications (Pipe supports Walkway extension, Heat barrier, Manifold Skid structural design and corresponding detail drawings checking.
8. ARAB-D & UMM BAB Prover Shade (Steel structure) and Skid Foundation design including its foundation layout.
9. KHARAMA – Design of Pipe supports, Valve Chamber, Tank Fill Station, and Tank Foundation etc.
10. KENTZ – Design & Detail of fixing of Tank roof of a Oil preserving tank (By- STAADPro & AutoCAD).
      (Client: - QATAR PETROLEUM).
    Power Plant Structure Design : --
      A).Client: National Thermal Power Corporation Ltd. (INDIA)
Work: Jhajjar (Aravali) Super Thermal Power Project (3x500 MW)...
1.    STAAD model preparation, load calculation and design of components of pipe rack. (141.27 m)
2.    Pipe rack and pile cap design and detailing, STAAD model preparation, load calculation and design of components of pipe rack (98.6m).
B). Siddhhirganj Peaking Power Project (Bangladesh) (Client: BHEL & TCE India.) Pile capacity      calculation, Design and detailing of pipe racks and its components.
      First Track Steel Structure Field:
1.    Design including it’s foundation of Compound Villa-2 project as residential complex in Doha, Qatar.
2.    Design & Detailing along with its Raft foundation of Compound Villa-1 project as residential complex in Doha, Qatar.         
Other Projects:
1. AL-KHORE Ware House (36.7m X 17.3m) design & detailing (Both Steel & RCC design) at Al-Khore community in Qatar.
      Client: - QATAR GAS.
    2. Design of Airport Hanger & Truss portal for “QATAR INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT”.
(Client: -- KEO Consultants)
?    3. LOW COST HOUSING project in New Delhi, using the technique of FAST TRACK STEEL STRUCTURE (Light Gauge structure).
(Client: -- AKSAN - Turkey)
   4. Redesign, Inspection and Recommendation of 4 nos of Foot over bridges in Kolkata.
Previous Employer: May 01, 2007 to February 19th, 2008
Company: Quotient Engineering Inc.(QEI.) ,Kolkata (India) [Head Office: Houston,USA]
Last Designation: Graduate Engineer Trainee (Civil/Structural) (Reporting to: HOD, CSA)
Projects dealt with:
A). Nine Tank Expansion Project, September- 2007
(Client: Stolthaven Terminals, Houston, USA)
(Spreadsheet Preparation for bearing and pile capacity of soil,
and dynamic analysis of pump foundation on simple block )
B). Q Tank Firm Expansion Project (Project Spec: Q-T-5000, 2008)
(Client: Stolthaven Terminals, Houston, USA)
Design and Detail of Pipe Racks considering various Primary and Defined Loads using STAAD.
C.) NALCO Phase II Expansion Project at Damanjodi, Orissa. (November 2007)
(Client: McNally Bharat Engineering Limited, Kolkata, INDIA)
Design and Detailing of Pipe Rack using various Primary and Defined Loads in STAADPro
Proficiency in Computer:
1. Well Conversant: a.) STAAD Pro (2006/2005/2004) & STAADPro v8i
b.) MS Excel
c.) MS-Office XP
d.) Auto Cad 2006-07-08-09
2. Trained in: a.) Frame CAD
b.) Microsoft Project.
c.) Fox Pro 2.5 (database software)
d.) Scott steel.

I do hereby declare that, all the above-furnished information is correct as per best of my knowledge.


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