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Fresher Packaging Engineer Resume Sample

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Name of the Candidate:[Private]
Name of the Post Applied:Packaging Engineer
Job related skills / software:Good knowledge of Plastic materials, Processing and Testing, Having ability to work in highly competitive environment, To grasp new things and to induce innovation at every step.
Sub Category:Packaging Engineer
Years of Experience:0 years
State:Uttar Pradesh
Salary Expected per Month(Rs):20,000 to 25,000
Highest Qualification attained:B.Tech. : Bachelor of Technology
Major / Specialization:Plastic Technology
Email Id:[Private]
Are you looking for job now?:Yes
Can the recruiter contact you?:Yes
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Shah Fahad Khan
(B.Tech Plastic Technology)
email  : khanfahad2611 AT gmail.com
Mobile  : +917599084421

Career Objective :
TobuildasuccessfulcareerinthefieldofPlasticEngineering,usinganalytical,problem solving, communication& interpersonal skills andfastlearning abilities, which would enable me as a fresh graduate to grow while fulfilling organizational goals.

Summary :
Pursuing B.Tech in PlasticEngineering from CIPET, Lucknow.

Keyskills :
Good knowledge of Plastic materials, Processing and Testing.
Having ability to work in highly competitive environment.
To grasp new things and to induce innovation at every step.
To provide a better co-worker interface for optimization of the output.
Highlymotivated and resourceful. Good communication skillsin interacting with people fromdiversebackground.
Friendly with an upbeat attitude.
Excellent decision making skills with a positive approach

Languagesspoken  :English,Hindi,Urdu.

Basic Academic Credentials :
B.Tech (PlasticEngineering)66.7 % (till 6thsem. without any back-locks.)
Intermediate 77% ISC, Rajendra Vidyalaya, Jamshedpur(Jharkhand), 2010.
High school 90% ICSE, Rajendra Vidyalaya, Jamshedpur(Jharkhand), 2008.
Highest marks in Computer Science in entire city in class X boards.
Highest marks in Environmental Studies in school in class X boards.

Computer Skills & IT Proficiency :
Basic Hardware

Knowledge :
Operating System  : Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/MAC.
Packages  : Microsoft Office & Adobe Photoshop.
Programming Language  : Java & C.
Designing  : AutoCAD, introduction to Pro-E.

Extra-Curricular Activities :
Volunteer for an inter-school Quiz competition in 2008.
Designed logo for annual sports meet “CAPOEIRA”.
Designed logo for techno-cultural fest “ANANT 2014”.
Designed logo for music club “CALYPSO”.
President of “CANVAS” Club in college.
Participated in “APM-2012” held at CIPET, Lucknow.
Organizing member of “ANANT 2014” a techno cultural fest of CIPET, Lucknow.

Achievements :
Won bronze medal in Relay Race of Annual Sports Meet of school in 2010.
Actively participated in many

Professional Traits :
Stewardship of creation.
Willingness to work in team and hard worker.
Respect diversities.
Ability to lead when asked to.
Ability to deal with people dramatically.
Discipline and good etiquette.
To give my 100% to achieve the goal.

Personal Details :
Name  : Shah Fahad Khan
Father’s Name  : Mr.

Ashfaq Ahmad Khan
PermanentAddress  : 138, Station Road, West Sahodarpur, Pratapgarh (U.P.) 230002
Date ofBirth  : 26-11-1991
Sex  : Male
Languages Spoken  : English,Hindi,Urdu
Nationality/Religion  : Indian/Islam
Category  : General

Declaration :
I hereby declare that all the above information are true and correct to best of my knowledge.

Date :
Place  :


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