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SAP Basis Consultant Resume Sample, Experience : 4 years

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Name of the Candidate:[Private]
Name of the Post Applied:SAP Basis Consultant
Job related skills / software:Performed day to day SAP administrativetasks, System Log monitoring, Background job creation and monitoring, ABAP Dump Analysis
Category:IT / Computer
Sub Category:SAP Consultant
Years of Experience:4 years
State:Andhra Pradesh
Salary Expected per Month(Rs):50,000 to 60,000
Highest Qualification attained:B.Tech. : Bachelor of Technology
Major / Specialization:Electronics and communication
Email Id:[Private]
Are you looking for job now?:Yes
Can the recruiter contact you?:Yes
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Career Objective  :
To obtain a challenging position where I can utilize my knowledge and my experience that I have gained so far and where I can make meaningful contribution to the growth of organization which in turn helps for my growth.

Technical Summary  :
Having 3.4 years of experience as an SAP Security &SAP BASIS/NETWEAVER and HANA Administration and New Dimensional Products (ECC6.0, BW, Solution Manager7.2 and SAP HANA) ERPtechnology.

Platforms :
Unix (HP-UX), Linux (RHEL6, 7, SUSE 10, 12 ,15), Windows 2012 server R2, windows 2016 serverR2, AIX

SAP ECC 6.0 EHP 6, EHP7 & EHP8, NW 7.3, 7.4. 7.5 , Solution Manager 7.2

Database :
Oracle 11g/12c,18c, HANA 1.0 SPS 12, HANA 2.0 SP03, sp04, sp05.

Tools :

WorkExperience  :
WorkingasBasis ConsultantinIscribe Software Solutions Pvt Ltd,Hyderabadfrom2018September to TillDate.

SkillSet  :  SAPSkills:
** Performed day to day SAP administrativetasks
** System Logmonitoring
** Background job creation andmonitoring
** ABAP Dump Analysis
** Monitoring RFC Connections & Monitoringlocks
** Allocation of support tickets amongst theteam.
** Performance Monitoring and Performance analysis when system goesslow
** Configure & Trouble-shoot STMS, Creation, release & transportation transportrequest,
** Configuring and Monitoring the Operationmodes.
** Workbench and customizing transport requestadministration
** License request, object key, user key, monitoring OSS messages, SP downloadthrough ServiceMarketplace
** Daily monitoring activities of server (BASIS housekeepingjobs)
** Client Copyactivity
** Patch level upgrade/Support packageupgrade
** Role administration and TRmovement
** Background job and SpoolAdministration
** Backup scheduling andchecking
** SAP licenseadministration
** Creating/Sending incident to SAP in marketplace
** Patch administration &Kernelupgrades.
** Monitoring the failed jobs andtroubleshooting.
** Establishing the RFC connections between BW and R/3 for dataextraction.
** Involved in performing Kernel patch update, Support Packs and Noteimplementation.
** Performed Client copies Local, Remote andExport/Import.

HANA Skills :
** Performing HANA System Backup through HANAStudio.
** Performed Creation of Users and assignment of roles & profiles through HANAStudio.
** Performed Parameter maintenance through HANAStudio.
** Installed HANADatabase.
** Added System in HANAStudio.
** HANA Database License KeyInstallation.
** Performed HANA Database Start andStop.
** Performing Data Volume and Log Volume Backup Cleanup on DailyBasis.
** Monitoring Memory usage by HANA Database on regularBasis.
** Performed HANA upgrades (revision andversion).
** Creating new tenants from HANA cockpit.
** HANA user creation and providingroles.
** Adding systems to HANAstudio.
** Monitoring HANA systems for HANAstudio.

Project#3  :
Client :Alcatel Lucent
** Duration : Dec 2020 to Till date

> ** Platform : SAPBASIS
** Role : SAP BASISConsultant
** Project Type : Implementation &Upgrade.

Duties & Responsibilities  :
** System monitoring and Healthchecks.
** Monitoring of active users and workprocesses.
** Monitoring update records and monitoring entrylocks.
** Performed Client export andimport.
** Kernelupgrade.
** Preparing weekly status reports and sent toclient.
** Monthly serverrestarts.
** Actively involved in theteam.
** Analysed the SAP R/3 start-up problems using trace files and system logs.
** Administration of the transport managementsystems.
** Performing Client Copies like Local Client Copy, Client Export andImport.
** Scheduling and monitoring databasebackup.
** Performing support pack upgrade onECC.

Project#2  :
** Client : Hailstone
** Duration : Aug 2019 to Nov 2020
** Platform : SAPBASIS
** Role : SAP BASIS associateConsultant
** Project Type : SAPSupport.

Duties & Responsibilities  :
** Preparing daily monitoring report, resolving the issues.
** Expertise in support of SAP ECC, Net Weaversystems.
** Monitoring work processors to check theirstatus.
** Monitoring Active users and workprocesses.
** Monitoring the locks on dailybasis.
** Creation and Monitoring of Backgroundjobs.
** Monitoring and managing user’s sessions.
** System restart based on requirement from theclient.
** Worked with transport managementsystem.
** Configured and maintained RFC connection between thesystems.
** Analyzing ABAP dumps and system logs.
** Performance issues workloadanalysis.
** Monitored the Operating system at various levels like File system, CPU, Workload, Log files etc.
** Performed kernel patch levelupgrade.
** Applying support packages through spam for ECC component
** Applied SAP Notes for resolvingerrors.
** Client Administration : Client creation and Performed local,Remote.
** Moving Transports between systems usingTMS.
** Moving the transports across thelandscape.

** Client :Syngenta
** Duration : Sep 2018 to June 2019
** Platform : SAPBASIS
** Role : SAP BASIS trineConsultant
** Project Type : SAP Security &Support.

Duties & Responsibilities  :
** Creating users and Roles.
** Password Reset, User Locks & Unlock as Per HrFeed.
** Troubleshooting Authorizationissues.
** Role Modifications Role management (create, modify and maintain authorizationdata).
** Assigning Authorizations to User As Per The BusinessRequirement.
** Assigning Roles, Profiles, User Groups to Users and Comparing User MasterRecords.
** Experience in User Maintenance Functions - User creation, deletion, lockdown, activation, passwordmanagement.
** Setup Passwordrestrictions.
** Transported roles using transport managementsystem.
** Addition and deletion of Authorization object toroles.
** User and rolecomparisons.
** Types of roles andusers.
** Analyzing and solving the missing authorizations based on SU53 error report,using system trace and day-to-day security issues that are being raised by theusers.

Education Profile  :
GITAM, Vishakhapatnam

Date :
Place :


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