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Mechanical Maintanance Engineer Resume Sample, Experience : 8 years

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Name of the Candidate:[Private]
Name of the Post Applied:Mechanical Maintanance Engineer
Job related skills / software:Preventive maintenances, Shut down maintenance
Category:Site / Construction
Sub Category:Maintenance Engineer / Manager
Years of Experience:8 years
Salary Expected per Month(Rs):Negotiable
Highest Qualification attained:Diploma
Major / Specialization:Mechanical engineer
Email Id:[Private]
Are you looking for job now?:No
Can the recruiter contact you?:No
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Resume Format / CV Sample Template / Example / Model :


Career Objective  :
 To be extremely successful in my chosen field of activity through of professionalism perseverance intelligence share talent and hard work.

Academic Qualification  :
 ** 10th. from HSE Orissa.
 ** 12th from CHSE Orissa

Technical Qualification  :
** I.T.I (Fitter Mechanical). 2004
** Diploma (mechanical engineer) 2009
Work Experience (7.9 yrs)  :
 ** Presently working as a Engineer (Maintenance) with “AVERY DENNISON IND. PVT. LTD.” (Gurgaon) since Sept./17/2011 to till date.
 ** Worked as a jr.Engineer (Maintenance) with “LG ELECTRONIC INDIA PVT. LTD.” (G. Noida) since Sept.25/2009 to Sept./17/2011.
 ** Worked as a Technician (Maintenance) with MOSER BAER IND. LTD.” ** (G. Noida) since Sept./03/2007 to Sept./25/2009.
 ** Worked as a Technician (Maintenance) with “FLEX INDUSTRIES LTD.” (Noida, UP) since Oct. 2004 to Sept/03/ 2007.

Job Responsibility  :
 ** Independently handling shift with all type of Breakdown, Preventive maintenances, Shut down maintenance, TPM & maintain 5s principle of Fully Automation Plant with shop floor activities. And also having knowledge of Six Sigma principle.
 ** Creates the Maintenance Planning with manage the man power.
 ** Maintaining relevant documentation & logs Accordingly ISO audit.
 ** Manage the spare parts of machineries.
 ** Excellent expose with trouble shooting & analyzing Breakdowns.
 ** Improvements & modification with implementation of different kaizens during reduce break downs, Cost saving, power saving.
 ** Daily Reporting to HOD accordingly my KRAs.
 ** Discussion with Vendors as per needful.
 ** Maintenance of hydraulic, pneumatic & high Vacuum systems with Drawings.
 ** Maintenance of Hydraulic press m/c (300 tons).
 ** Handling all repairing works of Hydraulic& pneumatic equipments, such as vacuum pumps, hydraulic pumps, Deiform pump, Gear boxes, Different Controlling Valves & actuators. ** ** **
 ** Maintenance of Conveyers (sleet conveyer, Buffer conveyer, Belt conveyer, inclined conveyers.
 ** Maintenance of CRF(cold roll forming) m/c.& packing(strapping) m/c.
 ** plant installation work and project work of refreezetor Mfg. plant.
 ** Handling the all type of maintenance activities of Press shop and Paint shop.
 ** Maintenance of Injection Molding m/c & Blow molding m/c.
 ** Maintenance of Adhesive Compound M/C.
 ** Maintenance of robotic systems, Replication m/c & Metalizers.
 ** Having knowledge of PLC, Electrical drawing, Different Sensors, motors, Drives
And controlling systems.
 ** Maintenance of Thermo fluid boilers & Steam boilers.
 ** Maintenance of Utility Such as Chillers, Cooling Towers, DG set, Air Compressor, R.O. plant and Thermolators. ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** **
 ** Maintenance of Slitting m/c, Adhesive & silicon coating m/c.
 ** Maintenance of Over head Crane( 2 tons to 15 tons).
 ** And also having knowledge of CNC turning Centre.

Achivements  :
** Complete the Erection & Commissioning work of 10 Nos DVD Lines with Injection Molding M/C within 6 months.
** Completed Erection & Commissioning of Hydraulic press m/c(300 ton), CRF(cold roll forming) m/c, Case (cabinet) forming m/c of Refreezator Mfg.

** Erection & Commissioned the 06 No’s of Screen & Offset printing m/c.
** Achieve the ON THE SPORT AWARD 3 times for Minimum Break down in my Responsibility Area and Power Saving Project of all Lines.
** Reduced Breakdown & Decreased cycle time with different kaizens and Implementations.
** Done the power, water and Air saving project by arresting the wastages.
** Implemented The Maintenance Work Process Simplify & Easy.

 Responsibility with Different M/C in Avery Dennison India. Pvt. Ltd  :
 ** Independently Handling KRA with Preventive and Break Down
 ** TPM maintenance of Automation plant.(Electrically & mechanically)
 ** Different Machine are Adhesive Coater M/c, Slitter M/c, Sheeter M/c, Stretch wrap M/c. Silicon Coater M/c, Adhesive compounding m/c etc.
 ** Boilers Such as Thermo fluid and Steam Boiler etc
 ** Utility Such as Chillers, Air Compressors, DG, AHU, R.O. plant, and Cooling Towers.
Responsibility with Different M/c in LG electronics India. Pvt. Ltd  :
** Independently handling shift with all type of Breakdown, Preventive maintenances, Shut down maintenance & TPM of Fully Automation Plant with shop floor activities. Handling machinery. (Refrigerator plant) Such as vacuum forming m/c, Trimming press m/c (300 tons), Case (cabinet) forming m/c, CRF(cold roll forming) m/c, Door forming m/c. and Different hydraulic press m/c, packing m/c(strapping machines), Conveyers (sleet conveyer, Buffer conveyer, Belt conveyer, Inclined conveyers. Cooling towers and chillers. different Rotary & reciprocator equipments. Pneumatic & Hydro Pneumatic tools repairing like as (Pinch up tool, lock ring tool, riveting tool, and act.) And also handling chemical plant.

Responsibility with Different M/C in Moser baer Ind Ltd  :
** Hand on Maintenance of “DVD” Rom (FULLY AUTOMATION PLANT) with shop floor activities. and Maintenance of overall replication m/c, Injection molding m/c, Robots, Packing m/c, High vacuum system, Conveyers, Bonding (chemical) section, UV section, Sputter(metalizer) And offset printing m/c with safety precaution & 5s.maintened.

Responsibility with Different M/C in Flex Industries Ltd  :
** Maintenance of BOPP, PET, MVH poly films plant. Like as Blow molding m/c, Slitter m/c, Boiler plant, vacuum metalizer m/c, and recycling plant. Chiller, Thermolator, Over head Crane (2ton to 15 tons), Repairing of vacuum pumps, water pumps, Extruder gear boxes . and also handling the Operation of Lathe machine, surface grinder With utilization of precession instruments, such as micrometer and Dial Vanier (Caliper) and DTI, and cutting tools. it also includes studying Engineer drawing.

Strength  :
** Self confidence.
** Having good team work & leadership.
** Hardworking and good grasping power.
** Quickly adoptable to any of environment.
** Honest and integrity.

I do hereby declare that all the statement given above is true, complete, best to my knowledge .

Date  :
Place  :


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