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Production Manager Resume Sample, Experience : >20 years

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Name of the Candidate:[Private]
Name of the Post Applied:Production Manager
Job related skills / software:Certified auditor of ISO system
Category:Site / Construction
Sub Category:Manufacturing/ Production Engineer
Years of Experience:>20 years
Salary Expected per Month(Rs):Negotiable
Highest Qualification attained:Diploma
Major / Specialization:Mechanical Engineer
Email Id:[Private]
Are you looking for job now?:No
Can the recruiter contact you?:No
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Resume Format / CV Sample Template / Example / Model :


Qualification  :
** Diploma Mechanical Engineer with 21 years of experience in engineering & glass industry
1 year in Himson Textile & engineering Ltd, Surat
2 years 6 months in NHB bearing ltd, Amalsad,Dist. Valsad.
18 years in Videocon Industries Ltd ( A videocon Narmada Glass Division), Bharuch.

** Presently working with Videocon Industries Ltd as Dy.Manager –A color TV Glass Division.
** Experience in Glass finishing Process and Production. ( i.e. Glass grinding,polishing,safe handling of glass)
** Efficient in Asset utilization & Productivity improvement.
** Proficient in developing system with proven ability to enhance operational efficiencies & meet operational goals with cost, time & quality parameters.
** Team leader, experienced trainer, certified auditor of ISO system.

Career Features  :
Present employer  : Videocon Industries Ltd.( A Videocon Narmada Glass Division), Bharuch : Dy. Manager - Glass Division Reporting to Asst.General Manager, Working since Sept, 1994
Key Accountabilities  :
** Owner of Product Quality.
** Overall In charge of Glass finishing process Plant (Strength-50 employees)
** Manufacturing of Color TV Glass shell & also Glass Necks from lead glass tube for TV picture tube purpose.
** Production planning & execution for meeting up production targets & also adhere to dispatch schedule as formulated by Marketing department
** Improving productivity through Process monitoring(by Process Control chart),Rejection control, Yield management & Cycle time reduction
** Ascertaining the safety of man, machinery & maintenance of 5S at workplace.
** Optimal use of resources – Fuel, Energy, Raw materials, Human resources, Packaging materials & Safety items..
** Creating & sustaining a dynamic environment that fosters development opportunities & motivates high performance among the members.
** Coordination with Hot End for setting of right Process Parameters.
** Coordinating with Purchase Dept. for procurement of right materials.
** Facilitating the improvement activities towards Quality , Production, cost.
** Product Quality requirements as laid down by customer and as per company targets.
** Member of ‘ISO core Team’ for QMS,EMS & OHSAS as qualified internal auditor for ISO.
** Handling Customer Complaints & monitoring customer satisfaction level

Projects  :
** Dismantling, shifting, loading, installation and errection commissioning of Neck Fabrication machine with annealing lehr from VIL ,Bharuch to KAIL, Kolkata in March 2003.Production of necks was started after installation and target achieved with in one month.
** Neck Sealing machine installation work completed at VIL, Noida, Delhi in June 2002.
Funnel Edge Grinding mills installed at Sky Appliances, Anjar Dist : Katchh.

in 2004.
** New Funnel Finishing line (Thomson,USA ) installed under our guide line for Funnel Glazing operation.
** CTV Machine dismantled and dispatched from Thomson, Anagni ,Italy in Dec 2006.
** New product developed at VIL, Bharuch and exporting at TDGC, China .SDI-Malaysia and LPDI-Indonesia.
Previous employer  : NHB Bearing Ltd, Amalsad Dist: Valsad As Shift Engineer, reporting to Production
Manager Working From March 1992 – Sept 1994

Key Accountabilities  :
** Overall In Charge of Steel Balls grinding & Lapping process.
** Analyzing Steel Ball visual & dimensional Defects & suggesting corrective & preventive actions.
** Handling customer complaints.
** Handle shift activities of Production, Quality and Dispatch as per target of customer requirement.
** Previously I was in Himson Textile and Engineering at AK road, Surat as a CNC technician from Mar-1991 to Mar-1992.

Achievements  :
** Appriciation letter got from Chief Executive for process improvement in 2003.
** Achieved Total Efficiency in Glass reclaimed Process from 90% to 95% and achieve environment objective.
** Developed artificial nubbin for Neck less funnels for rework operation and save product for rework
** Make user friendly design of machine for export product and utilize it as optimum level.

Training Programmes Attended  :
** “Integrated Awareness training program attended for IS0 9001,14001 & 18001 ” by “DQS-UL MSS India pvt.Ltd”in June-2009.
** “Internal Auditor training” for ISO 14000 & OHSAS 18000 by “LOSS CONTROL SERVICES” in Sept 2008.
** “Internal Auditor Course for ISO 9001,14,,1 and 18001 completed by “DASH INSPECTORATE” in Mar-2008.
** “Self Development program by “AKHIL SUTARIA”.
** “Self and Management development Programmed“ by “Baroda Productivity Council” at Baroda in July-2000 .
** “Self – Development and better interpersonal relationships” by “Mansi Consultancy” at Vallabh Vidhyanagar in 1995.

Scholastics  :
** DME from KDPolytechanic,Patan, Distinction Class with 66.37 %. Nov-1990
** Sadhana Vinay Mandir,Bhatsar,Patan SSC Education , with 75.57 %. Mar-1987


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