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Cabin Crew/ Air Hostess/ Pilot/ Flight Instructor 
Fresher Cabin Crew Resume Sample

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Name of the Candidate:Muskan Kushwah
Name of the Post Applied:Cabin Crew
Job related skills / software:Knowledge of checking safety and security in the cabin before the flight takes off, Maintaining high on board standards
Sub Category:Cabin Crew/ Air Hostess/ Pilot/ Flight Instructor
Years of Experience:0 years
State:Madhya Pradesh
Salary Expected per Month(Rs):20,000 to 25,000
Highest Qualification attained:12th. : HSC/+2
Major / Specialization:Biology
Email Id:muskankushwah9211 AT gmail.com
Are you looking for job now?:Yes
Can the recruiter contact you?:Yes
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Objective  :
Seeking a position of Cabin Crew in reputed in a well renowned Airlines to deliver best hospitality skills and serve the customers

Skill Sets  :
** Warm Personality
** Sincerity and honesty
** Cross cultural sensitivity
** Customer focused
** Communication skiils
** Time management

Professional Skills  :
** Excellent communication skills
** In-depth information on safety and security measures
** Thorough understanding of airlines rules and procedures

Key Responsibilities Handled  :
** Coordination with other team members
** To provide complete information about the safety measures in case of emergency situations during flights
** Greeting customers in a polite manner when they board flight and at the end of their journey
** Knowledge of checking safety and security in the cabin before the flight takes off
** Maintaining high on board standards
** Accepting responsibilities of passengers in any case
** Taking care of tricky issues and situations
** Assisted passengers with storage of additional baggage
** Checked tickets at the same time as boarding
** Assisting pa

ssengers in locating seats
** Ensured the safety of passengers during the flight
** Providing additional space for passengers with disabilities and passengers with small children
** Answering any flight questions
** Offering food and beverage services to the passengers
** Making sure passengers for particular needs or dietary supplements are taken care of previous to flight
** Attending the preflight meetings
** Taking down the instructions about special passengers with any disease or disabilities
** Monitoring the cleanliness and the safety points in the plane before allowing entry to the passengers
** Greeting passengers with small conversations
** Helping the passengers to find their seats
** Reporting the supervisors on serious issues
** Checking the seat belts of each passenger
** Maintaining and submitting flight reports to the supervisors

Education  :
** High school graduation till 10th with 75% from PODAR INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL CBSE
** 12th with 60% from J.J PUBLICH SCHOOL CBSE BOARD

Personal Details  :
Date of Birth  : 08/02/2004
Languages known  : English, Hindi,
Email  : muskankushwah9211 AT gmail.com

Date  :
Place  :


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