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Customer Relationship Manager Resume Sample, Experience : 5 years

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Name of the Candidate:Mayank Bhatnagar
Name of the Post Applied:Customer Relationship Manager
Job related skills / software:Gained knowledge how to tackle a customer, building rapport with customer and dealers both face to face and on the telephone, leadership quality, communication, adaptability to the changing customers need quickly, team working capability.
Category:Sales, Marketing
Sub Category:Customer Relationship Manager
Years of Experience:5 years
Salary Expected per Month(Rs):30,000 to 40,000
Highest Qualification attained:B.A. / BA : Bachelor of Arts
Major / Specialization:Environmental
Email Id:mayankbhatnagar_1984 AT rediffmail.com
Are you looking for job now?:Yes
Can the recruiter contact you?:Yes
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Curriculum Vitae  :
Mayank Bhatnagar

Permanent Address  :
E-86 Pandav Nagar,
New Delhi -110091.
+91 9899879688

Email id  : mayankbhatnagar_1984 AT rediffmail.com

Professional Profile  :
A sharp inquisitive mind capable of independent thought and analysis delivering highest standard of service.

Objective  :
Seeking a position to utilize my skills and abilities in the industries that offers security and professional growth while being resourceful, innovative and flexible.

Responsibilities  :
Direct contacts with the customer, knowledge the needs of customers and providing them maximum satisfactions.

Skills Gained  :
Gained knowledge how to tackle a customer, building rapport with customer and dealers both face to face and on the telephone, leadership quality, communication, adaptability to the changing customers need quickly, team working capability.

Area of Interest  :
Marketing & I.T Sector

Academic Qualification  :
Bachelor in Arts (2008) from Agra University
Senior secondary certificate (2004) from UP board
Secondary certificate (2002) from UP board

Professional Qualification  :
Programming languages and tools  :
** MS-SQL Server(2000/05) (Structured Query Language )
** Comfortable with MSOFFICE(2003/07), WINDOWS(2003,XP)
** Done GNIIT from NIIT and waiting for one year training
** Done Hardware & Networking from LBSTI

Strengths  :
** Friendly and highly adjustable
** Ability to work under pressure
** Willingness to learn
** Positive Attitude.
** Punctual.
** Hard working
** Leadership Quality

Current Industrial Experience  :
Motherson Group (Anest Iwata Motherson LTD)  :
Presently associated with Sumi Motherson Group, a Rs. 7000 Crore, auto ancillary major of India. In my present role as Sales Coordinator in the Compressors Company of Sumi Motherson Group, my current role is defined as –

Managing OGP & OFP  :
Managing OGP (Order Generation Process) & OFP (Order Fulfillment process) Preparation of Various Reports like Enquiry Register, Order Lost Report, Quotation Report, Spare Parts, AMC and OEM Reports. Managing Dealership & Purchase Agreements.

Operation Analysis  :
Analyzing MIS reports – Secondary Sales / Closing Stock report of each unit, preparing list of slow-non moving / obsolete models in consultation with the respective Product Category Heads, approval from the management on the special prices/offers and driving & analyzing the sales at the shop front of such stocks.

Logistic Department  :

Ready Compressor-Take follow up for dispatch from marketing/Customer.
2. Dispatch Documents to our sales members & customer.
3. Collect GR/LR from transporter.
4. Dispatch Tracking and collection of acknowledged LR.
5. Proof of delivery file (in hard and soft file).
6. Take production follow up from production.

Network handled - 1 Head office, 5 Area Offices  :
As part of the executive team with the office of Head – Sales, my role was as follows  :
** Regularly achieve forecast set for different customers and report variances with reasons thereof.
** Handling Major accounts that are the key clients for the company.
** Responsible for cost analysis for the new projects from existing and new clients.
** Generating MIS reports- Sales reports, Sales forecasts, collection forecast, Quarterly-Yearly Projections, Variances with projections. Tracking & Reconciliation of Sales & Collections.
** Coordinating with marketing department for organizing various promotional activities on regular basis.
** Sales coordination functions including handling customer enquiries, contract review & order processing.
** Coordination between Sales, Operations and Customer Support departments.

Planning and organizing Quarterly Review meetings of the Management Committee (MCM).

Railway Marketing  :-
Our foray into Railway business started in 2007 where we received a development Order from CLW for Main Compressor for 11 nos.
It was followed by Prototype tests, successful performance in Loco and now we are a RDSO Approved Part II source for Main Compressor, 1000lpm for electric loco.
We have so far supplied more than 300 nos. 1000lpm Main compressors to CLW, Zonal Railways and BHEL.
Also, we are the first in India to develop 1000lpm Oil Free compressorfor Indian Railway and 2 compressors have run successfully in WAP4 & WAG7 locos.
It use for breaking system.
Our Roll to get 350nos compressor orders for Railway per year. We achieve it by regularly follow-up.

Last Industrial Experience  :
Work Experience  : Three Years Two Months
Organization  : Hindustan Unilever
Designation  : Team Leader
Responsibilities  : Developing working relationship to subordinate, improving the performance of the team and motivation support.

Total Experience  :
** Five years & six months

Expected Post  :
** Manager

Personal profile  :
Father’s name  :Sh. Devinder Bhatnagar
Date Of Birth  : 16.02.1985
Sex  :Male
Marital Status Married
Languages known  :English, Hindi

Hobbies  :
DO some work on my Computer
Working on SQL Server
Making new design of form in VB.NET
Listening to music.

Date  :
Place  : New Delhi

Mayank Bhatnagar


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