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Security Supervisor Resume Sample, Experience : 16 years

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Name of the Candidate:Vyas Kumar Sharma
Name of the Post Applied:Security Supervisor
Job related skills / software:Security Non commisioned Officer, System Administrator, Security Officer In-charge, Leave Planning, Financial Management.
Category:Security / Surveillance
Sub Category:Security Guard/ Executive
Years of Experience:16 years
State:Uttar Pradesh
Salary Expected per Month(Rs):25,000 to 30000
Highest Qualification attained:C.C. / CC : Certificate Course
Major / Specialization:Defence
Email Id:vyassharma421.ys AT gmail.com
Are you looking for job now?:Yes
Can the recruiter contact you?:Yes
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Career Objectives  :
Having completed 16 years 02 montg of commendable service in the Indian Army (Corps of Signal), I am looking forward to work in an organization where my technical skills, leadership qualities and experience will be optimally utilized for the benefit of the organizations.

Academic Credentials  :
** Graduation issued by Defence(Indian Army,Air Force,Navy)(19)
** Intermediate from Uttar Pradesh Board(UPMSP).
** Matriculation from Uttar Pradesh Board(UPMSP).

Work, History & Experience  :
I have a vast experience of 16 years of service in the Indian Army (Corps of Signals) from Dec 2005 to Feb. 2022. Important tasks held by me during my entire service are as under  :

Period-Experience and Achievment  :
Sep. 2009 to Aug. 2011  :
Worked as ASCON NODE NCO IC (TECH COMN) and Command 100 Manpower.

Sep. 2012 to Aug. 2014  :
Worked as CENTRAL ZONAL CENTER NCO IC and Command 200 Manpower and overall in-charge of security hazards.

Aug. 2014 to Aug. 2016 :
Worked as Instructor of Drill and Weapon Training in Training Center.

Jul. 2016 to Jul. 2017  :
Served as System Nco

Jul. 2018 to Jul. 2020  :
Worked as an Instructor of Weapon Training and Quarter Master in Training Center.


2020 to Feb 2022 
Served as a MES & NFS NCO and Command 100 to 120 persons.

Awards/Honors/Memberships  :
** SSM W/C Jammu and Kashmir.
** 9 years LSM.
** Sainya Seva Medal W/C NEFA.
** 50th Independence Anniversary Medal.
** Spl.
** High Altitude Medal.

Professional Qualifications  :
** tech Communication Center Class-I.
** Security Non commisioned Officer
** System Administrator.
** Security Officer In-charge.
** Leave Planning.
** Financial Management.
** Career Management.
** Technical Training.
** General Administration of group around 200 persons in a major unit.
** Weapon Training Instructor

Languages Known  :
Languages  : Fluent in both English and Hindi in reading, writing as well as in speaking.

Strengths  :
** Being a reliable and conscientious worker with a person record of achieving targets and goals.
** Capability to enjoy and thrive upon challenges both inside and outside the working environment.
** Having positive approach and outlook along with being organized and innovative within the work place.
** Having ability to communicate effectively with colleagues and to plan and priorities work.
** Capability top control manpower of 100-600 persons.
** Capability to handle financial and management dealing.

Date  :
Place  :


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