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Production Officer Resume Sample, Experience : 10 years

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Name of the Candidate:[Private]
Name of the Post Applied:Production Officer
Category:Site / Construction
Sub Category:Manufacturing/ Production Engineer
Years of Experience:10 years
Salary Expected per Month(Rs):Negotiable
Highest Qualification attained:Diploma
Major / Specialization:Mechanical
Email Id:[Private]
Are you looking for job now?:No
Can the recruiter contact you?:No
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Resume Format / CV Sample Template / Example / Model :


The Manager,
H R Department,

Dear Sir,
Currently working in M/S PHILIPS ELECTRONICS INDIA LTD. Vadodara as a PRODUCTION OFFICER. I had an experience in tyre manufacturing industry as same of 6.5 years, 2.5 years in production (manufacturing) And 2 years in quality in other industry. I would like to apply in your organization for the post, which fits my qualification and experience I strongly believe.
I will contribute myself in fortifying your esteem existence in this competitive world and uplifting the ethos of your organization.
I have attached herewith my bio-data, I hope you will consider this and reply to the following address.
I am interested in other related jobs like PURCHASE also.
Thank you,


Qualification :
** Diploma in Mechanical Engineering first class, M.S.UNIVERSITY, BARODA

Experience :10 Yrs.(on diploma base)

Working Experience :
Company Name :PHILIPS ELECTRONICS INDIA LTD - Work as production officer since 20/07/2010.
** Audit made of system implemented by KAMSHIBAI.
** Daily review in LOOP-1 and LOOP-2 on MCRS board
** Maintain quality by dailt analysing SIC sheet at each station
** Manpower development to make them multi functional for working various machines like coating, sealing, pump etc. improves problem at time of absenteeism  AT  89% to 96 %.
** Daily production planning & doing production as per sap.
** Training of new technician by daily training on machines as well theoretical knowledge in meeting.
** To improve productivity by eliminating 7 WASTE
** Reducing or locking the prob. By OPL and KAISEN
** To minimize plant breakdowns through PDCA CYCLE (achieved till date highest efficiency of 97.8%).
** Regular audit of floor per week to improve 6S
** Eliminating prob. By using 3C ACTION SHEET
** To maintain safety and discipline in the shops floor by continuous communication and remark (no accident in 7 months).
** To reduce the rework and improve the production by giving individual responsibility to each.

Company Name :APOLLO TYRES LTD - Executive (production) of Radial Tyre plant, Vadodara
About Company :Apollo is one of the leading TYRE manufacturers in India, producing bias as well as radial tyres. We are producing TRUCK RADIAL and also off the road tyres used in coal mines. .
Duration :12/04/2004 to 15/07/2010 (6.5 Yrs.)
Job Profile :
** Mainly responsible for PQCDSM of curing.
** Working on cost reduction of indirect material, bladder cost, lube consumption Scrap reduction.
** Man power management.
** Planning of Preventive Maintenance of Curing presses for day and distribution of work on shift basis.
** Responsible for all scrap regarding to Curing.
** Provide direction to the department executives’ staff to execute daily, weekly, and monthly production / distribution schedules, meeting quality, customer service, and productivity objectives as per functional heads and to develop them for multi skill function.
** To maintain the related work documents like mould change plan, daily major engg.

Breakdown entry etc.

Previous experience :
Worked as a QC engg. Handling whole departmental quality related activity of product and also audits are conducted during a work period of 9 months.

** Worked as a QC engg. At where I have to inspect product (welded plates and other cement factory product) during and after manufacturing.
** During my working period of 8 months my work was appreciated by company’s owner.
Academic Details :
** B.E: MECHANICAL from M.S. University, Distinction.
** D.M.E: MECHANICAL,M. S. University,baroda,1st class
** S.S.C: From GSEB, with distinction.

Computer Literacy :
Comp. Aides Design :AutoCAD 2000.
Operating System :All General Operation, SAP functions

Performance :
** GOOD performance in year 2005-2006.
** OUTSTANDING performance in year 2006-2007.
** BEST PERFORMER in month of oct-07.
** Promoted to EXECUTIVE-2 in year 2007-2008.
** Good performer in year 2008-2009
** Good performer in year 2009-2010

Achievement made at Apollo tyres :
** Only member selected to lead for overall departmental improvement out of 165 diplomas.
** Achieved all time high production in biggest row of 19 presses.
** I had done the solution of two presses by making small group with mechanical persons which was not solved by help of mech. dept. head also after solving the same appreciated by them.(press making every day 10 tyres loss per day.) .
** Take out highest production with zero scrap two times appreciated by AM, HOD and PLANT HEAD.
** Engg. Loss reduced from 4.7 % to 3.7 %. And this month target is 3.62 %.
** Reduced set up loss (from 0.66 to 0.47).
** Appreciated by my AM and black belt for highest overall production and heights pcr till date
** Reduced till date lowest steam consumption appreciated by radial HOD of mechanical and PLANT HEAD.
** Department develop me for multi skill purpose as I had worked as production supervisor, had seen engg. Activities, employed for scrap reduction, and in project of multi release agent lube application I had worked as technical with tech. department. Had seen improvement activities, employed in project to start new all well tyre curing press
** My quality circle performed in current year due to which our team had saved 2496000 Rs/annum.
Objectives as well as future business objectives :
** Develops and executes short and long-term improvement plans.
** Coordinates for equipment improvements with Engineering Departments.
** Team Leader for T .P.M implementation in my area

Personal Details :
Marital Status:Married
Date of Birth:10th oct.1983.
Height:175 cm


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