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Pharma Production Executive Resume Sample, Experience : 7 years

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Name of the Candidate:[Private]
Name of the Post Applied:Pharma Production Executive
Job related skills / software:Production Planning Inventory Control
Sub Category:Medicines Production Executive
Years of Experience:7 years
Salary Expected per Month(Rs):Negotiable
Highest Qualification attained:M.B.A. / MBA : Master of Business Administration
Major / Specialization:Supply Chain Management
Email Id:[Private]
Are you looking for job now?:No
Can the recruiter contact you?:No
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Resume Format / CV Sample Template / Example / Model :


Career Objective :
To join an organization where my knowledge and skills are well utilize for the development of an organization and my career growth.

Academic Profile :
** MBA (Supply Chain Management)
** B.Sc. (Comp Sci.)

Computer Proficiency :
** Proficient in working with Windows Xp, Server windows 2003.
** Proficient in working with MS Office XL, Word.

Career Abstracts :
** Present association with Rubicon Research. (MHRA Approved) (Dept- Supply Chain Management.)
** Past association with Agio Pharma (Dept-Production Planning Inventory Control)

Key Responsibilities :At Present Association.
** Keeping the Records of Newly recd & Completed Projects.
** Co-Ordination with QA, QC, as well as Production Team, F&D for RM, PM & other materials req for projects.
** Generating the new codes for Raw, Packing, Misc, and other Materials as well as for suppliers and manufacturers.
** Co-ordination with Warehouse dept.
** Calculating the RM, PM and other materials shortages as per projects.
** Sending the indents for Short materials with necessary documents to Purchase dept as per projects requirement.
** Follow up for the Short materials req for projects.
** Coordinate with stores for GRN Processing, QC for releasing same & inform to F&D, Manufacturing team regarding the recpt & release status of material for further planning.
** Inter departmental coordination.
** Supply Chain & Inventory management..
** Dispatch & Transportation operations.
** Purchase Activities- New Vendor Development, RM PM Purchasing, and Follow-up for the same.
** Coordinate for new product developments & R&D trials at manufacturing location.
** Worked on Quantum System.

Key Responsibilities :At Past Association.
** Handling PPIC Activities.
** Production Planning.
** Demand Planning.
** Coordination with Marketing.
** Coordination with Regulatory.
** Inventory management.
** Keeping the track on Re order level (ROL) & Re order Qty (ROQ)
** Track on slow moving and non moving materials.
** Inter departmental coordination.
** Stores activities.
** New Vendor Development.
** PM Purchase.
** Purchase Activities.
** Harmonization with LL parties.
** Co ordinations with cont. mfg. dept. & prod. Site.
** Production planning scheduling & implementation with location.
** Transportation operations.
** Dispatch Activities.

Key Responsibilities :At New Arts, Commerce & Science College.
Handling all types of official works.

Key Responsibilities :At Power Deal Energy (I) Pvt. Ltd.
** Keeping the records of Orders.
** Discussion with Senior regarding the Monthly prod. Plan.
** Monitor daily production plans Vs actual.
** Monitor materials availability in accordance with the production schedule.
** Highlight product priority to the manufacturing team.
** Ensure timely service of critical requirements.
** Coordinate with production supervisor for achieving the target of production.
** Keeping the track on daily production activity.
** Highlighting problem occurs during the production and discuss with senior.
** Prepare daily production report.
** Coordination with stores dept.
** Manpower handling.
** Planning the dispatch as per clients provisions.

Knowledge Domain :
** PPIC-Receiving the order from Marketing, Prepare the Monthly Production plan against orders in hand (As per marketing Priority) Production Planning, sending the RM & PM shortages to Supply Chain, Communicate with purchase dept. for timely supply of Raw & Packing Material, Worked in ERP system, monitoring on inventory, action on absolute inventory.
** Inventory management- complete inventory processes including Stock Replenishment, Inventory reporting, Demand Planning, Maintaining ABC analysis, keeping the track on rejected material and its replacement.
** Stores activity- Giving the confirmation regarding receiving the materials, giving materials release priority to QC for analysis, making the MIS, checking the stock, inwards, bincard as per recpt /isuue. Audit faced –Merck, Cipla, Ipca, &Uganda.
** PM Purchase -1 year experience in purchasing packing materials & Handling the same.
** Purchase Activity -New vendor development, sending the enquiry for quotation, quote finalization.
** LL party- Taking the plan from LL parties, working out the shortages of RM & PM and sending the same, follow up for RM & PM as per monthly plan, giving the dispatch schedule.
** Transportation operations- transportation planning to optimize shipments and transfer them to the ERP/SAP system for execution. Access relevant information in ERP/SAP system.
** Inter departmental coordination- With Stores, QC, QA, Marketing, logistics, R&D, purchase, and** ** ** ** ** production for smooth operation.
** Dispatch Activities-Planning the dispatch as per clients provisions.
Employment Profile :
Job Profile :
** Develop a schedule for the production process at the time, route, & the right qty so that goods can be delivered on time and in accordance with customer demand.
** Monitor daily production plans Vs actuals, Monitor RM availability in accordance with the production schedule; Monitor planned dispatches to actual weekly dispatches; Highlight product priority to the manufacturing team to ensure timely service of critical requirements.
** Coordinate with Material planning, Procurement, QC to ensure RM,PM supply are in line with manufacturing & packing plan.
** Monitors regularly that planned material availability meet prod.

requirements and takes appropriate action if not.
** Review Weekly and Monthly Plan vs. Actual
** Inform the Sales section if there is a problem in the production process that causes delay delivery.
** Find out the shortages against new orders received from the market & sending the same to Supply chain.
** Production Planning & Inventory Control for plant and follow up with other Loan License and third party.
** Prepare the Monthly Production plan against orders in hand (As per marketing Priority) and ensure production as per day wise production schedule.
** Revising the production plans as per change in the priorities and materials availability.
** Preparation of Materials requirement as per the monthly production plan.
** Communicate with purchase dept. for timely supply of Raw & packing Materials.
** Follow-up with Transporters as well as suppliers for timely delivery of materials.
** Maintain and control inventory at desired levels to ensure that there is no shortage of the input materials.
** Co-ordinate with store for confirmation of receipt and timely GRN processing.
** Give the raw materials release priority to QC department for running the weekly as well as monthly plan smoothly.
** Keeping the track on retesting materials & Regular follow up for non moving RM/PM.
** Follow up for replacement of material which is rejected & also keep the track on that.
** Stock Management and buffer creation for continuous production.
** Monitoring the materials inventories and Taking action on the obsolete inventories.
** Monthly stock reconciliation of RM & PM.
** Update the daily receipts of Raw, Packing & Miscellaneous Materials.
** update the record of Pending orders On day-to-day basis
** Communicate with Loan License & Third parties for RM / PM inventory, Production stages and dispatch schedule.
** Also find out the raw & packing materials shortages of LL party and follow up for the same.

Additional Responsibilities :
** Floating enquires and obtaining quotation from respective suppliers. Making a comparative analysis and short-listing suppliers in coordinate with the user department.
** Preparing purchase orders against shortages of Packing & Raw materials & follow up for the same.
** Releasing of PO. Follow up with the vender for timely supplies.
** Developing alternate source for the Material based on the requirements. Scouting for suppliers for new material.
** Vendor approval in co-ordination with QA.
** Worked on ERP System.
** Bill verification.
** Timely settlement of payments in co-ordination with accounts and the supplier and Co-ordinate with Account Department for release of advance payment and other outstanding.
** Stock cross checking of raw and packing materials which is recd from stores.
** Coordinate with QA department for BMR which is required for weekly production plan.
** Handled the RM, PM Recpt activity whenever necessary.
** Keeping the track on daily receipt of raw and packing materials and update accordingly.
** Cross Checking the inward register and bin cards as per daily recpt of RM & PM.
** Checking the bin card as per material issuing slip (as per BMR) which is issued to production.
** Coordinate with store dept for preparing the month wise stock statement.

Work Experience :
** Working as a officer in Supply Chain Management At Rubicon Research (MHRA Approved) (sept-12 to Present)
** Worked as a officer in Production Planning Inventory Control at Agio Pharma.(jan-2010 to sept-2012 )
** Worked as Administrative officer in New Arts commerce and Science College. (june-2008 to jan-2010)
** Worked as officer in Powerdeal energy system Ind. Pvt. Ltd. (Vilholi) Nasik. (june-2007 to May-2008)

Technical Skills :
** MS - CIT
** English 40 wpm.
** Marathi 30 wpm.
** Hindi 30 wpm.
** Certificate Course in Computer Hardware and Maintenance.

Personal Information :
** D. O. B:24th Sept. 1985
** Gender:Male
** Nationality:Indian
** Marital Status:Single
** Languages Known: English, Marathi and Hindi
Place :Pune
Date :


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