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Safety Supervisor Resume Sample, Experience : 8 years

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Name of the Candidate:[Private]
Name of the Post Applied:Safety Supervisor
Job related skills / software:Conducting safety programs its better the way to make employee as a positive mind on safety, Conducting fire protection training, Safety training to the employees, Accident investigation if any one happens, and makes TBT to the employees.
Category:Site / Construction
Sub Category:Safety Officer / HSE Engineer
Years of Experience:8 years
State:Andhra Pradesh
Salary Expected per Month(Rs):more than 1 lakh
Highest Qualification attained:Diploma
Major / Specialization:Fire Industrial & Safety
Email Id:[Private]
Are you looking for job now?:Yes
Can the recruiter contact you?:Yes
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Mobile Number +919959419134.
Residence. +9140-60507788.
Email Id. syedquadri139 AT yahoo.com | ksyedkhadri AT yahoo.in
Location Hyderabad Telangana 500082..

** Dedicated occupational Health & Safety HSSE professional 8.5 years of Oil and Gas Fertilizer Petrochemical Shut Down Experience.
** Having a good Experience from SABIC & SAUDI ARAMCO Company in Saudi Arabia Oil& Gas refinery& Petrochemicals. Fertilizer ltd as a safety officer &Safety Supervisor. Position in Saudi Arabia.
** Working knowledge in M.S Office like M.S Word, Excel, PowerPoint& Access.
** I am confidence of my ability to demonstrate the full value of my services to you just as soon as you give me a chance to do so.
** To contribute strong leadership and interpersonal skills, as we highly applicable experience to your organization in the field of HSSE and To Manage the activities of the safety function according to the international best practices and to implement prevention measures to minimize losses to the greatest extent possible increased standards to safety protection and awareness.

** Bachelor Science of Chemistry’s (Bsc) Education in Hyderabad.
** SSLC Completed Little Angles High School in Raichur Karnataka.
** Higher secondary College from Vidya Bhatia College, Hyderabad Andhra Pradesh.
** Diploma in Fire industrial & Safety Engineering (DIFE) (Govt; Attested) National Institute of Engineering, in Hyderabad.

** Diploma in Health, Safety & Environment Management (SHEM) in Hyderabad
** Diploma in Oil& Gas Refinery & Petrochemical Safety Course Complete in Hyderabad.
** NEBOSH IGC-123Technical Course Completed in Hyderabad
** IOSH. Safety HSSE Technical Course Complete in Hyderabad..
** (OSHA, 30Hrs.)General Safety Hazop and Precaution. Complete by in Saudi Arabia.
** SHEM Professional Technical course &Risk Assessment work shop by DuPont Safety.
** Plant Safety Auditing Technical Course Complete Provide by (Saudi Armco) Saudi Arabia KSA.
** Risk Assessment, Job Safety Analysis, Training, & Job Hazards Analysis Work Permit, Training Completed Provide by (SABIC) & ARAMCO) in Saudi Arabia,

** Certification Work Permit Fire Watch Stand by Man Training Provide by (SABIC) in Saudi Arabia.
** Certification Confined Space Entry, Fire Watch & Hole Watch. (CSE), Permit To Work (PTW), Job Safety Analysis (JSA), Job Hazardous Analysis. (JHA). Equipment Line Process Isolate Valve. Training Complete Provide By (Qatar Chemical Company. In Doha Qatar,)
** Certification H2s, NFPA NFSA. Training Completed Trained Provide by (QCHEM) in Qatar Doha.
** Certification Plant Shut down Activity Training Complete provide by (SABIC) Saudi Arabia
** Certification Fire Fighting, Fire Hydrant, Fire Extinguisher, Training Completed Provide by (QCHEM) in Doha Qatar.
** First Aid Training completed Provide by (Saudi Armco.) in Saudi Arabia KSA.

1) Worked as a Safety Supervisor with Qatar Petrochemical & Oil & Gas Line. Company. ( QCHEM) Turnaround 65 Days Shut Down Short Term Contract Base in Doha Qatar Ras laffan. Since December-2014 to March- 2015.
2) Worked As a Safety Supervisor with Al Zamil Industrial Service Project Clint. Saudi Aram co Refinery Petrochemical Construction Company in Saudi Arabia. KSA. Since- March-2012 to July-2014.
3) Worked As a Safety Representative FSR. With Al Suwaidi Industrial Service Project Clint, SadafSaudi Petrochemical & Oil & Gas Construction Company in Saudi Arabia.KSA.(Saudi Arabia Basic Industrial Corporation. SABIC Affiliate. Since July-2008 to October-2011.
4) Worked As a Safety Supervisor. With HBL Refinery Oil & Gas. Construction Company in Hyderabad India. Project Clint Dubai Emaar Project. Since-March-2005 to August-2007.

** Work Permit Issue a Valid. On Job site with Prepare JSA. Emergency Response Team.
** Q Chem Safety Orientation training to Turnaround Employee Before Enter Q CHEM Plant,
** Conduct safety inspections at site to ensure that safety procedures are implemented and observed to ensure a safe working environment is maintained
** Carry out risk analysis, hazard analysis etc when required before starting new work, or after changes in work environment as well as after reporting of an accident.
** Investigate and record all accidents, incidents and near misses, identify the direct and root causes and suggest corrective measures.
** Measuring performance standards of HSE Staff.
** Identifying the various HSE training needs for HSE Staff and other employees in the organization to implement solutions in co-ordination with the relevant department heads to bridge the skills gap based on the gap analysis conducted.
** Conduct safety orientations, trainings, workshops, meetings for various stakeholders (employees, clients, customers etc) according to their job activities to ensure that safety practices and procedures are known to all so that they can exercise “Safety First” rule.
** Spreading the Safety Culture and create Safety Awareness across the organization.
** Provide support to the management for all necessary information and action related to HSE that will impact the organization.
** Ensure the relevant documentation is maintained in accordance with OHSAS 18001 and ISO 14001 standard requirements.
** Provides direct supervision and lead a team to develop site HSE programs and strategies.
** Conducting Toolbox Meeting daily for 10-15 minutes and encourage employees involvement in all safety rules and regulations.
** Checking all right Personal Protective Equipment in particular job assignment in compliance with PTW Mentioned correct safety standards.
** Monitoring critical activities that requires permit to Work such as Confined space, Excavation, Hot Works and Working at height.
** Identifying all hazards and implement good housekeeping.
** Maintaining and continuously improve security to ensure the safety of the employee and company property.
** Conducting Accident Investigation and contribute to make corrective actions and mitigations.
** Turnaround Safety Meeting Critical Job of Agenda & Preparation Of JSA, PTW.FBI.CSE.

Hydrojeeting Safety Rule
** LOTO Lag Out & Tag Out Giving Training to the Employee. Crew.
** Conduct periodic safety evaluations and surveys of subordinate activities, safety programs and procedures to determine the level of compliance with safety regulations, directives, and instructions.
** Assist with the development and delivery of HSE Saudi Armco training packages.
** Plant Incident Investigation, prepared procedures. Saudi Armco, Sub Contractor Aram co Safety Orientation offshore & Onshore.
** Plant Saudi Aram co HSE Statics. Company. And KPI. Manpower calculate incident rate as per Company Procedures.
** To assist with providing the site wide Safety orientation and specific training to all employees. Armco Standard.
** To provide technical training to the level of competence the candidate possesses and competencies developed in the project.
** Saudi Armco Maintaining HSSEQ documentation. Record for audits reports.
** Saudi Armco Maintaining HSSEQ documentation. Record for audits reports.
** Prepare daily/weekly monthly reports for the HSE Management updates in the prescribed format & submit them to reporting officer.
** To plan, direct and supervise the day-to-day activities of Safety and Fire services for the assigned operations area
** To plan, direct and supervise the day-to-day activities of Safety and Fire services for the assigned operations area
** To plan, direct and supervise the day-to-day activities of Safety and Fire services for the assigned operations area
** Plan, schedule and provide work direction for safety compliance activities.
** Survey facilities and make recommendations for users concerning possible improvements.
** Coordinate findings with other staff groups, such as fire prevention deficiencies with the Engineering Department and unusual occupational health hazards with the Medical Department.
** Conducts visits to perform safety audits, enforce legal regulations, assist personnel to develop safety programs and instruct personnel on safety procedures.
** Make recommendations for a further study or to report changes.
** Develop loss control methods, procedures, programs and mechanisms to eliminate or reduce loss.
** Identify high-loss potentials, design control programs, communicate elements of the program to the users, and measure the effectiveness of control programs through statistical evaluation.
** Demonstrated knowledge of and ensured compliance with federal, state, and local health and safety standards and waste disposal regulations. Reduced.
** Creating and conducting Risk assessments, Auditing and monitoring.
** To provide assistance to the HSE Manager. &arrange time and attendance for subcontract trainers on technical training.
** Work Permit training hot work permit and Safe work permit. Receiver and accepter job responsibility. Before start job.
** To coordinate training activities under the supervision of the Training Coordinator
** Ensures that HSSE personnel and contractors adhere to the Corporation’s safety rules and regulations and safe work practices and that all safety and firefighting equipment is maintained and in good-working condition.
** Imparting training on HSE systems and procedures to the field team.
** Preparing and submitting Daily and Monthly reports to Management.
** Preparing and maintaining check list work permits, ISA/ Carryout JSA, HAZOP studies.
** New/critical tasks Facilitating studies by external consultants on Hazard analysis & Risk assessment, and Safety audits
** Preparation and updating of On-Site Emergency Plan (OSEP) for the unit and organizing mock drills for improving emergency preparedness.
** Incumbent would be responsible for safety of the entire plant. To control injuries in the plant. To facilitate the conduct risk assessment, HAZOP etc. To coordinate with Factory inspectors and safety committees.
** Plant HSE Focal Point for process units.Monitoring the established HSE management.

Following good safety culture  :
** Conducting safety programs its better the way to make employee as a positive mind on safety
** Conducting fire protection training, Safety training to the employees.
** Accident investigation if any one happens, and makes TBT to the employees.

Conduct seminar on health and safety and make the employees  :
** Attend the weekly Contractors’ Safety Meeting and monthly Operations & Maintenance meeting
** Participates in monthly joint Contractor HSE area audits& Client.
** Coordinates with respective departments and contractors of all HSE incidents and ensures appropriate investigation and follow-up.

Languages Speaking Reading Writing
A. English. Excellent Excellent Excellent.
B. Hindi. Excellent Excellent Excellent.
C. Arabic. Excellent Excellent Average
D. Urdu. Excellent Excellent Excellent

A. Programming Languages
B. Sap.
C. Operating Systems
D. Windows XP/Vista/7
E. Software
F. AUTOCAD, MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint


Father Name  : Syed Abdul KhaderQuadri.
Mother Name  : Syeda Aziza Quadri
Nationality  : Indian
Religion  : Islam
Tel Number  :+919959419134 | +914060507788
Mobile Number  : +919949164557
Marital Status  : Married.
Date of Birth  : 20-08-1986
Email  : syedquadri139 AT yahoo.com | ksyedkhadri AT yahoo.in

A. Strong communicating, influencing and negotiating skills. - Skill within the HSE discipline - Contract management skills - Team player, energetic, highly motivated with ability to work independently - Leadership abilities and a "can do" attitude - Ability to operate in a diverse multi-cultural, multi-disciplinary environment...

Syed Mohiuddin Pasha Khadri,
2-3-754/1 Asoka Nagar.Golnaka.
Amber pet.Telangana
Hyderabad 5000016.




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