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Mechanical Maintenance Engineer Resume Sample, Experience : 16 years

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Name of the Candidate:[Private]
Name of the Post Applied:Mechanical Maintenance Engineer
Job related skills / software:Generator Maintenance
Category:Site / Construction
Sub Category:Maintenance Engineer / Manager
Years of Experience:16 years
State:Andhra Pradesh
Salary Expected per Month(Rs):Negotiable
Highest Qualification attained:Diploma
Major / Specialization:Mechanical
Email Id:[Private]
Are you looking for job now?:No
Can the recruiter contact you?:No
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Resume Format / CV Sample Template / Example / Model :


To develop myself in the field of Engineering and benefit the company I work for.

A Dynamic team player, performance oriented, quick learner and a strong will to learn, with my qualities, zest for perfection and commitment, my performance while discharging my duties have always been high. I am a self-motivated person with strong analytical, interpersonal & communication skills as well as the zeal to learn new technologies.

ES-KO International Ration Supply Contract for United Nation Mission in Sudan)
Position : Technician & Generator Maintenance
Tenure : 1st January 2007 up to PRESENT
Responsibilities :
- Proper maintenance of WH Equipment, Generators, Reefers, Cold room, thermo king Clip on and forklifts and electro mechanical equipments.
- All Reefers/Cold rooms to be service and maintain properly and maintenance schedules to be done and keep records all the maintenance and service works including diesel consumption log and plant cards.
- Anticipating spare parts requirement for installation including mechanical and electrical equipments commonly used in warehouse.
- Reefer temperature control equipments calibration, gas refilling, compressor replacement, control board, filter drier and vacuum pump.
- Install and maintain electrical networks and systems in warehouse premises and meet safety standards with preventive maintenance.
- Diagnose problems and provide solutions when electrical installations and electrical portions of power supply system’s shows signs of defects or malfunctions, emergency repairs, overhauls for static and mobile.
- Analyze and rectify load distribution, calculate electrical loads circuit breaker installations reading wirings diagrams and drawings.
- Prepare specifications for electrical equipment, fittings, fixtures, cables, switch gear, panels and change over switch
- Generator maintenance for change oil, fuel filter, oil filter, radiator, air filter and diagnose electrical malfunctions
- Generator basic troubleshooting, power supply malfunction, emergency repairs, electrical loads balancing on all three phases gensets.
- Assist in operations for client relations, quotations, and negotiations, local authorities consist of labor court, improvement proposals, airport authorities and local contractors.
- Assist in warehouse operations delivery, reefers check up, forklift driving, 6 wheel truck driving for delivery.
- Maintaining of Fuel stock records, invoice, and stock levels and purchasing.
- Maintaining client relationships for United Nations Troops, International Staffs & Airport Authorities.

Royal Court  : Bahrain Royal Residence King of Bahrain
Position : Shift Engineer - Maintenance
Tenure : 15th February 1996 to 20th July 2003
Responsibilities :
- Independently handling Maintenance of A/C Plant - (Trane U.S.A.)
- Maintenance of Air Handling Unit (A.H.U) with Duct Heaters.
- Servicing & Maintenance of ionic plant (Sweet Drinking Water Plant).
- Maintenance of Emergency Diesel Generator.
- Maintenance of Low Voltage Panel Board.
- Servicing of Several of Pumps Including High Pressure Fire Hydrant Pumps.
- Maintenance of different Pipe Line System.
- Carrying out Routine Inspection & Maintenance of Automatic Fire Alarm System Cerberus Ltd., Swiss.

Including Fire Extinguishers.
- Maintenance of Water Heating Plant. - Make - H.D. Howden Ltd., UK
- Maintenance of Kitchen & Laundry Equipments Like Washing Machine, Dryers, Universal Steam Press, Cooking Ranges, Electric Ovens etc.,
- Storeroom, Spare and inventory management.
- Negotiating and purchase of Spares.

Hindustan Fabricators Bombay : India
Position : Supervisor - Engineer
Tenure : 1st July 1992 to 25th August 1995
Responsibilities :
- Supervising & assisting in manufacturing of Pharmaceutical Industrial Equipment like Tablet coating machines, bottle washing machines and Heavy Duty mixers.
- Purchase of Machinery Material
- Carrying out Test & Trials of Machinery
- Assisting in Machine Design & Development

- Diploma in Mechanical Engineering from Gomatesh Polytechnic, Belgaum (Board of Technical Examination - Bangalore) in the year 1991.
- S.S.C From Holy Family High School - Andheri ( Maharashtra Board) in the year 1988.

Date of Birth  : 19th September 1971
Nationality  : Indian
Languages Known  : English, Hindi, and Arabic


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