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Electrical Design Engineer Resume Sample, Experience : 1 years

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Name of the Candidate:[Private]
Name of the Post Applied:Electrical Design Engineer
Job related skills / software:Panel Design, Wiring drawing, Testing & Commissioning
Category:Design Engineering
Sub Category:Electrical Design Engineer/ Draftsman
Years of Experience:1 years
Salary Expected per Month(Rs):Negotiable
Highest Qualification attained:B.E. / BE : Bachelor of Engineering
Major / Specialization:Electrical
Email Id:[Private]
Are you looking for job now?:No
Can the recruiter contact you?:No
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Resume Format / CV Sample Template / Example / Model :


Curriculum Vitae :

Job Title :Electrical Design Engineering
Degree :Bachelor of Engineering
Nationality  :Indian
Date of Birth  :05/08/1990
Gender  :Male

My Skills Summary :
** Development of Single line diagram (SLD) in AutoCAD 2012 & EPLAN 2.1.0 And considering developing and implementing all the type of protection systems and schemes. And as per equipment size and type selected as per and hazardous area classification.
** Equipment sizing/ Calculation/Selection (Like-Transformer, Motor, DG set, Capacitor Bank (Power factor correction unit), Cable , Battery and Battery Charger , HT & LT Switchboard ( Including all type of protection , etc..)
** Cable rack/trench layout(Cable routing), Substation equipment layout, Lighting and earthing layout,(Earthing Power, Control logics and schematic diagrams- interconnection diagram of Motor, transformer, incomer & outgoing feeders.)
** Protective Scheme of Transformer, Generator, Incomer, Buscoupler etc. & Relay Co-ordination, voltage drop calculation, fault level analysis by ETAP 7.5.0.
** Preparation of Technical specification and procurement activities for electrical items like(Motor,
Transformer, UPS, Battery charger, PMCC(LV BOARD), HT BOARD (Protection relays and scheme),NER, DG SET, Capacitor -bank.).
** Preparation of tender documents (SOR/BOQ) for site erection/activities.
** Cable sizing, Earthing sizing and lighting calculation.

Work Experience :
2011 Nov - present
ASTEK ELECTRICALS ( Engineers & Consultants )
CPRO Approved Panel Builder & Govt. Approved Electrical Contractor Equipment Sizing (Like Transformer, Cable, Earthing etc…)
Switch gear Selection, All kind of LT Panel Designing in AutoCAD,Wiring Drawing of panel and Relay Control Logic for Panels Automation Logic Building & wiring diagram in Micro win for small PLCs like Step 7-200.
Electro-magnetic type Power System Protection Relays Selection Protective Schemes of two Incomer and One Bus coupler Type System development.
Testing & Commissioning of PCC, MCC, PMCC, APFC, INSTRUMENTATION Panels.

Project Handled :
Company  :Kribhco Infrastructure ltdMarch-2012 (Rewari, Haryana)
Panel Design, Wiring drawing, Testing & Commissioning at Haryana site.
Switch gear selection, panel design & complete wiring drawing.
Electro-magnetic type power system protection relays selection and installation for two
Incomer and one bus coupler type system at 0.415kv supply voltage.
The change over scheme made Auto (using PLC) and Manual (using 110VDC relay).

Company  :Surat Municipal Corporation May-2012 (Aquarium)
Panel Design, Wiring drawing, Testing & Commissioning at Haryana site.
Switch gear selection, panel design & complete wiring drawing.
The change over scheme made Auto (using PLC) and Manual (using 110VDC relay) for two incomer and one bus coupler type system at 0.415kv supply voltage.

Education :
2005 M.M.P.

High School, Rander. S.S.C. (10th Std.) Gujarat Secondary Education Board Score  : 66.00%
2007 M.M.P. High School, Rander. H.S.C. (12th Std.) Gujarat Higher Secondary Education Board Score  : 62.00%
2011 Govt. Engineering Collage, Majuragate, Surat. B.E. (Bachelor of Engineering) Veer Narmad South Gujarat University Score  : 61.50%
2011 National Info-tech Pvt. Ltd., Surat. ADIA (Advanced Diploma in Industrial Automation)
2012 Smart Brain Engineers & Technologies Pvt. Ltd. PDE (Plant Design Engineering)

Collage Activities :
2011 Jan Final Year Project :
Vertical Axis Windmill with SPWM Inverter Vertical axis windmills have a feature that is particularly attractive they accept wind from any horizontal direction and do not need the complicated head mechanisms of conventional horizontal axis windmills.
In this project we made Neo-Aero type blades that convert the wind energy into mechanical energy and then we made a PMDC Generator for getting a DC output current.
Also we made an inverter of purely sine wave that converts the DC Power into AC Power.

Training Performed :
June-July 2010 Gujarat State Electricity Corporation Ltd. (Utran Gas Based Power Plant, Surat)
It is a Gas Based Power Station. There are two Projects CCPP 1 & CCPP 2. In CCPP 1 there are three gas turbine units of 30 MW each and one unit of 45 MW STG with a total installed capacity of 135 MW.
There we have learn about Switch yard equipments and operation of them, Battery Room,
Gas turbine, steam turbine and a Generator of 11 KV.

Industrial Visits :
Gujarat State Electricity Corporation Ltd. (Ukai Hydro & Thermal Power Plant, Surat)
Torrent Power (Substation of 220/66 KV Substation)
State Load Dispach Center (Load dispatch center in Jambuva near Baroda)


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