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Autocad Design Engineer Resume Sample, Experience : 2 years

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Name of the Candidate:Sanjay Kiwade
Name of the Post Applied:Autocad Design Engineer
Job related skills / software:Preparation of fabrication drawings for locator, mandrill, fixture and manufacturing tools using AutoCAD software, Implementing and Developing the New Projects of Safety, Quality, Delivery, Efficiency, Waste Elimination, Cost Reduction, Ergonomics, 5 S Etc.
Category:Design Engineering
Sub Category:AutoCAD Design Engineer / Draftsman
Years of Experience:2 years
Salary Expected per Month(Rs):15,000 to 20,000
Highest Qualification attained:Diploma
Major / Specialization:Mechanical
Email Id:kiwadesanjay AT gmail.com
Are you looking for job now?:Yes
Can the recruiter contact you?:Yes
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Curriculum vitae:
Sanjay M. Kiwade
A/P – Gholasgaon
Tal – Akkalkot,Dist. – Solapur, State – Maharashtra.
PIN code – 413218.

E-mail : kiwadesanjay AT gmail.com
Mob : +919595761920

“To work in system oriented and result oriented environment where I can utilize my capabilities skills and knowledge for the development of organization and myself, as well as achieving goal of organization.”

** Company Name  : John Deere India Pvt. Ltd.
** Designation  : Manufacturing Engineer
** Duration  : From 21 August 2013 to 20 August 2015.
** Current CTC  : 1.6 lacks PA.
** Expected CTC  : 2.5 lacks PA.
** Notice Period  : 1 month.
** Total Experience  : 2 year

** Working as Manufacturing engineer (Industrial Engineer) in John Deere India Pvt Ltd Pune.

** Having 2 year experience in following position :
1. Auto-Cad Design Engineer (2D & 3D).
2. Industrial Engineer.
3. Fabrication Engineer.
4. Process Engineer.

JOB PROFILE : Manufacturing Engineering
 Identifying and closing the“Continuous improvement” (C.I.) projects tags.

 Creating process documentation of assembly work like as:
1. Sequence Of Event or operation (SOE or SOP).
2. Operator Method Sheet (OMS).
3. Control Plan.

Installation and trial of:
1. New machines.
2. Tools.
3. Fixtures
4. Poka-Yoke.

** Communication with supplier for tools, fixture and mistake proofing related issues and close it.

** Training to operator related to new part launching in transmission models.

** Preparation of fabrication drawings for locator, mandrill, fixture and manufacturing tools using AutoCAD software.
** Implementing and Developing the New Projects of Safety, Quality, Delivery, Efficiency, Waste Elimination, Cost Reduction, Ergonomics, 5 S Etc.
** Driving and Identification of ‘Continuous Improvement’ (C.I.) projects and supporting to close unsafe Condition at assembly area by coordinating with the concerned department.
** Installation and trial of new machines, tools, fixtures and poka-yoke etc.
** Modification and developing of tool, fixture, washing tray, tackle, trolley, skids and pallets etc.
** Developing cost saving projects through scrap material.
** Support to modification of new production part.
** Prepare “HIRA” for installation, commissioning, or maintenance work.
** Basic knowledge of the line balancing and lean manufacturing.
** Experience of process documentation or work measuring technique likes Operator Method Sheet (OMS), Sequence of Event (SOE), and Control Plan.
** Knowledge of Sub-assembly of transmission and its rework.
** Direct (Hands on) working / Supervision of all static & rotary equipment commissioning activities in the plant.
** To ensure safety of equipment and personnel by strict adherence to implementation of safety  procedures.
** To accept the work permit for all mechanical commissioning jobs.
** Hands on working / supervise and coordinate contractor's job in his area.
** To follow the set procedure for maintenance of various services and systems.
** To carryout necessary modifications required for commissioning & maintenance of plant.
** To ensure all equipment in his area have proper records and test certificates/reports required as per factory statutes.
** To report all the accidents.
** Supervise allproduct installations and the related repair and maintenance activities when required.
** Use of safety and firefighting equipment's their installation location and maintenance  requirements.
** Safety requirement for static / rotary equipment's, tools and tackles / lifting equipment's  and cranes.
** Work permit procedure.

New transmission launching -‘AA’, ‘S’, and ‘PR’ models :
** To launch new ‘AA’ reverse PTO (Power take off) transmission models.
** To launch new ‘S’ hand brake transmission models.
** To launch new ‘PR’ (Power Reversal) hand brake with park pawl transmission models.

** Skills used in this projects :

Preparing Operator method sheet.
2. Preparing Control plan.
3. Tooling.
4. Trialing.
5. Operator training.

Mistake Proofing :
** To eliminate the missing of coupling assembled in transmission.
** To provided new trolley for identifying High speed, regular and local pinion by its dimension with separate location.
** To installed new Poka-yoke for identifying different types of case front (c.f) housing.
** To eliminate the missing of lock plate assembled in rear axle.
** To eliminate the missing of oil seal assembled in clutch housing.

** Great job awarded for closing “Continuous Improvement” tags of X-40 assembly line.

** Control plan
** Operator method sheet(OMS)
** NFFP(No fault forward policy)
** IPK(In process Kanban)
** Continuous Improvement (C.I.)
** Ergonomics
** 5’s Kaizen Activities
** Safety
** PPE
** 7QC tool
** Sequence of event (SOE)
** Mistake Proofing
** 16 losses

** Completed diploma in Mechanical Engineering with First class distinction passed in year of 2013.
** Completed S.S.C. from Pune Board of secondary education with First class passed in the Year of 2010.

** World’s largest forestry and agriculture equipment’s manufacturing company.
** Also leading in construction equipment’s manufacturer.
** Today Company is known as a Largest Tractor Company in India.
** In all tractor companies compared 75% export to be done.
** Current Business is started in 165 countries in the world.

** Auto CAD(2D & 3D)

** Work as team leader, Handle the junior team.
** Monitoring and sustaining the system.
** Implementing and developing the new project works.
** Learning new skills, upgrading & apply them on job.

Attributes :
** Integrity.
** Self-discipline.
** Initiative / drive
** Punctuality / Regularity.
** Understanding / Grasping.

Date of Birth  :26 Jan 1995
Marital status  :Single
Gender  : Male
Age  :19
Language known  : English, Marathi, Hindi & Kannada.
Nationality  :Indian

I hereby declare that the information furnished above is true to the best of my knowledge.

Date  :
Place  :

Sanjay Kiwade.



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