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Process Commissioning Engineer Resume Sample, Experience : 5 years

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Name of the Candidate:[Private]
Name of the Post Applied:Process Commissioning Engineer
Job related skills / software:Amine loss prevention, Firewater system
Category:Site / Construction
Sub Category:Process Engineer
Years of Experience:5 years
State:Tamil Nadu
Salary Expected per Month(Rs):Negotiable
Highest Qualification attained: B.Tech
Major / Specialization:Electrical and Electronics engineering
Email Id:[Private]
Are you looking for job now?:No
Can the recruiter contact you?:No
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Resume Format / CV Sample Template / Example / Model :


Objective :
To get a challenge position in the field of Oil and Gas utilities, power plant commissioning, pre commissioning, Start up and Shutdown Engineer.

Job Profile :
LNG Plant Utilities Commissioning and operation supervisor  :
Presently working with CHIYODA TECHNIP RGX project.
RAS gas Expansion RGX/AKG-2 On shore – Qatar.
From Feb 2009-Till date
In the contract with TECHNIP.

Nature of Work :
**Ensure process facilities and utilities onshore oil & gas process plants from construction team and completion of flushing,
DCS Operation : Yokogawa Centum CS
**Reviewing the ITRs **inspection, tests and records, OTPs – operating test procedures and interface with the mechanical commissioning checklists.
**Preparing proposals for modifications of facilities, control & safety schemes and process operating parameters to enhance safety, reliability and process performance.
**Air blowing and reinstatement fully in compliance with specifications, tightness testing, start-up of process equipments, hydrocarbon separation and fractionation including steam and gas turbine drivers, turbo-expanders, refrigeration compressors,
**carry out detailed plant checkout against engineering PLC, PFD, P&ID, rotating equipment installation and maintenance, ensure equipment preservation procedures, preparing equipment list, lube oil schedule, preparation of marked up system scope P&IDs, preparation of equipment lists, line diagrams, data sheets, utilities summaries, metallurgy diagrams,
**Operations readiness and assurance issues between operations personnel and construction personnel, Interface and provide clarification and guidance and technical support to construction sites and commissioning engineers provide startup assistance.
**conduct un official joint disciplines walk downs of systems prior to official walk down, ensure equipment calibration and certification, cathodic protection, participate in risk assessment, review operations manual and write-up, standard operating procedures and on time project completion.
**utility consumption and amine loss prevention, firewater system, water treatment plant, nitrogen generation and utilities,
**prepare equipment list, lube oil schedule, precommissioning and commissioning check sheets,
**review vendor documents, materials of construction, coatings, linings, CP, internal & external monitoring, chemical treatment associated with oil & gas facilities, punch list generation and clearing, log minor discrepancies in punch list for future reference, interface and regularly meet with client and vendor representatives,
**Rotating equipment installation and maintenance ensure equipment is being preserved as per the preservation procedure, mobilization of men and equipment, site organization, functional testing, reliability & performance test run, successful on-time project completion.

Compilation of information and writing of :
** Operator training manuals.
 ** Operating procedures.
 ** Pre-commissioning check sheets.
** Pre-commissioning manuals.
** Commissioning check sheets.
** Commissioning manuals.
** Isolation and lock-out procedures.

 Gas Plant Utilities commissioning, pre commissioning DCS operation Lead Supervisor :
South Pars Gas Company, IRAN.
From Aug 2006**Nov 2008
In the contract with Japan gas corporation (JGC).
Plant 3900 MMSCfd Gas Plant.

Nature of Work :
**Commissioning and Operation of Boiler , Desalination , DM plant , de-oiling plant, Nitrogen plant ,Air compressor, Fire water system .EDG system.
**Performance test run (PTR), ensure acceptable formal plant asset handovers to the client and successful on time project completion.
**Monitoring process unit operations & trouble shooting with a focus on safety, environment and profitability.
**Daily meeting for commissioning and operation activities development.
**Marked up P&ID preparation for commissioning and pre commissioning activities.
**Assisted as a DCS panel operation during loop checking & controllers tuning. Act as an Area Authority and validated for Permit to work activities .Responsible for operations of gas plant during performance test period.
**Function test and Performance Test of Boiler, Desalination, De-Mineralized Water system, EDG, Fire Water system, De**Oiling, Air compressors, Nitrogen plant. Incinerator, BOG compressor, propane compressors.
**Line checks, Punch listing. Cleaning & water flushing of pipelines.
**Air Blowing, Rupturing, Reinstatement, Inerting, System leak test. Equipment Mechanical Test runs, water runs, wet function tests .Internal function test & Final walk through with client.
**Pre-commissioning and commissioning activity of utilities.
**Operation of YOKOGAWA Centum CS 3000 R3 Control Panel and also involving in making Control Group and Trend Group for process.
**Commissioning of Molecular sieve Dryer and Regeneration of Dryers automatic sequence on DCS panel.
**Undergone PTW, HSE and H2S Training.
**Preparations for the utilities Commissioning and pre commissioning procedures and operation manual
**Preparation for punch list.

 Commissioning Engineer (DCS OPERATION) :
2*125 MW power plant (CFBC Boiler), Gujarat Minerals Development Corporation
From Aug 2005 to Jul 2006.
Contract with Alstom power Boilers Ltd – INDIA

Nature of Work :
**Commissioning and operation activities of 405 tons, 538 deg C and 2*125 MW CFBC Boiler and auxiliaries
**General Start up and Shutdown.
**Sequence Checking and Implementation for boiler equipments
**BMS Logic Function Check
**Coordination With DCS Engineer For implementing closed loops
**Tuning of Auto loops
**General Start up And Shutdown
**Familiar with ABB Symphony Harmony and ABB Symphony melody DCS System
**Preparations for operation manual
**Worked as shift **in-charge, job includes operational functions, Safety Systems, Production planning, Process monitoring and optimization, improvements, cost reduction activities, Reports, Training, material co-ordinations.
**Involved in commissioning and Operation of AFBC Boiler, Turbine, Generator and Other Electrical systems.

Including the unit cold start up, Synchronization and full load operation both in desk and local.
**Preparations & handing over of equipments for maintenance.
**Preparation and signing authority for Safety permits like hot work, cold work and Vessel entry remits.
**Commissioning DCS readiness in conjunction with DCS installation / start-up experts, followed control/instrumentation loops with databases concept
**Training operators regarding Safety, Safe operations and Safety Procedures

 Shift in charge [OPERATIONS] :
12.5 MW Power plant (AFBC Boiler), Grasim Cement Industries. India
From May 2005 to Jul 2005
Contract with Tyco hoffincons Industrial and InfoTech Service ltd.

Nature of Work :
**Worked as shift **in-charge, job includes operational functions, Safety Systems, Production planning, Process monitoring and optimization, improvements, cost reduction activities, Reports, Training, material co-ordinations.
**Involved in commissioning and Operation of AFBC Boiler, Turbine, Generator and Other Electrical systems. Including the unit cold start up, Synchronization and full load operation both in desk and local. Preparations & handing over of equipments for maintenance.
**Preparation and signing authority for Safety permits like hot work, cold work and Vessel entry remits.
**Training operators regarding Safety, Safe operations and Safety Procedures
**Involving the maintenance of boiler and turbine auxiliaries.
**Synchronizing with 3*6 MW DG sets
**To identify problems, making, reports stating problems, Solutions of problems and suggestion to eliminate operational troubles.
**Making Normal Start up, Normal shutdown, emergency shutdown procedures Daily reports.

Operation DCS and Field (Jr. ENGINEER) :
16.2 MW CO**Generation Power plant
Auro Energy ltd, (Group of Arooran sugars)
From April 2002 to April 2005.

Nature of Work :
**Working as a Jr.Engg DCS Operation & Maintenance Cogeneration power plant having 1 no “IJT” Boiler of 70TPH at 42 Kg/Sq.
**“SHIN NIPPON” Turbo Generator of 16.2 MW and its auxiliaries with DCS (Freelance 2000).
**Steam given to sugar plant for sugar process and stem condensate using again boiler.
**Maintenance of pumps, compressors, material handling equipments like belt conveyors, basket Elevators, hydraulic and pneumatic systems.
**Involving boiler maintenance and auxiliaries like coal feeder, coal belt conveyor, Baggase feeder and bet conveyor, Lube oil flushing for turbine lube oil system, condenser cleaning.
**Co-ordination with Tamilnadu electrical Board and Power plant synchronize with grid.
**Active member of Safety Committee.

 Operation Jr. Engineer :
Ambika sugars Ltd
From May 1999 to Mar 2002

Nature of Work :
**Operation and Maintenance of Baggase fired boiler ,
**3*3 Mw Turbine operation and maintenance.
**Making the shift reports.

Technical Education :
1. Post Diploma in Thermal power plant engineering , Mar 2002 First Class. National power plant Training Institute (Govt of INDIA), Neyveli.
2. Diploma in Electrical and Electronics engineering, April 1999 First Class with honors.
3. B.Tech in Electrical and Electronics engineering– from March 2009

Institute profile :
National Power Training Institute (NPTI) was setup by the Government of India to function as the National Apex body for Human Resources Development of Indian Power Sector since 1965. Besides its headquarters located at NPTI complex, Sector 33, Faridabad-121003 HARYANA.

Course profile :
The Post Diploma Course in Thermal Power Plant Engineering is a one-year training programmed for Diploma Engineers; the entire program is divided into 2 semesters, each focusing on the important aspects of power plant.

**General Introduction
**Industrial safety
**Power plant description
**Scheme Briefing and Tracing
**Power plant operation
**Rotational on job training (operation maintenance & commissioning)
**Power plant performance & efficiency control.
**Environmental management
**Power plant protection
**Control & Instrumentation
**Computer appreciation (DCS)
**Maintenance planning and cost control
**Maintenance practice & inspection
**Simulator training
**Gas turbine and combined cycle power plant

Plant visits for scheme tracing, on job training in operation and maintenance are arranged at Neyveli Lignite Corporation, Thermal station-II (BHEL, design) Asia’s largest Lignite fired power station. Also guest faculty from Neyveli Lignite Corporation Training Center is regularly invited for specific lectures in various modules, which gives valuable practical information regarding operation and maintenance of power plants.

The simulator training of two weeks gives the trainees hand on experiencing plant operation and emergencies in real life environment.

The Programmer profile for simulator is as follows :
**Cold start up to 100% load
**Partial load to full load and back to partial load maneuvering of different auxiliaries.
**Planned shutdown
**Over-rides and alarms during different exercises.
**Emergency operation with 150 malfunctions.

The simulator provides an unique opportunity for trainees to experience full range of operation and stress situation faced during the real operation. This is to give feeling that the operator is running a real power plant. This will improve the reflexes in any sort of emergency in the unit.

Computer skills :
Operating system  : windows 98/2000/Xp
Packages  : Ms Word, Ms Excel Ms Power point.


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