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QA/QC Engineer Resume Sample, Experience : 8 years



Name of the Candidate:[Private]
Name of the Post Applied:QA/QC Engineer
Job related skills / software:Making WPS and PQR, Reviewing of ITP,WPS,PQR, Raw material verification and inspection as per MTC’s,Qualifying welders as per the applicable Standards and WPS
Category:Site / Construction
Sub Category:QA QC Engineer / Executive / Manager
Years of Experience:8 years
State:Tamil Nadu
Salary Expected per Month(Rs):25,000 to 30000
Highest Qualification attained:B.E. / BE : Bachelor of Engineering
Major / Specialization:Mechanical
Email Id:[Private]
Are you looking for job now?:Yes
Can the recruiter contact you?:Yes
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(11/57)98, Harbour street,
Colachel, Kanyakumari dist,
Tamilnadu, India-629251

Mail  : dobhen AT gmail.com
Mobile  :+91 7845091113

Objective  :
I am looking for a QA/QC Engineer positions in Steel industry. Marine Offshore, fabrication of steel, Projects like Airports, Power plants, PEB, Oil & Gas Refinery Plant

Summary of Experience  :
** 8 years of experience in Mechanical engineering QA/QC Inspections.
** CSWIP 3.1 TWI Certified welding inspector.
** ISO 9001  :2008 lead auditor
** Preparing WPS and PQR.
** Making document ,Invoice, Report of Findings and Release Notes.
** Experience in fabrication of Ceiling Girder, Column, Beam, Ducts, Skid Assembly Boiler, piping, structural, and pressure vessel and tanks.
** Experience in fabrication of wagon.
** Familiar with ASME, AWS, ASTM, API, BS, IS and ISO standards.
** QA/QC inspector for structural work of subsea oil storage tank for Solan project
** QA/QC Engineer for structural work of Mumbai international airport project expansion.
** QA/QC Engineer for fabrication of Long Distance Conveyer for Alumina refinery project
** QA/QC Engineer for fabrication of Railway over bridge for MMRDA
** QA/QC Engineer for fabrication of PEB structures for Bridge stone India pvt ltd,Pune
** QA/QC Engineer for fabrication of wind mill tower for Enercon India ltd
** QA/QC Engineer for fabrication of Telecom tower for Tata Quippo project.
** QA/QC Engineer for fabrication of pipes for Kalwakurthy Lift Irrigation Projects.
** QA/QC Engineer for fabrication of Surface condenser for textiles industries.
** QA/QC Engineer for fabrication of Oil Tanks and structural canopy works forHPCL

Company  : RITES LTD Oct 2011 to Till date
Position  : Inspection Engineer

Project #1 : RITES Inspection at GOC of Wagon Production Shops
Client  : Indian Railways
Role : Inspection Engineer
Standards : RDSO, ISO, AWS D1.1/D1.1m :2008,ASME.
Description :Inspection activity is carried out for all the wagons from raw material stage to the final stage

Project #2 :Boiler
Client  :Bharat Heavy Electricals ltd
Role :Inspection Engineer
Standards :AWS D1.1/D1.1m :2008,ASME,BHEL QCP and SQP
Description :Third party Inspection of pressure parts, non pressure parts, fabrication of structural items and machining of valves components for Boilers.

Project #3 : Hot rolled steel products
Client :Steel Authority of India ltd
Role :Inspection Engineer
Standards :IS 2062,IS 1786
Description :Third party Inspection for hot rolling product of TMT bars, angles, channels, beams.

Company  : Geodesic Techniques Pvt Ltd January 2011 to October 2011
Position  : QA/ QC Engineer
Project #1 : Chatrapathi Shivaji international airport expansion & renovation project – Mumbai
Client  :GVK/Larson & Toubro ltd – ECC division
Role : QA/ QC Engineer
Standards :AWS D1.1/D1.1m :2008
Description : Fabrication & Erection of structural work for Mumbai international airport

Project # 2 : MMRDA Railway over bridge at Milan subway,Maharashtra
Client  : Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority
Role : QA/ QC Engineer
Standards :ASME, AWS D1.1, IS
Description : Fabrication & Erection of ROB girder structural work for Milan ROB

Project # 3 :PEB structures for Bridge stone India pvt ltd,Pune
Client  :Shimizu Corporation
Role :QA/ QC Engineer
Standards :ASME & IS Standards
Description :Fabrication & Erection of PEB structures for Bridge stone India pvt ltd

Company  : S.G.S. India Pvt Ltd, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh Jan 2009 – Jan-2011
Position  : QA/ QC Engineer

Project #1 :Windmill concrete tower (steel section) fabrication.
Client : Enercon india ltd
Supplier : Metalfab hitech pvt ltd, Nagpur
Role :QA/QC Engineer
Standards : ASME
Description :In process Inspection Of windmill towers at all process (steel section)

ct #2
:220 MW Barge Mounted Power Plant (Gas Power Plant Project Offshore) Kakinada, Andhra Pradesh, India
Client :GMR Energy Ltd
Contractor :Afcons Infrastructure Ltd
Role :QA/QC Engineer
Standards :EN &IS standards
Description :Welding Inspection Of Sheet Piles Gr S390 Gp for 220 MW Barge Mounted Power Plant (Gas Power Plant Project Offshore)

Project #3 :Telecom tower (Tubular tower & angular tower) for Tata Quippo project.
Client :Wireless tata tele service & Quippo
Supplier :Kadevi Engineering company
Role :QA/QC Engineer
Standards :IS standards and as per IMI drawings
Description :In process Inspection Of Telephone towers at all process

Project #4 :Surface condenser for textiles industries
Client :Triveni engineering and industries Ltd
Supplier :GE Godavari Engineering Ltd
Role :QA/QC Engineer
Standards :ASME
Description :In process Inspection for surface condenser manufacturing

Project #5 : Oil Tanks and canopy works for various service stations in AndhraPradesh
Client : HPCL
Supplier : NR Equipment
Role :QA/QC Engineer
Standards :IS standards
Description :In process Inspection for 9kl, 16kl, 22kl service station tanks and canopy structural work.

Company  : Nirmal Enterprises August 2007- Dec 2008
Position  : QA/QC Engineer
Project :Boiler
Client  :Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd
Role :QA/QC Engineer
Standards :AWS D1.1/D1.1m :2008,ASME,BHEL QCP and SQP
Description :In process Inspection of Fabrication of Non Pressure Parts, Hanger rod ,Tie rod

Roles and Responsibilities  :
** Making WPS and PQR
** Reviewing of ITP,WPS,PQR
** Raw material verification and inspection as per MTC’s.
** Qualifying welders as per the applicable Standards and WPS
** All individual part cutting plan inspection.
** Calibration of instruments/equipments to be checked at regular intervals
** During Fit up checking of Edge Preparation, Orientation check, Water level check, plumb check, straightness check, concentricity check, Flatness check.
** Verifying correctness of consumables and proper baking / storage.
** Ensure proper preheating and monitoring welding process and parameters during welding.
** Carryout visual inspection of root run, cap and ensure inter-pass Temperature as per WPS.
** Cir-seam and L-seam checking for welding of piping.
** Inspection of UT on welded location as per drawing and ITP
** R.T film interpretation for all T-joints welding in piping.
** Final dimension checking for finished products as per with BOM & Drawing.
** Hydro test witness as per ITP.
** Inspection of surface preparation after sand blasting as per applicable codes.
** Visual inspection for painting and DFT checking.
** Coordination with clients for final Inspection
** Getting clearance from client.

Education  :
** Bachelor of Engineering – Mechanical Engineering Completed in May 2007 with First Class having 68% as aggregate at St Xavier’s catholic college of engineering, Anna University, Chunkankadi, TamilNadu.
** Diploma in Mechanical Engineering Completed in April 2003 with 78 % as aggregate at Morning Star polytechnic, Kanaya kumari, TamilNadu.
** HSC Completed in April 2001 with 68% as aggregate at St Mary’s Higher Secondary School Kanaya kumari,TamilNadu.
** SSLC Completed in April 1999 with 68% as aggregate at, St Mary’s Higher Secondary School Kanayakumari,TamilNadu.

Certifications  :
** XP
** MS-WordCSWIP 3.1 Welding Inspector (Cert No 82127)
** ISO 9001-2008 Lead auditor
** WRI-Welding & Inspection
** Pro-E
** AutoCAD
** Geometrical Dimenions & Tolerance
** Windows- and Excel

Personal Information  :
Father’s Name  : Xavier
Mother’s Name  : Mary saroja
Date of Birth  : 03-04-1984
Sex  : Male
Marital Status  : Married
Nationality  : Indian
Passport No  : H7014071, Date of issue : 16/10/2009 Expire: 15/10/2019

I hereby declare that all the details furnished above are true up to the Best of my knowledge.

Yours sincerely,


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