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HSE Manager Resume Sample, Experience : 12 years

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Name of the Candidate:[Private]
Name of the Post Applied:HSE Manager
Job related skills / software:Critical path project management, strategic planning
Category:Site / Construction
Sub Category:Safety Officer / HSE Engineer
Years of Experience:12 years
State:West Bengal
Salary Expected per Month(Rs):Negotiable
Highest Qualification attained:P.G.D. / PGD : Post Graduate Diploma
Major / Specialization:Health Safety & Environment
Email Id:[Private]
Are you looking for job now?:No
Can the recruiter contact you?:No
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Resume Format / CV Sample Template / Example / Model :


** Examination Passed Name of the Board / Institute Year of Passing % of Marks Post graduate diploma in health safety & Environment Annamali university ,Tamilnadu Under the guidance of National Institute of Fire and Safety 2011 Awaiting for result within 3rd week of june 2011
** Diploma in business management Specialization in environmental management Indian School of business management &administration ISBM Indian society of technical education 2011 Awaiting for Result within 4th week july 2011
** Diploma in mechanical engineering Bombay technical board of education Government of Maharashtra 1998 57.08
** Diploma in safety management West Bengal board of technical education Will be completed December-2011 1st semester completed
** Higher Secondary std 12th West Bengal board of higher secondary education 1995 41%
** 10TH School final West Bengal board of secondary education 1993 54%
** Certification in air pollution & abatement Jadavpur university Kolkata 2010 Grade –A 80%- 100%
** Internal auditor in Integrated management system (IMS) ISO- 9001, EMS 14001, OSHAS 18001 DET NORSKE VERITAS AS DNV –KOLKATA CENTRE 2011 Certificate no- 1-764534934 Successfully completed
** Certification on safety health & environment at work place Regional lab our institute RLI KOLKATA 2011 Successfully completed
** Post graduate diploma in environmental law National law school of India university Bangalore 2012 APRIL pursuing SAP( PM) IBM SERVICE PROVIDER 2008 In house training RESPONSIBILITY PERFORMED ON PLANT MAINTENANCE THROUGH SAP

SAP Module  :
** Training Service provider give us a training on SAP PM
** Implementation Client side SAP implementation co-ordinate
** Domain experience Having 5 Years domain / Industrial experience in SAP PM module

** Equipment Notification creation Maintenance item, plan, task list .
** creation Damage analysis Service order
** Functional location Order creation Deadline monitoring Cost analysis Service entry
** Material creation Release of order Scheduling Breakdown analysis
** BOM Technically completion Confirmation, completion

Accomplished manager  :
With 12+ years of experience as HSE(health safety& environment) & mechanical maintenance specialist for industry leading organization. Maintain highest quality standards to avoid time & cost expenditures

Excellent relationship builder  :
With success in forming strong ,sustainable relationship & securing consensus among cross –functional team members for key initiatives .Effective communicator & leader .Working as a management representative for pollution & environmental problem along with liaising with government official of pollution control board , directorate general factory advice service &lab our institute and the factory manager of Durgapur & Kolkata Paribesh bhavan

** Consent to establish for the new furnace on 2009under the red category
** Consent to operate for the exiting furnace for the period from 2010-2012 under the Red category .
** Grant of authorization under the provisions of the hazardous waste management cell.
** Applied for Consent to Operate for discharge of effluent, under Section 25(2) and Section 26 of Water (Preventionand Control of Pollution) Act, 1974 as amended and emission/continuation of emission under Section 21(2) of the Air ie form L
** NOC Grant of Examination report for the machine ,cranes, ropes or lifting tackles
** Form for filling returns by the occupier or operator facility
** water cess updated as per the environmental protection act.
** HSE Policy implemented in the organization

01 Ensuring compliance with environmental legislation Driver
02 Coordinating the environmental engineer during the visit at plant for stack monitoring ,fugitive & ambient Thinker & driver
03 Identifying & resolving environmental problem & coordinating all aspects of pollution control, waste mgmt, recycling, environmental health Thinker Fascinator
04 Ensure compliances with safety (tools & tackles) equipment Driver
05 Filling of challan for depositing the fees & the process to execute any assignment Driver
06 Monitoring of dust hazard ,multi gases ,noise illumination & heat stress Driver
07 Ambient air & fugitive emission monitoring, testing & generate report Driver& Fascinator
08 Maintenance of air pollution system Driver
09 Determination the method for testing the ambient air ,organic matter & heavy metals(as per the notification 2009 of cpcb) Driver
10 Gap analysis determination for identify the environmental hazard Thinker& Implementer
11 Prepare MIS & budget report for EHS Driver

01 Well conversant with section 41 to 41 H as per the factory act 1948 Facilitator
01 Organizing and conducting training sessions on safety practice ,hygienic & environment Driver, integrator, Team player
02 Maintain all the compliance as per the factory act ,formation of safety committee, testing of lifting tools & tackles , dislodging, Approval for any project extension ,Annual& half yearly return to be submission i.e. form-2, preparing of onsite & off site emergency plan,
02 Maintaining records of clients/consultants safety complaints, comments, documents and solutions adopted Driver
03 Ensuring approval of valid work permit prior to any activities Driver & implementer
04 Ensuring safety audits are regularly conducted and implemented with recommendation for remedial measures Facilitator
05 Contribute to development of new techniques and standards Implementer
06 Investigate or arrange for all accidents and near-misses be investigated & prepare report . Driver
07 Maintain a register of First Aiders and ensure the adequate provision of first-aid and welfare facilities. Implementer
08 Monitoring on hazard substance to prevent accident. Implementer
09 Prepare monthly safety reports & informed to the management Driver
10 liaison between management and staff on all matters relating to health, safety and environment to ensure consistent application and understanding of policies and procedures Facilitator
11 Raising the purchase order for procuring the PPE Implementer
12 Conduct weekly safety tool box meeting with supervisor – Driver
13 Ensure proper use of PPE such as safety gloves, safety glasses, safety shoes, safety helmet, ear plugs etc Driver
14 Take care of work permit to ensure work is done safely and proper precautions Driver & implementer
15 Ensure that the safety and fire precautions are constantly enforced Driver
16 Prepare the daily activity report – safety induction report – safety toolbox meeting report and maintain records. Driver
17 Ensure that healthy work environment is maintained. implementer
18 Conduct daily work site inspections to identify and correct the existing hazards and unsafe conditions specifically work / Confined space /Elevation work//Crane maintenance and report to management.

19 Prepare a plant inspection program for the site lifting gear, portable tools, safety equipments, fire extinguishers etc. Driver
20 Make sure that the electrical lock out tag out system is being followed properly. Driver
21 Monitor all operations in a manner to avoid the risk of bodily harm to persons or risk or damage to any property. Driver
22 Enforcement of all applicable rules, regulations, laws and standards pertaining to safety. Driver
23 Inspect continuously all works, equipments, materials to discover and determine unsafe conditions and initiate on the spot corrective actions directly with workforce and supervisors /foremen. implementer
24 Strict control and supervision on work permit system to ensure that adequate, necessary precautions stipulated in the permits are observed prior to commencement of work. implementer
25 Strict supervision in housekeeping, waste disposal, and fire hazard inspection reports of all facilities. implementer
26 Provide pertinent safety related information and appropriate recommendations to the management. Driver
27 Responsible for helping al senior management personnel understand the importance of safety and the safety management programmed. facilator
28 Posting emergency procedures conspicuously throughout all facilities and stressing the importance of prompt and accurate emergency notifications. Driver

1 Concept of integration SHEQ (Safety Health Environment Quality) Risk management FACILATOR
2 Management reviews DRIVER
3 Education, training, skills and experience DRIVER
4 Evidence that the realization processes and resulting product fulfil requirements FACILATOR
5 Results of the review of requirements related to the product and actions arising from the review IMPLEMENTER
6 Results of the review of design and development changes and any necessary actions FACILATOR
7 As required by the organization to demonstrate the validation of processes where the resulting output cannot be verified by subsequent monitoring or measurement DRIVER
8 The unique identification of the product, where traceability is a requirement DRIVER
9 Basis used for calibration or verification of measuring equipment . DRIVER
10 Validity of the previous measuring results when the measuring equipment is found not to conform to requirements DRIVER
11 Results of calibration and verification of measuring equipment DRIVER
12 Internal audit results and follow-up actions FACILATOR
13 Nature of the product nonconformities and any subsequent actions taken, including concessions obtained DRIVER
14 Results of corrective action DRIVER
15 Results of preventive action DRIVER

1 Manpower Planning for smooth functioning DRIVER
2 Troubleshooting and breakdown maintenance DRIVER &FACILATOR
3 Breakdown analysis and Corrective and Preventive Action DRIVER
4 Spares Planning for day today working of the machine DRIVER
5 Planning and Co-ordination of Weekly Shutdown DRIVER
6 Co-ordination and job allocation to the executives DRIVER
7 Optimum utilization of allocated resources DRIVER
8 Controlling and monitoring of all maintenance costs related to mechanical systems & Project work activities. DRIVER
9 Maintenance of all records DRIVER

Nature of Experience  :
Submerged Arc Furnace consisting of three electrodes as electrical conductors with copper contact clamps and the clamps are surrounded by pressure rings and contact clamp hanger. The operation of the electrodes is performed through hydraulic power pack and the displacement of each electrode is 1000 mm max. and working pressure in between 80 to 120 kg/cm2.
- Water leakage restricted in cooling system of the furnace.
- Over hauling & replacement of spares of furnace e.g. Contact clamps/ Pressure ring/ Hood top/ Insulation checking.
- Over hauling of hydraulic power pack & solenoid valve checking.

Several type of conveyor system, weighing trolley, different type of hoist e.g. monorail hoist, lift hoist etc.
- Wire rope checking & replacement.
- Belt patching.
- Maintenance of gravity takes up unit.
- Gearbox maintenance.

- Furnace water feed pump.
- Cooling towers.
- Earth moving equipments.
- Air compressors.

Separate pollution system is attached with each and every furnace. The pollution system is designed with Bag-house, Gas-cooler, and ID fans.
- Bag replacement with cage.
- ID Fan replacement.
- Pneumatic maintenance.

Briquette M/C consists of two hydraulic press roller on which 12T / Hour capacity of briquettes produced.
- Dice replacement from segment and hydraulic press.
- Pressure adjusting.

- Preventive maintenance of each machine & overall check up and generate a report as per the ISO format.
- Annual maintenance / Man management etc.

(7) Maintenance in-charge for the new furnace from 01.07.09

(8) Execute the acting in charge role for the earth moving vehicles for smooth operation

Area of expertise lie in for both past & present employment in project fields  :
1)Team building and leadership
2) Planning & Scheduling
3) Critical path project management
4) Quality control management
5) Safety &compliance management
6) Organization &time management
7) Vendors & material management
8) material resource planning
9) documentation /record keeping
10) strategic planning

2) SKILL- Specialist in the field of industrial environmental management. Extensive experience in the provision of environmental management support Key competencies include EMS development, implementation to certification, and maintenance; and audits, and meeting the environmental management requirements of companies’ day-to-day activities. Extensive exposure to HSE and QA at the corporate, project and shop-floor levels.& Production related maintenance, raw material handling system and maintain the maintenance management system for tracking work order spare list for the plant equipment in computerized system through SAP ( PM)
5) NOTICE PERIOD- 03 Month

Present Employment  :
Designation  : Asst Manager (mechanical)
Name of the Organization  : M/s Abhijeet Group.
Name of the unit Corporate Ispat Alloys Limited, Durgapur (WB).
Period  : September 1999 to till continue.

Past Employment  :
Designation  : Site Engineer (mechanical)
Name of the Organization  : M/s llyods insulation India ltd Name of the project site – Haldia refinery
Field of interest  : My fields of interests are Steel and Ferro alloys Plants, fertilizers Oil & gas, Power Plants, Cement Plants, Earth Moving Equipment Mfg. & Maintenance Plant.


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