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Warehouse Executive Resume Sample, Experience : 7 years



Name of the Candidate:[Private]
Name of the Post Applied:Warehouse Executive
Job related skills / software:Order accepted by Concern department, Check the payment terms, delivery date, proper address with concern person name and contact number, billing type, etc. If any division is there, then inform to project team through commercial head for amended.
Category:Export Import
Sub Category:WareHouse Manager
Years of Experience:7 years
State:Uttar Pradesh
Salary Expected per Month(Rs):20,000 to 25,000
Highest Qualification attained:B.A. / BA : Bachelor of Arts
Major / Specialization:Arts
Email Id:[Private]
Are you looking for job now?:Yes
Can the recruiter contact you?:Yes
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Address : M-300A, Sanjay Nagar, Ghaziabad
Ph No : +918800507562, +918373914734
E-mail : jainendrchauhan AT gmail.com

Objective :
** Looking for a growth oriented position in a professionally managed and dynamic Organization, which provides opportunities for development and contribution towards organization.
** Having around 7 years of experience in Commercial, Store & Logistic field
** Presently working with KENT RO SYSTEMS LTD as a Warehouse Assistant from Dec-2010 to till date (KENT RO SYSTEMS LTD is working in Water Purifier & make to Mini Water Softener /RO/UF/UV etc.)

Anchor Qualification :
B.A. from Rohilkhand University Bareilly
AnchorInter Mediate from UP Board, Allahabad.
High School from UP Board, Allahabad.

Computer Literacy :
Advance Diploma in Computer Application from SSC (W B)
Proficiency in ERP System, Tally, MS Office.

Current Employee :
Kent RO Systems Ltd :
Address : A-2, Sector 59, Noida
Position Title : Asst. Commercial Manager
Industry : Water Purifier (RO)
Duration : Dec-2010 to Till Date

Present Job Profile :
** Order accepted by Concern department
** Check the payment terms, delivery date, proper address with concern person name and contact number, billing type, etc. If any division is there, then inform to project team through commercial head for amended.
** Prepare Order Processing Sheet in respective format and mail to AR department for payment process.
** Sent Information to AR department to prepare and sent the Performa Invoice and other pre required documents like Corporate Guarantee, Bank Guarantee etc as per PO.
** Send road permit or other documents request for dispatch the material to concern person from client if required.
** Send request for prepare the BOM, Cost Sheet, Schedule etc. to project department.
** Receive the approve BOM, Cost Sheet, Schedule etc from Project department.
** Get sign on approve BOM from commercial head.
** Check the advance payment status from AR team for Process the BOM for purchase.
** Process the approve BOM to purchase department on soft copy or hard copy.
** Generate the Sale Order as per PO in system.
** Punch Cost Centre heads in system as per instruction by commercial head.
** Fix Budget in system as per Cost sheet provided by project department.
** In case of extra material required by project department for any project then take a special approval form project HOD, containing the reason for extra requirement.
** Check the avaibility of extra material from store, if available then process it for dispatch, if not then send it to purchase department for procurement.
** Compare the BOQ with BOM , it any deviation between the then inform to line manager

Assisting  :
** Provide instruction to concern person to generate delivery Note (Sale/Optional/Demo/BP/Lease.) as per PO/Contract.
** Provide instruction to AR department for Invoice (Tax, Retail, RA, and Service Invoice) as per delivery note flow up with PO/ Contract.
** Provide instruction to concern person for consumption of stock item which was moved by DC (Optional/ Lease/Demo/BP)
** Provide instruction to concern person for purchase cost centre head hit against DC (Sale/ Optional) for project.

Transportation  :
** Arrange vehicle for pickup of purchase material as instruction by purchase department.
** Get approval from commercial head for transportation cost, loading or Unloading as per budget approve.
** Arrange vehicle or courier for dispatch. as per material size and approve budget.
** Flow up transportation up to site delivery.
** Responsible to collect bill of transportation ,loading unloading etc
** Get sing on bills through commercial head and handover to account department for payment process
** Responsible to provide payment of transporter through account department as per agreement.
** Handle company vehicle during dispatch.
** Arrange commercial vehicle as required by any department of company for office use.

Duties and Responsibility :
** Coordinate with Project team for any activity related to dispatch or issue.
** Coordinate with Purchas & Store department for availability of material as per schedule.
** Send advance dispatch information to store department.
** Check the material as per delivery note during dispatch.
** Prepare all required documents for transportation ( Like Road permit, GR ,Octroi etc)
** Coordinate with project team or client for unloading the material at site.
** Update the delivery confirmation to concern department or client.
** In case of product inform CRM team for installation after delivery.
** Responsible for taking receiving on delivery note from client.
** Inform all dispatch and balance material detail to project/ Product head.
** Prepare the master sheet for maintaining Pending project/ Product & Running project/Product.
The sheet contain all information like Payment information, BOM , Cost sheet, dispatch schedule , Pending material (Billable & Non billable separately) , Installation report, handover report , etc.
** Prepare and update the order booking sheet .The sheet contain month wise order with value. Its also contain variance amount against monthly target.
** Prepare year wise excel sheet for all detail of product (Sale/ Lease/ Demo/ BP)
** Prepare year wise excel sheet for all detail of receive product ( Lease/ Demo).
** As per request by client or contract, sent de installation request CRM for de installation.
** Coordinate with CRM team for de installation confirmation
** Coordinate with client and courier/transporter for pickup of machine
** Prepare the required documents for pickup and provide it to concern person.
** Handover the picked machine to store.
** Keep receiving for pickup machine by security guard & store department in hard copy as well as soft copy.
** Responsible for provide advance information to CRM team or concern person for expire the contract / ACM etc.

Document Control :
** Arrange to prepare the indivisible file for each project with proper format. File may contain documents like PO, Received DC, Received Invoice, BOM, Cost sheet, all other documents related to project.
** Arrange to Scan and save all projects/ Product documents, in a separate folder in commercial library year wise.
** Arrange to Scan and save all contract (AMC, CMC, O&M ,etc) , receive DC /Invoice etc in commercial library year wise in his particular folder.
** Arrange separate file for DC (Sale/Demo/ Lease/BP) Year wise.

Assisting Line Manager :
** Providing support to the respective line manager in all concerns and activities
** Organize data for internal & external customers /auditors or provide information as required.
** AnchorIdentifying and implementing strategies for building team effectiveness by promoting a spirit of cooperation between team personnel.
** Planning targets, monitoring them and ensuring achievement of overall targets on a daily, weekly & monthly basis
** MIS
** Monthly Order Booking List
** Pending order list
** Monthly Invoice done
** Monthly FOC material send to projects.

Software Knowledge  :
** ERP (Baan)
** SAP
** CRM

Experience :
Address : 370-371/2, Sahi Hospital Road, Jungpura, Bhogal, New Delhi-110014
Position Title : Warehouse Assistant
Industry : Construction & Contracts Division
Duration : Nov 2008 to Dec 2010

Job Profile :
Handling All activity related Commercial, Store & Logistic field & Construction Project on CPWD Minto Road.

MIS Reporting & Budgets Controls :-
Analysis report of variances in sales after closing of month Productivity report of sales division on monthly basis and find out contribution of each state of variance.

Personal Particulars :
Date of Birth : 02/02/1984
Nationality : Indian
Gender : Male..
Religion : Hindu
Language : English ( R/W/S ), Hindi ( R/W/S )
Married Status : Married

Date :
(Jainendra Chauhan)


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