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Instrumentation & Control Engineer Resume Sample, Experience : 4 years

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Name of the Candidate:[Private]
Name of the Post Applied:Instrumentation & Control Engineer
Job related skills / software:Instrument Loop/ Hookup Drawings
Category:Design Engineering
Sub Category:Instrumentation Design Engineer / Designer
Years of Experience:4 years
State:West Bengal
Salary Expected per Month(Rs):Negotiable
Highest Qualification attained:Diploma
Major / Specialization:Electronics & Instrumentation
Email Id:[Private]
Are you looking for job now?:No
Can the recruiter contact you?:No
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Resume Format / CV Sample Template / Example / Model :


Aspiring to build a career in Control & Instrumentation sector, so as to use my knowledge and skills to become a competent & quality Instrumentation engineer, with a willingness to relocate anywhere in the world.

Course  : Diploma in Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering in June 2009
Institution  : A.P.C.Roy Polytechnic, (AICTE approved) Jadavpur, kolkata
Percentage  : 80.90%.
Board  : West Bengal State Council of Technical Education..

Work Experience  :
Client  : Reliance Infrastructure. Ltd. (2X600 MW RGTPP).
Position  : Commissioning Engineer
Company  : ADS Corp. Inst. Pvt.Ltd. Duration: March-2010 to Till Today. Place: Hissar, Haryana. Job description: Working as a Commissioning engineer in Control & Instrumentation Dept.
Client  : Haldia Petrochemicals Limited.(Shut Down Project).
Position  : Instrumentation Engineer.
Company  : ADS Corp. Inst. Pvt.Ltd.
Duration  : December -2009 to March-2010 . Place: Haldia, West Bengal.
Client  : Usha Martine Limited (Steel &Alloy Division).
Position  : Instrumentation Engineer.
Company  : Automation & Control.
Duration  : July -2009 to December -2009. Place: Jamsedpur, Jharkhand.

** Adept at Project planning, monitoring, troubleshooting, testing and maintenance.
** Calibration and testing of field equipments, feeders, transmitters, actuators (pneumatic &motorized), switches, analyzers, & converters.
** Experience in Installation commissioning and Testing of new equipments and ensuring their operability at desired capacity.
** Calibration and maintenance of coal Feeder, Ball Mill and Drum Level Control system.

Skills  :
** Good understanding of instrumentation drawings like P & ID, Instrument Loop Drawings, Hookup Drawings, Cable & Conduit Schedule, Wiring Diagrams, Interconnection Drawings and Vendor Drawings Relay, logic drawings, electrical MCC drawings.
** Good knowledge and trouble shooting of Transmitters and other field devices like switches, actuators, valves, converters, DCS and Analyzers.
** Installation & commission of all types actuators, liked Pneumatic with digital Smart Positioner (ABB, SIMENS, and FISHER DVC**6000) and Motor operated Valve (Rotork, AUMA, AIMI etc.)
** Installation of Instruments like Vibration Sensor & Speed Sensor Transmitter
** Interlocks & Protections.
** Local Controls, Remote Manual Controls, Auto Controls.


Title  : Secondary air damper control (SADC) system for complete combustion in Boiler
Tools/Equipments  : I/P converter, Booster, regulator, pneumatic damper, piston, Connecting Hose
Synopsis  : Secondary air is used for proper combustion of fuel in boiler. This air is provided at each elevation through dampers. The secondary air is regulated as per the combustion requirement by regulating the damper and piston. The command from operator is converted into pressure at 0 to 1 ksc by I/P converter. This is supplied to 4 at each elevation. This pressure varies according to the demand.
Title  : O2 Analysis at flue gas inlet & outlet.
Tools  : O2 probe, ABB O2 analyzer(ZMT series), filter and regulator.
Synopsis  : Oxygen is measure at the flue gas outlet to determine the percentage of combustion of flue. For that the O2 probe is mounted on the flue gas path and continuous sample of gas is taken from probe. The gas is cooled and analyzed.
Title  : Failsafe I/P converter at Burner tilt.
Tools  : I/P converter.
Synopsis  : Burner tilt is a very important instrument in the boiler part. It helps in regulation of steam temperature by tilting the fire ball. It is the whole of the firing elevation. Its failure trip the boiler and cause explosion. The whole BT mechanism depends on current to pressure converter, positioner, positioner transmitter. Failure of any demand signal fail the BT. Fail safe I/P stops the demand drop and keep it in locked position the demand fail or the drop in demand, failsafe I/P prevent BT from failure

15th day’s Vocational training in Indian oil corporation ltd (Haldia Refinery).Haldia (West Bengal).

ACADEMIC PROJECT : 0-24Volt Voltage Regulator with Digital Display.

Microsoft Office, Internet, Operating system WindowXP/2000 and Office Tools.

Certified with a SCHOLARSHIP for Technical Study From Mennonite Center Committee on June 2007.

HOBBIES : Listening music, Internet Browsing, Collection of different international news.

PERSONALITY & TRAITS :**Flexibility to adapt to new technologies, Plan my work, Willingness to learn new technologies, Starve for excellence, Ability to work under stress, Organization oriented.


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