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T&G/Auxiliary Engineer Resume Sample, Experience : 4 years



Name of the Candidate:M.Satish Kumar
Name of the Post Applied:T&G/Auxiliary Engineer
Job related skills / software:Pedestal erections process and their centering and alignment, HP top/bottom and box up and thier centering, IP erection and centering, LP outer top/bottom, inner top/bottom and LP rotor erection; alignment and box up.
Category:Site / Construction
Sub Category:Construction Engineer
Years of Experience:4 years
State:Andhra Pradesh
Salary Expected per Month(Rs):25,000 to 30000
Highest Qualification attained:B.Tech. : Bachelor of Technology
Major / Specialization:Mechanical
Email Id:withsatishrocks AT gmail.com
Are you looking for job now?:Yes
Can the recruiter contact you?:Yes
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Career objective :
Utilizing every opportunity to strengthen the career with technical skills & Hardworking for the growth of Organization as well as the career

Languages known  : English, Hindi,Chhattisgarhi, and Telugu

Professional Qualification  :
1. Intermediate (76%) at Andhra Pradesh in 2011
2. B.Tech Graduation.
Total Experience  : 4.5Years

Personal Information :
Started working as a trainee in 2011 with the help of my dad cause he working as a contracter in thermal power plant. Then i started B.tech graduation and parallel to my training; in between i will go for over hauling or shutdown work.

About the Organization :
2 x 300 MW GMR power plant in Warora. But worked only one unit.
4 x 600 MW State Board power plant in Khanduwa. Here also one unit.
2 x 660 MW NTPC power plant in solapur. Till now.

Key Responsibilities :
For turbine and generater field.
** Pedestal erections process and their centering and alignment.
** HP top/bottom and box up and thier centering.
** IP erection and centering.
** LP outer top/bottom, inner top/bottom and LP rotor erection; alignment and box up.
** Generater erection and also generator rotor erection.
** Exciter process.

For auxiliary field :
** o MOT errection and oil filling, oil flushing etc.
** MDBFP errection and alignment.
** TDBFP errection and alignment.
** Vaccum Pump erecton and alignment.
** ACW and DMCW erection and alignment.
** Ball recirculation skid erection.
** GSC erection.
** CEP erection and alignment.
** Dript pump or Heater drain recovery pump erection alignment.
** DOT and COT tanks errection and cleaning.
** CPU tanks erection and alingnment.
** H2 sperater tank, ADVT tank etc..
** Above Furnished Details are Authentic to the Best of
** My knowledge and Having Satisfied Good Exposure in all The Above zones
** Mentioned. I Anticipate My Experience will be considered for your kind
** Perusal.

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