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Database Developer Resume Sample, Experience : 3 years

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Name of the Candidate:[Private]
Name of the Post Applied:Database Developer
Job related skills / software:Oracle, HTML, JavaScript, XML, CSS, .Net
Category:Web Design
Sub Category:Web Developer / Web Designer
Years of Experience:3 years
Salary Expected per Month(Rs):Negotiable
Highest Qualification attained:M.C.A. / MCA : Master of Computer Application
Major / Specialization:Computer
Email Id:[Private]
Are you looking for job now?:No
Can the recruiter contact you?:No
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Resume Format / CV Sample Template / Example / Model :


Career Objective  :
I intend to establish myself as Software Engineer with an integrated business solution provider through a long time commitment, contributing to the company's growth and in turn ensuring personal growth within the organization. I believe that my technical and functional skills will enable me in facing the challenging career ahead.

Professional Summary  :
** Three years of professional experience in wide range of Software development environments and technologies like Oracle9i,oracle 10g, Forms and Report development,Sql,Pl/Sql and MS-Access.
** Involvement in Envisioning, Planning, Coding and Debugging.
** Proficient in Project Co-ordination for In-house Development Projects.

Experience Summary  :
** Currently Working as Software Engineer at Aksharmaya,Charchget, Mumbai
Now working on Reserve Bank of India(RBI) Standard Report System called Quarterly Progressive Report System.

Technical Skill Set  :
** Database  : Sql,Pl/sql SQL Server 2005/2008, Microsoft Access 2007
** Web Supporting Tools  : HTML,JavaScript, XML,
** Operating Systems  : Windows XP/Vista.

Project Summary  :
Company Name  : “Aksharmaya”
 Project #1  : “Quarterly Progressive Report Systems” for Banks (Project is under development)
Technologies  : Oracle forms and report
Web Supporting Too  :HTML, JavaScript, XML
Database  : oracle 10g,and MS Access 2007.
Team Size  : 8
Role  : Software Engineer

Project Description  :
This project is based on reporting System with four level i.e. Branch, Regional office, Zonal Office and Central Office. In this project consolidation occurred in regional and zonal level. In Central office only report can seen with consolidated data.
Role & Responsibilities  :
1 Forms Design Using UI Elements.
2 Coding of forms by using Sql and Pl/sql.
3 Customization and Maintenance for this Project.

 Project #2  : “Maharashtra Minerals Corporation Limited”(MMCL)
Technologies  : C#.Net, Asp.Net, ADO.Net.
Framework  : Dot Net 3.5
Web Supporting Tools  :HTML, JavaScript, XML
Server  : Internet Information Server 6.0.
Reporting Tools  : Crystal Report Viewer
Database  : Oracle 10g.
Team Size  : 4
Role  : Database Developer.

Project Description :
This project is based on mining system. Head Office Administration registers the contractor, Trader and Customer. Contractor who is responsible for minimum production in the year fill the contract form and mention the penalty amount if she/he is not able to produce the minimum amount. Head Office release Royalty Pass book to Division. In one Royalty Pass book there is 100 Royalty Pass Number. Dispatch per truck can have only one Royalty Pass Number. Royalty Pass Number can be used only once. According to these dispatch report is generated Truck wise, Seller wise and Party wise. Here user can filter report on monthly, quarterly, annually, or any particular date range basis. According to number of truck dispatch Head Office is able to generate Invoice in two formats i.e. tonnage wise or date wise. In receipt head office gets all the royalty pass no on which dispatch occurred and invoice is raised. Invoice report is also generated where head office gets total amount of Invoice on monthly, quarterly, annually, or any particular date range basis.
Role & Responsibilities :
1. Database Design using oracle 10g .

Coding of forms by using pl/sql(trigger,function,procedure).
3. Customization and Maintenance for this Project.

 Project #3 : “Maharashtra Small Scale Industrial Development Corporation”(MSSIDC)
Technologies  : oracle developer 2000(Forms and Reports).
Web Supporting Tools  :HTML, JavaScript, XML
Server  : Internet Information Server 6.0.
Database  : oracle 9i and Ms Access 2007.
Team Size  : 8
Role  : Software Engineer

Project Description :
This project is divided into two parts
1. Small Scale industries (SSI)
2. Quarterly Progress Reports Systems (QPRS)
** Small Scale industries (SSI)
This project is totally based on unit registration. In this project, there are two levels of login i.e. The Head Office and The Regional Offices. Through Head Office administration, administrator can register marketing assistance units, Coal/Steel units and Personal Registrations of Handicraft Artisans. The registration should be valid for 3 years. Regional Offices can only browse and take a print out of registered unit details but cannot modify it. Head Office Releases the tender and uploads the same in word and PDF format on the web site. Head Office assigns the minimum amount of Coal / Steel to be lifted by a particular unit.
** Quarterly Progress Reports Systems (QPRS)
This project is totally based on Reporting System. In this project, there are three i.e. Branch, Division and Head Office. Out of three there is consolidation of report only in two levels. Branches have to fill all the 14 forms and sends XML to their division. Divisions download that XML, save it on their local database & consolidate that XML. Divisions send the XML to Head Office then all xml are seen in Crystal report with consolidated data.
Role & Responsibilities :
1 Forms and Reports Design Using UI Elements.
2 Coding of forms by using sql,pl/sql.
3 Customization and Maintenance for this Project.

Academic Project : “HCL INFOSYSTEM PVT LTD”
 Project #1  : Content Management System
Technologies  : C#.Net, Asp.Net
Framework  : Dot Net 2.0
Web Supporting Tools  : HTML, JavaScript, XML, CSS
Server  : Internet Information Server 6.0.
Reporting Tool  : CrystalReportViewer
Database  : Sql Server 2005
Team Size  : 4
Role  : under Training

Project Description :
HCL-CMS is used as corporate website as well as internal portal. The access and privileges are given by the administrator on the basis of users role in the system.
Content Management System provides facility of corporate website which includes Blogs, Forums, Newsletters, Image Gallery, Event Calendars etc. which all are easily manageable to the administrator with rights to add, delete, edit options. System also provides facility of intranet messaging, profile management, document sharing to the authenticated users. CMS System allows User to Change, Edit Content on the web site directly according to their roles in the system.
Objective is to Build CMS System that supports functionality like Editable WebPages, Including E-Commerce, Intranet Content management & Community Web Services, with other facilities of corporate website.
Role & Responsibilities :
Responsibilities as Developer include:
1. Prototype Design Using UI Elements.
2. Dtabase Design by using Sql-Server 2005 .
3. Customization and Maintenance for this Project.

Educational Summary:
** Post Graduation : MCA(Master in Computer Application) Sardar Patel Mahavidyalaya Chandrapur,Nagpur University 2009.
** Graduation: BCCA,S.P.College,Chandrapur,Nagpur University 2006
** H.S.C. :XIIth K.S.T College,NALANDA Bihar Board 2001
** S.S.C. :Xth National High School,NALANDA, Bihar Board 1999


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