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Linux System Administrator Resume Sample, Experience : 2 years



Name of the Candidate:[Private]
Name of the Post Applied:Linux System Administrator
Job related skills / software:Assembling and configuration, Optical and Magnetic device, Interfacing PCB’s, Memory devices, Mother boards, Power devices, Knowledge on Linux
Category:IT / Computer
Sub Category:System Administrator / Engineer
Years of Experience:2 years
Salary Expected per Month(Rs):10,000 to 15,000
Highest Qualification attained:Diploma
Major / Specialization:Electronics & Communications
Email Id:[Private]
Are you looking for job now?:Yes
Can the recruiter contact you?:Yes
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Harsh Mesta
Near BCC layout
Attiguppe, Vijayanagar 9900162272

Email : harshmesta AT gmail.com
Mobile : 8431043113

Objective :
** To seek a challenging job which can put my skills, knowledge and talent in the best use possible and help me to grow better.
** The job which can make me do something for the company and in turn for the society.

Academic Qualification  :
** DIPLOMA IN ELECTRONICS AND COMMUNICATION ENGG (ECE-2012) From R.N.Shetty Polytechnic, Murudeshwar
** PRE-UNIVERSITY EDUCATION(SCIENCE) (2009) From Bangur Nagar Independent Science PU College Dandeli
** HIGHER SECONDARY EDUCATION (S.S.L.C)(2007) From Rotary kannada high school Dandeli

Academic Project :
Automatic Light Controller With Visitor Counter. Nowdays, we can see most of the electric, electronic and mechanical part use more power. In the room, there has a lost of electric and electrical component that has high power usage. Furthermore, it causes a big problem to the environment and may affect our life. We propose “Automatic Light Controller With Visitor Counter” which achieves the objectives by two ways.

Firstly, in hardware, we use “PIR sensor” that acts as a sensor that detects movement. Software is applied to program the input and output in order to operate similar with the flute. Thus, C++ programming by using PIC compiler function as the codes in the processor, PIC16877A the project achieved its aim and can be implemented in any classroom, office or other institution to save energy and to provide a automated lifestyle.

Technical Course Details :
Course on Hardware (A+), Network (N+), in
Supreme Computers, Hubli.
Course on Redhat Linux in Emind technology Bangalore

Technical Skills :
Operating Systems : WinNT/WinXP/Win7/Win8/Vista/Redhat Linux

2. Applications :
** MS office, Multisim 2001 pcb design,
** Microcontroller 8051
** Microprocessor 8085 and 8086
** Arm controller (Keil UVision 4)

Network Skills :
** Configure small and big network.
** Troubleshoot Network connectivity (LAN) issues.
** Manage and configure layer two switches.

Hardware Skills :
** Assembling and configuration.
** Optical and Magnetic device
** Interfacing PCB’s
** Memory devices
** Mother boards
** Power devices
** Knowledge on Linux

** Installation & Troubleshooting of : Operating Systems – Linux RedHat, Fedora,
** Manage files from the command line
** Copy, move, create, delete, and organize files from the bash shell prompt.
** Create, view, and edit text files Create, view, and edit text files from command output or in an editor. Manage local Linux users and groups Manage local Linux users and groups, and administer local password policies.
** Control access to files with Linux file system permissions Set Linux file system permissions on files and interpret the security effects of different permission settings
** Monitor and manage Linux processes
** Configure and secure OpenSSH service Access and provide access to the command line on remote systems securely using OpenSSH Analyze and store logs
** Archive files and copy them from one system to another.
** Install and update software packages Download, install, update, and manage software packages from Red Hat and yum package repositories.
Access Linux file systems
** Configuration of Samba, Yum, DNS, DHCP, Apache Server.
** Create and use Red Hat Enterprise Linux virtual machines
** Add disks, partitions, and file systems to a Linux system Manage simple partitions and file systems. Manage logical volume management (LVM) storage Manage logical volumes from the command line.

Work Experience  :
Service Engineer PRASKSOLUTIONS 4/09/2013 28/03/2014
System Engineer ASPL INFO Services Pvt Ltd. Bangalore 24/07/2014

Job Descriptions In ASPL INFO SERVICES Pvt Ltd :
Client :Infosys-Bescom
** First level administration of Windows Servers including the daily checklists
** Desktop Configuration - Network, mail client, internet etc…
** Configuring the Print servers and resolving printing problems of the users
** Taking data backup.
** Troubleshoot and resolve incidents (Hardware and Software) related to desktop and associated peripheral
** Troubleshoot Network connectivity (LAN) issues
** Software installations such as MS-Office, Acrobat Reader, mail client etc
** Installation and configuration of Antivirus Software on all the Desktops and Updations of Anti-Virus patches.
** Diagnosing and rectifying any virus problems that can be fixed by the anti-virus tool. ( tool to be provided by customer)
** Diagnosing the server problems like system ‘hang’, hard disk crash, etc
** Installation of OS patches as and when provided by Customer/ vendor.
** Escalating unresolved problems to the technical support center / vendor for ensuring resolution
** Coordinate the first level escalations with Vendors/service providers

Professional Strength :
** Works productively with others in a team environment.
** Effective verbal and written communication skills.
** Knowledge of programming languages.
** Well knowledge over computer internet

Personal Traits :
** Committed and Sincere
** Hardworking, Patience, Punctual, Optimistic
** Grasps technical concepts and communicates them quickly

Hobbies :
** Listening music, Watching movies, Playing, Singing, Dancing.

Individual Details :
Name : Harsh Mesta
Date of Birth : 27 December 1991
Father’s Name : Dattatraya Mesta
Sex : Male
Marital Status : Single
Nationality : Indian
Religion : Hindu
Languages Known : English, Kannada, Hindi, and Konkani

Declaration :
I hereby declare that the above-mentioned information is correct up to my knowledge and I bear the responsibility for the correctness of the above-mentioned particulars.

Date : __/__/2016
(Harsh Mesta)



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