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Stores Incharge Resume Sample, Experience : 1 years



Name of the Candidate:Ramchandra
Name of the Post Applied:Stores Incharge
Job related skills / software:Maintain vendor/supplier relations to obtain fair and reasonable prices, volume discounts, shipping arrangements and payment terms, Develop and execute assortment plans based on sales and inventory to allocate for each store, meet individual financial needs and maximize profits.
Category:Stores / Purchase
Sub Category:Stores Executive / Manager / Keeper /Store Officer
Years of Experience:1 years
State:Andhra Pradesh
Salary Expected per Month(Rs):20,000 to 25,000
Highest Qualification attained:B.Tech. : Bachelor of Technology
Major / Specialization:Electronics and Communications
Email Id:kummathiramchandra AT gmail.com
Are you looking for job now?:Yes
Can the recruiter contact you?:Yes
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Curriculum Vitae  :
Contact  :+91 8050294399
E-mail  : kummathiramchandra AT  gmail.com;

SAP IS Retail MDM (Article Master/listing/linking/Tax validation/Costing updation)
DATA ANALYSIS (Sale Report/Stock report/Store Support/Fill rate/Projection)
CATEGORY FUNCTION (Assortment/Supply chain/Pricing/Promotion/Vendor creation/GR Issues/Invoice Mismatch Cases/Delivery Follow up)
Offering 8.2 years of prolific experience; seeking managerial level assignments across the industry

I am seeking for an exciting and challenging position within a dynamic and innovative organization, which offers variety and the opportunity for both business and personal growth.

B.Tech (ECE), 2010 From SKTRMCE Affiliated to JNTU Hyderabad

** Father Name and Occupation  :Prathap Reddy (Agricultture)
** Mother Name and Occupation  : Anasuyamma (House wife)
** Death of Birth  : 18 April 1988

Hobbies  : Listening Music and Carrom
** Address  : Karutlaplli(Vi&PO),Kuderu (M), Anantapur(D),Andhrapradesh
** Stream line the article creation / Listing / Linking / Tax Validation process through MDM portal
** Successfully implemented Aim’s(Assortment Implementation management system) process in Reliance Fresh and Hyper format
** Successfully opened 30+ Reliance Market stores with the help of Category Manager.
** Stream line the Pricing / Promotion / GR Related issue.

As an Team Leader in Category Function - Department  : Category Management (Reliance Market Division)
** MIS (Sale report(MTD/DSR/LIKE TO LIKE), Stock report, Fill rate(New stores))
** Maintain vendor/supplier relations to obtain fair and reasonable prices, volume discounts, shipping arrangements and payment terms.
** Develop and execute assortment plans based on sales and inventory to allocate for each store, meet individual financial needs and maximize profits.
** Perform Monthly and Daily sales analysis based on sales reports.
** Monitor sales levels to determine product volume adjustments, replenishments and allocations.
** Collaborate extensively with marketing to facilitate the promotional efforts of new products.
** Forecast product need and availability; review historical data; and follow through with purchase orders.
** Load Promotions of the mailer offer circulated
** Ensuring on time execution of vendor orders as well as optimum availability of Assortment and Promotional stock at stores.
** Ensure proper and timely communication of Price uploading and any kind of price changes to stores & branches, Interact with Store team for any corrections that might be required.
** Prepare Mailer Submission form and keep track of the materials
** Track the Slow moving and end of lines SKUs and make a timely exit plan for the same i.e. Markdown, Return, liquidation.

Assistant Manger - Department  :
Master Data Management (SAP IS -Retail MDM) (Jan 2008 to Nov 2013)

Regular Operations  :
** Responsible for managing complete work flow of SAP Master Data Management covering all formats of Retail Business and adherence to SLAs for MDM process.
** Involved in New Article code Creation (Main database) like trading articles (FTRM/FRIP), Sales sets, Services, Scrap, Consumables & Non-Merchandising, etc.
** Ensured Article Code Mapping to Sites, Like DC & as well as Stores.
(Knows as Article Extension). Maintained Source of supply for the site. (Supply mode through DC or DSD).
** Maintained external info record between Article – Site – & Vendor Combination. Resolution of error in case of article not in DC or maybe Supply Source Mismatch.
** Updated or maintained correct vendor info record in case of, multiple info record exits for Article & Site level. Blocked multiple or wrong vendor to update perfect BOD (Bill of distribution) report.
** Maintained Tax or VAT (which includes Input & output) conditions applicable as per corresponding state governances. Involved in BOM creation & alternative existing BOM amendment (Bill of Materials) for Sales sets & component articles.

Pricing & Central MDM Key Activities  :
** Responsible for MRP, Margin & Cost price maintenance.
** Created New or update old Case configuration in article master & also update the same in purchase order as per required SLA, handing GRN, and GRDC & RTV related issue.
** Maintained article shelf life (Maximum expiry period) in article master also maintained Transfer price between one DC to another DC in case of excess stock transfer.
** Updated right MRP & Margin in Purchase order & amend the PO. Necessary correction in scheduled PO & Reverts with updated PO to Vendor.
** Maintained Selling Price appears at stores on POS, which Includes Dual Pricing also.
** Issued article number range & EAN code series, DC Plano & SOS maintain in Portal & SAP. New Assortment (GA) creation and assign User in GA in SAP.

Business Process Management  :
** Assisted in setting up of MDM Process with respect (Article & Tax Master) for SAP covering multiple business format of Retail Business in consultation with Business & SAP team.
** Responsible for driving implementation, Re-engineering of existing process to improve business efficiency. Prepared Manuals and Roll out of the standardized process across various units within the business.
** Coordinated with the Business & Commercial teams for continuous optimization of process. Ensured Compliance with the rules for data governance and Masters are current, accurate, & consistent.
** Accountable for setting up Product discontinuation Process and initiate the same on regular intervals.

System Automation & Portal development (Master Data Management Project for SAP Retail Business)  :
** Facilitated in development of Article extension Portal along with Tax module Portal covering all Business Format of Retail Business. Developed Tax module Portal to ease out Tax code determination Process for entire retail Business.
** Conducted UAT of change request & publish changes to the Front end users.
** Coordinated with business units to understand their requirement & improve the system (Portal / SAP) in consultation with IT team and provide the system support to the business on a continuous basis.
** Conducted training on System/processes improvement to business team/ team members on continuous basis.
** Configured master Data Set Up in MDM portal for enabling online data transaction for new business.

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