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Airlines Manager Resume Sample, Experience : 10 years

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Name of the Candidate:[Private]
Name of the Post Applied:Airlines Manager
Job related skills / software:Airlines Management and Ticketing, Manual rules coding,it is the process of retrieving fares and rules data filed by various airlines with ATPCO, interpretation and translation of the same into parameters-based data. This data is then entered into the GDS {Sabre} using various application and masks to enable distribution of accurate fares and rules-related information to various markets worldwide.
Category:Tourism / Travel
Sub Category:Airlines Manager
Years of Experience:10 years
Salary Expected per Month(Rs):40,000 to 50,000
Highest Qualification attained:B.A. / BA : Bachelor of Arts
Major / Specialization:Tourism and Hospitality Management
Email Id:[Private]
Are you looking for job now?:Yes
Can the recruiter contact you?:Yes
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Resume Format / CV Sample Template / Example / Model :


Curriculum Vitae :
Naveen Sharma

Objective :
To lead the travel vertical for any airline / global distribution system / BPO industry and make the same into a profit centre. Be part of a professional and challenging organization giving ample growth opportunities and to utilize my skills and talent towards fulfillment of company objectives.Sound knowledge in O&D system and Pricing Fundamentals.

Career Profile :-
** More than10 Year experience in different spheres of travel trade

Summary of Skills  :
** Knowledge of fare rules categories, re-issue and refund policies and procedures. Proper interpretation of fare rules/conditions to avoid abuse and thus protect the company’s revenue
** Proficient with international private airfares deal sheets, loading and quality checks on ‘Galileo, Sabre, Amadeus and Worldspan.
** Knowledge of Airline Tariff Publishing Company (ATPCO) – Fares Rules, Footnotes, Routings, Chart One/ Chart Two / Fuel Surcharges, Add-ons Etc
** Amadeus Farexpert, Galileo Agency Private Fares, Sabre (Contract Manager/ Markup Manager) Fare loading, mark – ups , Providing Support for fare quote issues in all GDS.
** Knowledge of Reservation Amadeus, Galileo, Sabre & WS, Making Reservation.
** Have experience in ticketing Issuance of tickets for international sectors/ Domestic sector.
** Proficient with hotel, travel and airlines terminologies and international operations.
** Knowledge of MIS, Agency Debit Memo and Ticket Auditing.

Brightsun Travel
(No** 2004 to June 2006) and December 2007 to till date- Designation : Team Leader
Department : Fares Team / Holiday backend team

Responsibilities and Regular Activity :-
** Circulate all relevant communications, records and data are updated and recorded
** Monitor Market trends and Establish pricing for different segment
** Offer Pro-active fares to improve flights revenues, coordination with Sales Team for specialty fares & mediate with Marketing Team on Specific fare filling for Promotions and META Search.
** Advising clients on products and build relationship with Agents and providing Travel services.
** Maintaining up-to-date knowledge of industry developments and involvement in networks
** Oversee the entire acquisition process received through phone, web and email
** Negotiations in rate and inventory/ tracking inventory and rates
** Pricing itineraries of different airlines as per Airlines contract and reporting any discrepancies in Fare filing, maintain Markup and commission on daily basis.
** Ticket Quality checking in all GDS after issuance and re-issuance including ticket TTL and all relevant field for alleviate Debit Memos.
** Handling calls from travel agents on automated/Manual ticketing queries & coordinating with airlines for best fare deal.
** Provide support during implementation of fares and pricing (new Product s/w) related projects that impact fares display, itinerary pricing, Fuel surcharges, commission on Airlines and Reservation and ticketing related Queries to client and Sales & Internal Department BSUN.
** Responsible for filing and distribution of fares/rules/fuel surcharge/RBD charts with markup and commission through Agency private Fares and other electronic media.** Distribute the fares other UK agent as per requirement B2B (Sabre PCC, Galileo PCC, Worldspan and Amadeus)
** Upload fares for Hotel Contracting for selected destinations USA, Far East, Middle East, India, Turkey, Egypt.

Work Experience and Key Duties :
** Keeping track of QC/Training/Reporting/Process Enhancements
** Responsible 100% capturing of data in all GDS and Web Apps
** Liaising between Airline representatives related to fares query, ticket issuance and for waiver code and for Drop net.
** Working closely with other teams to develop & improve data management & analytics systems.
** Providing support to the clients for Rule & Fares amendments, Fare quotes etc Responsible for providing information to agents concerning travel packages, schemes, accommodations, fares, date change, cancellation, travel routes etc.
** Supervising Back Office work handling entire Airline contracts departing from all UK airports.
** Maintain up-to-date records on fares, fuel surcharges (YQ), Airlines Commission and Markup for both domestic and international (including interline) routes
** Responsible for attendance track record/setting up rosters of entire Team and work allocation
** Match Fares and rates are same or lesser as shown on competitor websites
** Aggregate raw data from primary/secondary data sources and maintain MIS reports

Working Experience  :

June 2007 to December 2007
Fares Management Department (Skylink Travel USA process) as a fares executive

Work Experience and Key Duties :
** Assuring quality for Distribution of Private and Negotiated Fares in Securate-Sabre :
** Manual rules coding,it is the process of retrieving fares and rules data filed by various airlines with ATPCO, interpretation and translation of the same into parameters-based data. This data is then entered into the GDS {Sabre} using various application and masks to enable distribution of accurate fares and rules-related information to various markets worldwide.
** Quality checking of the Private, Negotiated and Market fares uploaded on the website by the Fares loading team, and thereafter making them available on Web for sale in US for our client Skylink USA.

STIC TRAVEL PVT LTD. June 2006 to June 2007 :
Fares Department as a executive (Cercle Des Vacances, France process)

Work Experience and Key Duties :
** Handling Queues : Handling Queues /16 by Remote desktop connection. Process by software SAPEIG52.
** To maintain the quality level APF fares 360 degrees that had been fed by team ( Galileo)
** Loading fares with rules and commission into the system so that all the sub agents who are buying the fares from Cercle Des Vacances will be able to see the fares and rules on their own system using Galileo GDS.

Achievements :-
** Re-structured all UK Fares in one account
** Consolidated and simplified All India fares in one structure
** Major roll in working in Pricing Process and help for dispute the Agency Debit Memo.

** Diploma in Airlines Management and Ticketing CRS (Amadeus) from New Delhi IITC.
** One year Computer Diploma Industrial Training Institute from (ITI)Jaffarpur New Delhi-73.

** Bachelor in Tourism and Hospitality Management from EIILM University
** 12th Passed from CBSE New Delhi
** 10th Passed from CBSE New Delhi

** DATE OF BIRTH :04th Jan 1980




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