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Stores Executive Resume Sample, Experience : 6 years



Name of the Candidate:[Private]
Name of the Post Applied:Stores Executive
Job related skills / software:Implementation of WMS for all RM Stores, Monitoring & controlling of Inventory, Interacting with head office to provide the relevant information data.
Category:Stores / Purchase
Sub Category:Stores Executive / Manager / Keeper /Store Officer
Years of Experience:6 years
Salary Expected per Month(Rs):50,000 to 60,000
Highest Qualification attained:P.G.D. / PGD : Post Graduate Diploma
Major / Specialization:Mechanical
Email Id:[Private]
Are you looking for job now?:Yes
Can the recruiter contact you?:Yes
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Diploma in Mechanical Engineering – SCTE & VT
Contact No : +91 9673548308 ,
Email : mohapatra.satyaranjan8 AT gmail.com

Carrier Objective :
I am eager to contribute to the growth of a progressive organization & job profile that is challenging, having creative environment, by applying my skills and willing to work as a key person in the organization.

Work Experience :
** Having 2 years working experience in supply chain management and materials in John Deere India Pvt. Ltd, Sanaswadi,Pune.
** Presently working as officer-Materials(from 3 years) in AsianPaints India Ltd., Khandala.

My Perceptions in Industrial Environment :
** Teamwork is the way to generate synergy & excellence in work.
** Cost reduction, Quality & Customer satisfaction are the main objective of any work.
** Work, time, communication & presentation are the synchronized elements.
** Matrix is the mirror to represent the work, analyze gaps & enhance targets.
** Safety of individual & environment is must.
** Well implemented & sustained system eliminates errors & dependency of human skill.
** Continuous learning & continual improvements are driving factors for high performance.

Asian PaintsLtd. (Experience-3.10 years) :
Description : cid:image001.png AT 01CFD917.49871B20

Company Profile :
Asian Paintsis one of the largest Indian paint company & manufacturer, offering a wide range of colour & paint solutions for homes, offices, societies & more.

Working Areas :
** Implementation of WMS for all RM Stores.
** Monitoring & controlling of Inventory.
** Interacting with head office to provide the relevant information data.
** Interface with internal customers & increase the efficiency
** Monitoring & controlling the vehicles unloading time to reduce the Truck Turnover Time.
** Cycle Count on daily basis to reduce the stock variances.
** Inventory count & variance calculation on quarterly basis.
** Working on TMS for vehicle in warding process.
** Plan for preventive maintenance for all machinery equipment’s.
** Responsible inbound & outbound of stocks in plant by using SAP & TMS system.
** Ensure all GR’s done on immediate basis after unloading the vehicles.
** In warding of Tankers & their GR’s
** Responsible for Update QR’s (Quality records) of related to work profile.
** Ensure that all Excise Documents & Bill of Entry submitted to Account dept. After the GR to get excise availed credit on time.
** Responsible for the (Physical Inventory Document) PID Creation & PID posting at the time of internal or external stock take.
** Responsible for maintaining records of GR documents till their end retention period.
** Ensure that there will accurate excise duty while creating the invoice to dispatch inter plant transfer (IPT)
** Preparing Purchase Orders Cost Comparison Sheet to acquire Diesel.
** Responsible for dispatches of raw material to other plant.
** Responsible for creating the invoices & other dispatch related documents.
** Making 403 Forms & 405 form as it’s related to dispatch to Gujarat & via Gujarat.
** Making Return Deliveries & invoices of Rejected Materials.
** Follow up with Central Purchase for the work related issues.
** Maintaining records of Detain Vehicles.
** Ensure correct remarks will be mention on Lorry Receipt while it given to truck driver after unloading the vehicle.

John Deere India Pvt. Ltd (Experience-2 years) :
This is the ISO 9001 & 14001 certified Company, having its operations in worldwide. John Deere is into Agricultural Sector in India. John Deere is big O.E.M. (Original Equipment Manufacturer) in India. John Deere Got the JD-QPS Silver Certification. We are producing Tractors from 35 to 70 Hp range. We are well equipped with 3 Focus Factories Engine, Transmission & Vehicle. John Deere started business in 1999 in India. Presently working as a Assistant Technician in Operational Supply Chain from 14st of September 2009 to till date.

Store Management :
** Managing & controlling all section of store like Receipt, Binning, Kanban, line & Shortage monitoring, Rejection.
** Monitoring engine store improvement metrics.
** Plan the shift schedule and proper alignment of manpower.
** Effective work on Reprocessing (COGI) clearance.
** Creating plan of receipt, storage & delivery of upcoming project.
** Handling the inventory control & store functions for 750 & above parts of Engine Focus Factory.
** Daily follow up for shortage material as well as regular material.
** Follow up from logistic for just in time delivery.
** Provide an uninterrupted flow of materials, supplies & services required to run the Engine Assembly Line without any loss.
** Monitoring daily shortages & follow up for the material from respective buyer, vendor.
** Co-ordination with Materials, Production, and Finance & IT department to close the complete loop of every function related to material flow.
** Monitoring & work the warehouse management system.
** Monitoring engine store improvement metrics.
** Managing & controlling supportive team of store & contract labor team of external agency for the Goods receipt, binning, line issuing functions.
** Manage the various activities related to planning, inventory control.
** Implementation of Just in Time system (JIT) by using External & Internal Kanban Tool.
** In process of implementing better material storage system targeting the packing cost reduction, space reduction, material handling time reduction & 5-S.
** Material offer to QA for inspection and approval
** - Storage of non-conforming material in designated area.
** Ensure FIFO system.
** To send back rejected material to the supplier as per procedure.
** Responsible for avoid handling damages.
** Provide necessary information to management related to stock

Purchasing :
** Procurement of Indirect material as per the monthly Plan.
** Price Negotiation with the Vendors to get the lowest price.
** Preparation & issue of purchase order to vendor.
** Follow up with the vendor.
** Development of new vendors to get the lower rates.

Inventory Management :
** Handling the inventory control for 1000 parts of Engine Focus Factory.
** Take cycle counting of parts as per monthly schedule & create FILE-NOTES if found discrepancy for signing with proper reasoning.
** Finding BOM problem of material & consumption issue and forward to ME department for solution.
** Managing various type of financial inventory audits like SEW, File to floor, Floor to file, year ending, statutory audit.
** Done shut down inventory counting in every year for one time.
** Monitory Engineering Changes (ECN) at part level & keeping updation of BOM.
** Finding BOM problem of material & consumption issue and forward to ME department for solution.
** Effective work on Reprocessing (COGI) clearance.
** Sound knowledge of cycle count (stock verification) function.
** Monitoring daily cycle count schedule & maintaining system stock level on correct accuracy level as per Deere Production System targets.

Project work :
** Created plan of new store layout & installed all rack and location as per plan.
** New returnable system provide for 150 parts.
** Kitting bin implemented to cover 15 stations after that decrease man moment by 420 meter/day.
** Implemented new FIP & manifold storage rack after that saving space by 150 square meters.
** Material flow cycle maintained for all new engine project parts.
** Create two bin systems for warehouse & JIT for online.
** Designed & implemented the crates & trolleys for material storage & reduced the packaging, labour cost, improve the material handling & daily house-keeping.
** Space reduction 10% in FY12 through new store layout, packing improvement, Returnable system improvement, Material storage strategy changed.

Achievement :
** Got certification to successfully competition of SIX SIGMA project.
** Got the “PAT ON BACK” for good shortage monitoring & material flow Strategy.
** Selected for “Quality person of the month award” from engine focus factory for implemented kitting project.
** Able to manage the various activities related to planning, inventory control.
** We have achieved best CI team as a CI coordinator..
** Successful completion of Fiscal Year Audit.
** Successfully SHUT-DOWN counting done in July month every year.
** Effective work on JD-QPS concept.
** Got the 2nd prize in JD-QPS quiz contest.
** Work on minimizing the obsolete parts like (FIP) while implementing TREM – 3 projects.
** Participation in BACHAT MANTHAN cost reduction project.

Knowledge about Other Operations :
** All engine assembly operations with parts working functions.
** Brief idea about OMS, SOE & Control chart.
** Effective work on reducing the TAKT time on assembly line.
** Work on minimizing the obsolete parts like (FIP).
** Effective work on JD-QPS concept.
** I was the played the main role while reducing the Turbocharger assembly by establishing the new turbo Kanban rack by creating control cycle in SAP.

Computer knowledge :
** SAP ECC 6.0 MM module – Soundly work on this system for all types of material transaction.
** Soundly work on Microsoft Excel, word, Power-point, outlook’s.

Training :
** Lean & Six Sigma.
** John Deere Quality & Production System (JDQPS).
** 7 QC Tools.
** Safety.
** 5s.
** Effective Store Keeping & Inventory Control.
** work culture, team work, Positive thinking.
** Over all information about tractor assemble and disassembled.

Educational Qualification :
Diploma M.S.E Baripada SCTE&VT 2007-2010 77%
SSC Gundaripada high school ,Gundaripada BSE ODISHA 2005 58%

Extra-Curricular Activities :
** Team member during the project of CI (continues Improvement) in store representative.
** Active participation in various sports & functions.

Personal Information :
Name : Satyaranjan Mohapatra
Date of Birth : 23.08.1990
Gender : Male
Languages Known : English, Hindi & Odiya.
Marital Status : Single
Email-ID : Mohapatra.satyaranjan8 AT gmail.com
Contact No.
: 9673548308

Date :
Place  : Pune

Satyaranjan Mohapatra


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