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Pharmacognosy Professor Resume Sample, Experience : 10 years

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Name of the Candidate:Deepak Kumar Birla
Name of the Post Applied:Pharmacognosy Professor
Job related skills / software:Preparation of time table, Submit Student Attendance record to RGPV through RGPV portal, Conduction of proper classes, Regularly check and follow up teacher’s diary and weekly status report.
Category:Teaching Lecturer Faculty
Sub Category:Professor
Years of Experience:10 years
State:Madhya Pradesh
Salary Expected per Month(Rs):50,000 to 60,000
Highest Qualification attained:Ph.D. / PhD : Doctor of Philosophy
Major / Specialization:Pharmacognosy
Email Id:deepakbirla7 AT gmail.com
Are you looking for job now?:Yes
Can the recruiter contact you?:Yes
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Resume  :
Dr. Deepak Kumar Birla
Email  : deepakbirla7 AT gmail.com

CareerObjectives  :
To serve your esteemed organization with my whole soul and take it to new height by utilizing my inherent explaining and convincing capacity.

Academic Qualification  :
** Ph.D OPJS University, Churu, (RAJ) 2019
** M-Pharma (Pharmacognosy) Vinayaka Mission University,Salem (T.N) 2009 67.27%
** B-Pharma R.G.P.V.Bhopal (M.P) 2006 62.19%
** MASTER OF SOCIAL WORK (MSW) from DAVV indore , 2014
** Higher secondary M.P. Board Bhopal (M.P) 2002 68.0%
** PGDCA Maharishi Mahesh Yogi Vedic Vishwavidyalaya (M.P.) 2015 69.00%

Work Experience  :
1. Presently working in Oxford international College, indore as professor and Principal since July 2019 to till date.
2. Previous worked in BMCPER as Asso. professor from April 2009 to July 2019.
3. Worked in Alpa Laboratory Pvt Ltd. Indore as a Production Chemist in liquid injection section since June. 2006 to July 2007.

Job Responsibility, Duties Assign & performed  : Present Institute
1. Academic In-charge since 2013 to till date.
** Preparation of time table
** Submit Student Attendance record to RGPV through RGPV portal
** Conduction of proper classes.
** Regularly check and follow up teacher’s diary and weekly status report.
** Maintain discipline and extra curriculum activity in college campus.

2. PCI, AICTE, RGPV & NBA renewal and new approval documentation.
3. Major role as a Management Representative in ISO 9001  :2008 Certification.
4. AFRC & DTE Documentation.

5. Examination In-charge (Duration session 2009-2013 & 2014 to till date )
** To conduct internal and external examination including Theory & Practical.
** Submit Examination Marks (Theory & Practical ) online through RGPV portal
** Verification of Enrollment and Examination Form

Research  :
** Assessment of Antimutagenic, Anti Microbial and wound healing activity of extract of Momordica charantia leaves.
** Assessment of Antibaceterial and Antimutagenic activity of extract seeds of Averrhoa bilimbi, seeds of Balanites aegyptiaca and leaves of Annona squamosa.
** Formulation and characterization of herbal lipstick using colored pigment of Punica granatum
** Evaluation of Diuretic activity of Glycyrrhiza glabra Linn.in Experimental animals.
** Evaluation of anti-depressant activity of ethanolic extract of wheatgrass.

Industrial Visit  :
** At Nicholas Piramal Pithampur Dist Dhar (M.P.)
** At Brooks Laboratory Baddi. (H.P.)
** At Aqua Viteo,Baddi. (H.P.)

Industrial Training  :
** 4 week training At Alpa Laboratory Indore (M.P.)

International /National Paper  :
** Deepak Birla, Vijay Patel, and Nimita Manocha, Arun Patidar : A Review onadvantages of Natural Analgesics over Conventional Synthetic Analgesics, IJPLS 5(5) May, 2014
** Deepak K. Birla, Arun Patidar, Deepshikha Kukde, Mohit Chaturvedi and Vimukta Sharma : Evaluation of Diuretic activity of Glycyrrhiza glabra Linn. in Experimental animals, International Journal of Pharmacy & Life Sciences 6(7) July 2015
** Deepak Birla, Arun Patidar,PurviJaveri, Mohit Chaturvedi & V. Sharma :Liposome: New strategy in drug delivery, International Journal of Pharmacy & Life Sciences 6(7) July 2015
** Deepak Birla, Tiwari Shreesh, Chouhan Ashutosh, Sakshi Kushwah, , Vimukta Sharma : A Review: On Impurity Profiling An Emerging Trend In Pharmaceutical Ingredient, IJPELS ,Vol 1, Issue 1(4), May-2016
** Deepak Birla, Nikhlesh Birla, Sujit Pillai : A Review on “Progeria Disease” IJPELS, Volume 1 Issue 2(4), June 2016:79-84.
** Deepak K. Birla,Patidar Arun, Deepshikha Kukde : Assessment of anti-depressant activity of ethanolic extract of wheatgrass, Journal of Science and Technology Advances. 1(1) Sep 2016
** Deepak Ku. Birla, : Phytochemical Analysis Of Momordica charantia, IJPELS, Volume 1 Issue1(1), Nov 2016
** Deepak Ku. Birla : Evaluation Of Antibacterial Activity of Momordica charantia, Pharma Tutor; 2016; 4(11)
** Deepak Ku. Birla : Evaluation of antimutagenic activity of methanolic extract of leaves of Momordica charantia Linn, International Journal of Herbal Medicine 2017; 5(2): 81-83
** Deepak Ku. Birla et al  : Formulation and characterization of herbal lipstick using colored pigment of Punica granatum, Pharma Tutor; 2018; 6(7);
** Deepak Ku. Birla et al  : Swine Flu: Prevention and Treatment by Home Remedies, Vol 2, Issue 2(2), July, 2018:118-121
** Deepak Ku. Birla et al : Assessment of Antidiabetic activity of Polyherbal Formulation on Experimental Rats: Vol 2, Issue 3(1), Aug, 2018:130-137.
** Ebola : Etiology, Prevention and Treatment by Herbal Remedies, Pharma Tutor; 2018; 6(9)
** Deepak Ku, Birla : Protective effect of syzygium cumini linn on antioxidant status in cyclophosphamide induced cardiotoxicity in rats, IJCRA, Vol 1 issue 2 : 70-75
** Deepak Ku. Birla : Preliminary phytochemical screening and in vitro antimicrobial evaluation of Boerhaavia diffusa.Journal Current Science, Vol 20 (1), 2019.(UGC approved Journal)
** Deepak Birla : Formulation and evaluation of nanoparticles based topical gel of paracetamol, Vol 20 (1), 2019.(UGC approved Journal).
** Deepak Ku. Birla et al : Assessment of phytochemical investigation and antimutagenic activity of averrhoa bilimbi, pramana Research journal, Volume 9, Issue 6, 2019.

:1131-1136 (UGC approved Journal)
** Deepak Ku. Birla et al  : Assessment of antimutagenic activity of annona squamosa, Volume 9, Issue 6, 2019: 1507-1511(UGC approved Journal)
** Deepak Ku. Birla et al  : Assessment of anti bacterial and antimutagenic activity of balanites aegyptiaca, International Journal of Recent Scientific Research Vol. 10, Issue, 07(A), pp. 33675-33677, July, 2019 (UGC approved Journal)

Seminar/Workshop/Conference  :
** Attended the National Seminar on the Prospects and Perspective on Pharm D. Program at Vinayaka Mission College of Pharmacy Salem (TN) 2007.
** Attended 59th Indian Pharmaceutical Congress held at Varanasi Dec 2007.
** Attended Staff development program on teaching methodology at SIPS Sager (MP) July 2009.
** Attended the Internationl Seminar on the Indo- Malaysian Rotory Youth Meet at IIM, Indore Dec.2009.
** Attended national conference “Shodh Samagam” held at BM College Indore April 2013.
** Attended national workshop on “Analytical & Pharmaceutical Research Development” held at BMCPER on 20th Feb 2014.
** Attended national Seminar on Current Status of Drug Discovery & Herbal Drug Research in India. Held at Modern Institute of Pharmacy on 21st -22nd April 2014.
** Attended national Seminar entitled “Status of Microbiology and Biotechnology in Pharmaceutical Research and Development” on 18th March 2015. at BMCPER Indore .
** Attended APTICON- 2015 “Strategic Approaches to Strengthen Academic & Industrial Collaboration” held on 09-11 October 2015.
** Attended national conference on “Coaxial Living with Microbes : Impact on health and Environment” at Maharaja Ranjit Singh College of Professional Science, Indore held on 16 October 2015.
** Attended Two days national workshop on “Recent trends & Emerging Challenges in Life Style Diseases Managements” held at BMCPER on 10-11th March 2016.
** Attended Two days national workshop on “Analytical Techniques Used in Screening of Herbal Drugs” held at SBPI on 28-29th September 2016.
** Attended national seminar on “Innovation in pharmaceutical Science” held at IIP Indore on 25th Nov 2016.
** Attended national workshop on Holistic Therapies : care for mind, body and spirit, held at BMCPER, on 22nd Feb. 2018.
** Attended International seminar on “Global Scenario in Pharmaceutical Industrial & Academic research” Organized by Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam University Indore on 26th -27th May 2018.
** Attended Continuing in Education Programme (CEP) on “Challenges and Opportunities to Pharmacy Teachers” organized by Indore Institute of Pharmacy Indore on 01-03rd September 2018.
** Attended National Conference on “Global Raising Awareness about Global Scenerio of Intellectual Property Right and Patenting Issues” held at Modern institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Indore, on 14-15th September, 2018.
** Attended 14th International Conference on “Global Advancement in Engineering, Management, Pharmacy, Science and Humanities” held at Mathura Devi Group of Institutions, Indore, on 19-20 January 2019.
** Attended national workshop on Interdisciplinary Research and opportunities in science, technology, management and Social science organized by Shri Vaishnav Vidyapeeth Vishwavidyalaya, Indore on 05 Feb. 2019.
** Attended one day national workshop on “Anti-plagiarism, Research Ethics and Reference Management ” organized by Medi-Caps University, Indore on 02 March 2019.
** Attended two days National Seminar on “Conservation of Rare & Endangered plant species for medicinal use” organized by Charak Institute of Pharmacy, Mandleshwar, on 04- 05 April 2019.
** Attended 19th IPA Pharma meet “Emerging prospect of pharmaceutical in academia and industry a global pharma vision” organized by IPA ,MP state branch on 07 April 2019.
** Attended National Conference on Recent Advancements in Pharmaceutical and Bioscience organized by Oriental University Indore on 17 September,2019

Membership  :
**  Brand Ambassador of Bentham Science Publisher.
** Life time member of Foundation of Health and Environment Research New Delhi (FHER). Registration no. FHER/LM/19/229.
** Life time member of Pharmaceutical Royal International Society (PRISAL) New Delhi, membership no. PRISAL/LM-182/19.
** Reader & Reviewer of Journal of Science and Technology Advances.
** Reviewer of Journal of Environment and Life Sciences.
** Reader & Reviewer of International Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences.
** Reader & Reviewer of Asian Journal of Pharmaceutics.

Others  :
** Convener of Two days National Workshop on “Analytical Techniques used in Screening of Herbal Drugs” held at SBPI on 28th -29th September, 2016.
** Co- Convener of Two days National Workshop on “Recent trends & Emerging Challenges in Life Style Diseases Managements” held at BMCPER on 10-11th March 2016.

Personal Profile  :
Name  : Deepak Ku. Birla
Father’s Name  : Mr. Narayan Birla
Date of birth  : 03 Aug 1985
Marital Status  : Married
Language Known  : Hindi, English.

Declaration  :
I hereby declare that the above information given is best to my knowledge.

Date  :
Place  :


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