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MEP Director/Manager Resume Sample, Experience : >20 years

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Name of the Candidate:Dr.Syed Javeed Hussain
Name of the Post Applied:MEP Director/Manager
Job related skills / software:Prepare packages of documentation for area / equipment turnovers Interface with project management and client, Estimate and scope Mechanicaltrades during pre-construction, Review Contract Documents, making suggestions/modifications as they relate to the Mechanicaltrades.
Category:Site / Construction
Sub Category:Maintenance Engineer / Manager
Years of Experience:>20 years
Salary Expected per Month(Rs):Negotiable
Highest Qualification attained:Ph.D. / PhD : Doctor of Philosophy
Major / Specialization:Mechanical
Email Id:drsyedjaveed51 AT gmail.com
Are you looking for job now?:Yes
Can the recruiter contact you?:Yes
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Dr. Syed Javeed Hussain
House # T-5-993/115B/32 Zamzam colon,
Post & Dist : Gulbarga -585104, Karnataka-India
Contact : +91 959 160 7486 / drsyedjaveed51 AT gmail.com

Professional Profile :
A Self motivated, hard working Professional Mechanical Engineer with 29 years of experience within the construction industry in the middle east 24 years of which 16 years as a Senior MEP Project Manager. Innovation and thorough. Can apply practical, effective solutions even for the most difficult problems due to exemplary organisational and communication skills combined with robust analytical abilities.

Excels at liaising and negotiating with stakeholders and local authorities to satisfy all involved parties and expedite procedures. Dynamic diligent, is able to coordinate and motivate team to produce high quality institute while ensuring compliance to all relevant health and safety regulations.

With proven track record in managing project costs and resources allocation, is a potential asset for any company looking for a reliable team player with experience in various construction projects including high rise building, 5 & 7 Hotels, Multi space Mosques, Oil & Gas facilities. Air base facilities, Industrial facilities, Water & Waste water treatments, Reverse Osmoses plant, education establishments, storage facilities, metro rails, hospital, health facilities and sub stations.

Key Expertise :
** MEP Project Management Construction Management
** Site Supervision and Coordination Budget Analysis Cost Control
** Engineering and technical Support Vendor Relations / Material Management
** Design Reviews and Analysis Control MEP Installation, Testing & Commissioning
** Strategic Planning and Management Safety Procedures / Quality Control
** Estimation and Techno-commercial Operation Risk Management
** Resource Planning and Management Communication Management
** Contract Terms & Conditions Design Reviews / Analysis & Control
** Stakeholder Management Team Management

Career Summery :
Dec 2015 – date ACC Cement Pvt. Ltd. Gulbarga, India

Senior MEP Project Manager :
** Working diligently to facilitate timely attainment of project goal within set budget in accordance with customer expectations and the highest standards of quality in the industry.
** Monitoring project operations to evaluate progress and implement corrective action as required.
** Maintaining clear lines of communication with consultant, Client and local authorities to promote amicable professional relationships, ensure mutual understanding on all issues, expedite the successful completion of necessary procedures, obtain approval for MEP works and provide effective practical solutions for any problems.
** Developing budget and examining variances between projected and actual cost by thoroughly analysis available data with appropriate indicators and accurate interpreting performance difference; Conducting all necessary procedures to resolve relevant issues in a timely fashion.
** Compiling periodic reports for senior management including status of budgets, variance / change claims, schedules, disputes, upcoming activities and safety records; Reporting any vital information regarding site activities to Head Office.
** Ensuring compliance with health & Safety regulations, and technical adherence with terms of contract, General / Particular Specifications, QCS 2010, QCDD Standards. Contract Drawings and BOQ.
** Evaluating the requirement of all project resources according to schedule, and arranging for timely availability of material, machinery and manpower.
** Overseeing the planning, scheduling and mobilising of resources including materials and manpower

Projects :
Electro-Mechanical Project : Assumed full responsibility of project including Mechanical Electrical & Plumbing such as ELV, HVAC, Fire Fighting, Drainage, Water supply and Pneumatic Waste systems.

Jan 2008 – Dec.2015 Saudi Binladin Group :
** Senior MEP Project Manager
** Reviewed project estimates in cooperation with the project team to minimize costs and gain a comprehensive understanding of all including conditions requirements, deliverables and risks.
** Oversaw the effective execution of project related activities under top management instructions.
** Assumed responsibility for the planning and scheduling of all major project activities to ensure successful completion of the project in a timely fashion.
** Assessed and managed project resources to ensure optimum cost-effectiveness while maintaining high standards of quality and safely in accordance with client requirements and company policies.
** Cultivated a productive, amiable working relationship with the client to swiftly resolve outstanding issues, ensure mutual understanding of client expectations and develop contract opportunities.
** Ensured inspections and testing plans are conducted in a timely manner to specifications, drawings, submittals and other relevant parameters.
** Conducted follow up meetings with various departments within the company on related matters.
** Examined and thoroughly evaluated drawings and specification; provided technical clearance.
** Obtained all necessary clearance, approvals and permissions in a timely fashion from the statury authorities during the execution of the project.
** Ensured timely submittal and approval of samples, drawings, design details, work procedures, method statements, schedules and programs.
** Cooperated closely with the Planning Engineer to schedule and plan all project activities in line with the Master program.
** Participated in all project related meetings with Client, Engineer and Sub-contractor, Reported proceedings back to the Operation Manager.
** Handled all project related instruction from the client Engineer and Sub-contractor, Implemented effective measures in cooperation’s with senior management.
** Issued all notices to the client, Engineer and sub-contractor at the behest of senior management.
** Assumed responsibility for contractual issues related to daily operations of the project.
** Managed staff / Labour in the project; Determined Technical and General project requirement.

Projects :
Project Handled & Completed :
1. New Al Masa’a Project- Makah
2. Harm Extension- Makah
3. 5 Star Anjum Hotel Project – Makah
4. 5 star Security Building. – Makah
5. 300 Bed Hospitals– Makah

March 2005 - January 2008 CCE Pvt. Ltd.KJO / ARAMCO :
** Senior MEP Project Manager
** Assumed responsibility for all project Electrical Works and procurements of all electrical items.
** Ensured proper installation, Testing and Commissioning of Bar, LV panel, MDB, SMDB, DB, MCC, Capacitor Banks, Transformer, DG Set, Emergency / Internal / External light fixtures, Car Park Ventilation Systems, AV System. CCTV System, Access Control System, Gate Barrier Systems, BMS System, CO Detection system, Structural Cabling system, Active and Passive component system, Fire Alarm system, Public Address System and more.
** Participated in project related meetings with client, Engineers, sub-contractors and other stakeholders; Reported proceedings the Chief / Head of building Construction.
** Examined design drawings to ensure adherence to local and international codes of practice.
** Appointed and coordinated the construction supervision team to ensure unencumbered operations.
** Conducted feasibility studies, needs, assessment surveys and project risk analyses to recommend evidence based course of action according to client goals and demands.
** Contributed in properly implementing government approved development procedures, concepts and methodologies in designing and completing projects.
** Assumed responsibility for interfacing of BMS system with the Electro-mechanical system.
** Ensured proper implementation of contract specifications, international standards, local standard and authority requirements.
** Checked voltage drop calculation as per site condition for the cable size, cable rating etc.
** Handed over electrical system to client with proper close out documents such as As Built drawings, Operation Manuals, Specialist system training to client etc.

Projects :
Project Handled & Completed :
1. Neighbourhood Development Project – Al Khafji (MEP Utilities)
2. Sewage lift stations 2Nos
3. Friday Mosque (Occupying 2000).
4. 5 star Schools 6 Nos. (Elementary, High school & Intermediate)
5. Water distribution Plant.
6. Fire fighting Pump station.

March 2002 - March 2005 Mansouriya Trading & Contracting Co. :
** Senior MEP Project Manager
** Designated by Ministry of Health, to supervise the Construction of King Fahd Specialist Hospital Project Dammam, which were finally handed over to Ministry of Health Riyadh.
** Prepare packages of documentation for area / equipment turnovers Interface with project management and client..
** Estimate and scope Mechanicaltrades during pre-construction.
** Review Contract Documents, making suggestions/modifications as they relate to the Mechanicaltrades.
** Manage and lead MEP Contractor, subcontractors throughout duration of the project (from Groundbreaking through Commissioning and Turnover to Owner).
** Assist Scheduling department with developing detailed CPM schedules for all Mechanicalinstallation activities, including cost and resource loading.
** Review and approve material and equipment for MEP systems prior to installation.
** Monitor the installation and start-up of Mechanicalsystems and commissioning of project with Engineer & Owner...
** Lead and direct the 3-D coordination process to resolve all conflicts prior to start of installations..
** Supervise, review and coordination of Material submittals, shop drawings, Method statements
** Complying with the Building, Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing Codes wherever applicable.
** Experienced dealing with MEP subcontracts and subcontractors.
** Directs the development and approves design guides, standard specifications, work processes, and engineering procedures for the department
** Oversaw and managed the planning, Designing, Engineering, and proper installation of electrical systems including power supply, distribution HV, MV & LV, ELV systems such as fire alarm & Central battery system, Lighting control, CCTV system, Access Control system, and BMS system.
** Liaised and coordinated with various stakeholders including Consultant, Client and Sub-contractors.
** Prepared budget estimates as well as Method Statements and control schedules.
** Researched industrial processes to determine where and how equipment could be properly utilized.
** Recommended and implemented innovative measures to improve employee motivation protection methods, equipment performance product quality and overall efficiency.

Projects :
Project Handled & Completed :

Hospital Main Building.
2. Sewage Treatment Plant 4000 cubic feet /day
3. Water Treatment Plant 4000 cubic feet /day
4. Friday Mosque (Occupying 1000 Persons).
5. Screen Clinic
6. Under ground war shelter Hospital (200 Beds) with car parking
7. Rehabilitation centre.
8. Recreation Centre
9. Residential buildings including VIP Villas.
10. Irrigation systems for all open areas

August 2000 – March 2002 Al – Jazira Engineers & Consultant - Jeddah,KSA  :
** Senior MEP Engineer
** Responsible for direct supervision monitoring &inspection quality assurance of different mechanical services installation such as HVAC, FM-200, Deluge Valve System / Sprinkler System, for the power transformer, external foul & storm drainage system and fuel oil system.
** Also responsible for assisting review co-ordinated shop drawings for all mechanical services in compliances to client design / drawings.
** Involvement for Testing & commissioning for the abovementioned system.
** Supervise and coordinate the efforts of inspectors, field engineers, and office engineers.
** Perform periodic audits of QA/Q programs.
** Perform field inspections.
** Maintain inspection records.
** Determine requirements for remedial corrective actions and implements.
** Track and report QA progress and identify issues.
** Prepare action plans for resolution of issues.
** Prepare information for submittals, RFIs, O&M manuals and other technical documentation.
** Compile punch lists, testing, and commissioning.
** Involvement & Witnessing for Testing & commissioning for the above mentioned system.

Project Handled & Completed :
1. Al-Jamia 380/110/13.8 KV Power Station S/S Jeddah.
2. Marwa 110/13.8 KV S/S Jeddah.
3. Mushrefah 110/ 13.8 KV S/S Jeddah.
4. 110KV S/S King Khalid National Guard Hospital, Jeddah.
5. 110 / 13.8 KV Mina -2 S/S Makah

July1997 - June 2000 Saudi Binladin Group & Turner Management (J.V).KSA  :
** Senior Quality Control Engineer(Mechanical)
** Responsible for direct Supervision, monitoring & inspection quality control &assurance of various mechanical activities and building Services such as potable water and Hot water distribution system, plumbing, LPG System, compressed air System, HVAC & refrigeration System, steam boiler generation, thermal energy Storage (test) System, Swimming pool & water Origin fountain equipment, chilled water and Glycol System, Irrigation System, Fire protection systems, building Management System external foul & storm drainage system and Fuel Oil System, chilled water System.
** The Quality Assurance on site working closely with the Major construction site Quality Assurance Manager and The Mechanical Construction team monitoring that the Contractor achieves Works assurance by complying with following duties and responsibilities.
** Contract quality standards specifications and requirements.

Functionally the Contractor’s responds to the Quality Assurance Manager and shall :
** Review Contractors Quality documentation and prior the commencement of Works.
** Review Contractor ITP to identify PMC Inspection & Testing monitoring activities (Personnel required; frequency; Hold, witness and surveillance points).
** Provide QA/QC leadership and guidance to the MechanicalConstruction team.
** In coordination with the MEP and Civil Construction Teams, liaise with Contractor and monitor field QA/QC activity and quality related KPIs.
** Release notifications of Non-Conformities and follow up their resolution.
** Follow up and report Contractors Non-Conformities Preventive & Corrective actions.
** Establish a reporting system for Non-Conformities, Preventive & Corrective actions and Inspection & Testing monitoring activities.

Project Handled & Completed :
1. Al Faisallia Tower (45 Story)
2. 7 Star Hotel (1500 Rooms)
3. 5 Star Apartment (1200 Apartments)
3. Commercial Mall
4. Banquet Hall

March 1994 - May 1997 Zuhair Fayez & partnership Consultant Jeddah, KSA :
** MEP Engineer
** Assigned in both project at King Fahd Air Base, Taif and Riyadh Air Base, Riyadh, were responsible in monitoring & survey site activities with respect to mechanical & Building service trades / system such as HVAC, plumbing, Fire protection, chilled water, potable water, sewage treatment plant, ventilation plant, compressed Air, Diesel power Generation & to determine in compliance with application specification, drawing, standards, code of practice, quality system Notice, Deviation Notice & Technical Query.
** Monitoring the Testing & commissioning of all system mentioned in compliance to design Specification requirement.

Project Handled & Completed :
1. King Fahd Air Base, Taif (25 Underground war personnel shelters,
15 F-15 & F-16 Air craft’s shelters, Sectors Commend building)
2. Riyadh Air Base, Riyadh, (Sectors Commend building)
March 1993 - March 1994 Pan Arabian Trading Est.(Construction Division)

Project Mechanical Engineer :
Responsible for review of contract documents, plans & specification related to material Submittals, prepared HVAC, plumbing design, shop drawing and project work schedules submitted to Consultant / client for approval. Also overall coordination & supervision of site activities in implementation of various trades/ System such as HVAC, plumbing, LPG potable water, Compressed Air, water & sewage treatment, & Diesel Emergency generations.

May 1989 – March 1993 Hindustan Construction Co., Mumbai – INDIA :
Project Mechanical Engineer
Responsible of implementing procedure for inter-project Communication like submittals, shop drawings, Schedules Contract application, resolution of Contracts, recommendations, procurement, work program & Organisation, Coordination & monitor detailed work progress Schedules Co-ordination all other trades regarding interface works to assure effective implementation & execution with design and Specification’s requirement. Also responsible of site Supervision for the installation of Ductworks, potable, water, pumps, Storm water, Domestic water, drainage systems, HVAC & Fire protection sprinkler System as per NFPA- and Utilities.

Academic Education & Qualification  :
** PhD Mechanical Engineering from California University (FCE) USA
** DMS (Doctor of Management) - Ballsbridge University- Common wealth of Dominica.

Certifications :
** Doctorate of the Institution of Chartered Professional(DICP) from ICP- Common Wealth of Dominica

Personnel Details :
Date of Birth : 22 January 1965
Language Known : English, Arabic, Urdu, Kannada, Hindi
Permanent Adress : House # T-5-993/115B/32, Near Nasirya Masjid, Zamzam colony, Hagerga
Road Post & District : Gulbarga – 585104, Karnataka – INDIA
Driving Licence : Valid Saudi & India Driving Licences
Passport No. : Z 2917248
Current Salay : Furnished upon Request
Expected Salary : Furnished upon Request
Notice Period : 1 month or less.

Date :
Place  :


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