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HVAC Commissioning Engineer Resume Sample, Experience : 12 years



Name of the Candidate:[Private]
Name of the Post Applied:HVAC Commissioning Engineer
Job related skills / software:HVAC Analyzers, Electrical and mechanical component analysis capability, Refrigerant analysis capability, Familiar with air-cooled and water cooled reciprocating chillers Familiar with rotary screw chillers.
Category:Design Engineering
Sub Category:HVAC Designer / Design Engineer
Years of Experience:12 years
Salary Expected per Month(Rs):90,000 to 1,00,000
Highest Qualification attained:B.E. / BE : Bachelor of Engineering
Major / Specialization:Instrumentation
Email Id:[Private]
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Address : Cross 16, Nawaf, Khobar,KSA.
E : kspuri4 AT gmail.com,crudeoilinwater AT gmail.com
M : 00966595273934, Pak: 00923452281135
Skype : k_s_puri

A position of dynamic and energetic person to work as HVAC Commissioning Engineer with growth potential and challenging environment to utilize my technical experience for better prospects of organization.

** Currently waiting for a project in Hafouf Palace for M/S Shaan International Contractor for diagnostic of cooling Pump balancing.
** Detail study and evaluation of Robotic Chiller duct cleaning system for IRTS Robotics , USA ( Khobar Branch ).
** Maintain, operate and troubleshoot all types of chiller systems.
** Able to troubleshoot and correctly diagnose electrical, control and mechanical failures troubleshooting/repairing screw,
** reciprocating and centrifugal chillers.
** Electrical circuit analysis capability.
** Electrical and mechanical component analysis capability.
** Refrigerant analysis capability.
** Ability to accurately report problem situations.
** Familiar with air-cooled and water cooled reciprocating chillers Familiar with rotary screw chillers.
** Testing of Instrumentation in Chiller, Know how to detect which elements leaks in cooling water, In and Out Flow water, Controlling of Chiller Fans, Monitoring and testing of Vac and Amp, Fault diagnostic such as Flow meter, pressure transmitters, circuit breaks, earth leakage , over current problems.
** Fault diagnostic such as thermostat, over cooling, compressor failure, Know how to control in flow and out flow so that tube and internal electronics could be operate on safe side. Aramco closed water loops.
** Leaks in cooling water from surrounding process plant water especially sabic.
** Very strong knowledge on the cooling water problem solutions.
** Most of the time I recommended Tasnee Petrochemical PLANT solution on monitoring Chiller’s cooling water.
** Evaluation of the wooden cooling tower in term of the water circulation and the factor involve in the contamination of the water from the process.
** Wind resistance and to check out tower stability.
** Extensive operational survey on the degradation of wooden tower while use for the extremely dirty water and bacterial affects.
** Site servicing of equipment e.g. dismantling, reassembly, and commissioning of all makes of plate heat exchangers, Plate degreasing, descaling and assivation in heated baths Plate inspection Re-gasketing, Pressure testing, replacement plates for all brands of plate heat exchangers.
** Replacement gaskets for all brands of plate heat exchangers in various materials e.g. nitrile, EPDM, butyl, viton, hypalon and silicon.
** Site servicing of all makes and types of cooling towers;
** Full refurbishment of all makes and types of cooling towers;
** Spare parts including fans, motors , drives, couplings, motors, fill (packing), distribution piping and nozzles, drill eliminators and louvers;
** Refurbishment of fan blades,
** Alignment of fan drives.
** Maintenance (Cooling Towers and Plate Heat Exchangers) as per the specific make.
** Interaction with SKM, cooling tower and Chiller company regarding comprehensive fault diagnostic, maintenance and failure remedies.
** Possess in depth knowledge of proposal and planning, detailed HVAC design as per ASHRAE CODES,
** HVAC load calculation, ventilation calculation, ducting and piping layout, creating drawings, issuing BOQ,
** Euipment selection, site supervision, Quantity surveying, Billing & verification, coordination & field engineering.
** Well aware of ASHRAE, Aramco & SEC international standards of HVAC design & its erection.
** Strong technical expertise of piping, pipe supports, valves, related components in related to construction, planning, fabrication, erection, welding, inspection and hydro testing.
** Engineering, Technical assistance in procurement, Supervision in construction and commissioning of all HVAC system of approx.
** 2500 Refrigeration Tons capacity Consisting of Air Cooled screw chillers, package units, Dx-coil based air handling units, ducted split units ,ventilation fans & GRV’s at Qurayyah combine cycle power plant, KSA
** ** Engineering, Technical assistance in procurement, Supervision in construction and commissioning of all HVAC system of approx. 3000 Refrigeration Tons capacity Consisting of Air Cooled screw chillers, package units, Dx-coil based air handling units, ducted split units ,ventilation fans & GRV’s at PP-10 combine cycle power plant, KSA
** ** Site planning & Supervision in installation all pipe work of Deluge, sprinkler & Novec firefighting system at Qurayyah combine cycle power plant Making a comparison between different HVAC equipment costs, capital and monthly costs of systems.
** Preparation of technical room data sheets, HVAC heat load calculations based on ASHRAE standards.
** ** Performing design calculations manually and in HAP software calculations
** ** Preparation of data sheets, specification and material requisition for HVAC system such as Chiller, AHU, package unit, ducts, VAV, single fan filter, Exhaust fans, HVAC control panel, etc

Project  :Mathanol Plant Sabic Ibn Sina Hydrocarbon Analyzer
Description : Commissioning, Installation and Testing of Oil in Water Analyzer against most complex multiple composition of Hydrocarbons in Waste Water.

Project : Shedgum GOSP -4, Water cut Analyzer
Description : Rectification of the 0.04% of Water in crude oil Analyzer.

Project : GOSP Plant Mubarraz Aramco GOSP 7 & 8
Description : Commissioning of TD 4100XD for an applications such as Crude oil, in produced water. Comprehensive study on the produced Water reference to hydrocarbons with hydrogen Sulphide concentration in ppm and it disposal to Aramco closed drain system via engineered pressurized pumping system.

Project : Sharq & Aramco Remote Monitoring
Description : Installation, Commissioning & testing of Phoenix Industrial remote monitoring with Tensiometer (Analyzer) for Aramco and multiple TOC Analyzer Servers for SHARQ, SABIC and respectively at 2.42GHZ, enabled them to monitor all analyzer peaks.

Project : Desalination Plant, Shuaibah, Jeddah
Description : Commissioning of TD 4100 Analyzer. Calibrated with various Hydrocarbons such as diesel, marine diesel & solvents along with training to Jeddah Shuaiba RO desalination plant.

Project : Cracker Unit TASNEE Petrochemical
Description : Commissioned Analyzer against their effluent waste water having hydrocarbons up to the limit of 120 ppm.

Project : Rastanura Refiner: Oil in Water Analyzers
Description : Commissioning of Analyze to detect hydrocarbons in the sea water up to 100 ppm to 1000 ppm.

Project  : Khafji Bonetti H2S Mixed Water Online Analyzer
Description : Inpsection and decommissioning of Oil in Water Hydrocarbon Analyzer for Khafji Saudi Aramco executed trouble shooting, fault diagnostic, maintenance, replacement of analyzer mother boards and UV laser also included in the assignment.

Such analyzer responsible for taking online water sample that contains traces of H2S gas near by Hydrogen Sulphide Scrabber Unit.

Project  : Aramco Uthamnia Hydrocarbon in Produced Water Analyzer
Description : Installation, Commissioning and Training of Analyzer to detect 50 ppm of Hydrocarbons in Produced Water using non flammable media.

Project  : SAMREF, Yanbu, HF Laser Gas Analyzer
Description : Conducted Commissioning, testing and assisting in the installation of the Boreal Laser Gas Analyzer for HF detection to cover open area of 50 meters in SAMREF, Saudi Arabia. Analyzer’s detection capability has been testing by HF gas Bump Tester. Two Channel of Laser heads connected via Fiber optics.

Project : Saudi Aramco Dhahran Online Multipurpose Mass Spectrometer
Description : Assisted in the commissioning and testing of Online Mass Spectrometer in Combustion section of R&D Saudi Aramco for the real time (online) detection and measurement of the NO, CO2, and other components in the exhaust of an engine while feeding engine with Naptha.

Project : Saudi Aramco R&D Corrosion Detection Monitoring Working with R&D, Saudi Aramco on project based on remote industrial wireless monitoring section of corrosion analyzer, that suppose to commission in Rastanura Refinery.

Project : Saudi Aramco Pipeline Crack Detection Analyzer & Remote Monitoring
Description : TSC inspection Analyzer was configured and it remote link has been designed locally and linked it with Analzer so that Inspector can see the cracks that occurs inside pipe wall up to a distance of 700meters via RF single sample unit design as per special request from Aramco Inspection department of Dhahran.

Project : Saudi Aramco RTU Abquaiq Pipeline RTU Monitoring. 2010
Description : Self designed RF Industrial Wireless Link was linked up with Aramco RTU Units and demonstrated all the reading coming up from different locations of Aramco on a single Monitor up to distance of 700 meters. All units of the RF system was imported separately and integrated inside to constitute a complete link.

Project : Miscellaneous Hydrocarbon Analyzers 2015-2016

Description :
** Repairing , Maintenance and Calibration of many crude oil in Water Analyzers that used by the third party for the site quick inspection and testing
** Using experience on Hydrocarbon in Water, suggest customer like Saudi Aramco and Sabic for right analyzer against their exact requirement after analysis of sample reports and other field parameters.
** Commissioning, Installation & concrete corrosion sample testing on ACM corrosion Analyzer for KFUPM, along with training to end users.
** Study Oil gas downhole water in crude detection problems and finding solution with various international companies and oil gas institutes throughout USA.
** Attended OTC Houston USA, ADIPEC Abhu Dhabi, Arab lab Dubai and MEOS Bahrain to find out the latest technology in the hydrocarbon Instruments, remote monitoring and laser detection.
** Visited several times Saudi Aramco CSD Engineering and many other location in order to introduce and promote Hydrocarbon in Water and Water in hydrocarbon analyzers.
** Projects are commissioning and testing of online Oil in Water Analzyers at Khafjee Saudi Aramco, Bonatte, Carlogavazzi and BAPCO Bahrain. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE Diversified Lines for Petroleum Services Alkhobar, [2008 to date]

Working as “ Instrument & Telecom (Analyzer Commissioning ) Engineer

B.E 1998-99
Certification : Fiber Optics
Certification : Radyne RF Equipments

** Gas Chromatography (Hydrocarbons) CIC, India 2015 GC training covers Colum and especially detectors like FID & TCD Injectors, Integration of auto samplers with GC.
** Retention timing of the analysis of the ethanol in water was highly focused with respect to the hydrocarbon sample and carrier gases.
** Focus on the Moisture extractors and it integration with GC to compose a laboratory DGA Dissolve
** Gas Analyzer for the detail analysis of presence of the critical gases in the hydrocarbon mixture.
** Emphasized on the analysis of dissolved gases in transformer oil.
** Components : H2, O2, N2, CH4, CO, CO2, C2H2, C2H4, C2H6. C3 and C4 components.
** Online E09, Oil in Waste, Produced, Process and Sea Water Analyzers from Turner Design Hydrocarbon Instruments, California,U.S.A. November 2013.
** NDT, High Power XRAYS Instruments for Crude Pipe Line Inspection , from VJ Technologies, New York , November 2013
** Online Hydrogen Sulphide in Crude Oil Process Analyzer, from Analytical System KECO, Houston , USA 2012.
** Crude Oil Samplers, from Welker Engineering, Sugar Land , USA, May 2012.
** Turner Design Hydrocarbons Instruments Fresno California, USA. Nov 2009.
** For Refinery, Gas Oil Separation Plant, Process Crude Oil, Light Oil, Heavy Oil, Fuel Oil, Medium and Marine fuel online, Lab and Hand Held Analyzers.
** Training on their online Oil in Waste Water, Process Water, Drinking Water and Produced Water Analyzers that comprised calibration for an Online Analyzers, Lab and Hand Held Analyzers, low range ppb to high ppm test & calibration solution for different concentration, fault diagnostic and their rectification such as analyzer mother board, Fluorescence Lamp, Optical Filters, sample pump, sample drain pump, vortex cooler, Chopper Motor and Power Section.
** PHASE DYNAMIC, Dallas, Texas, USA Water Cut Analyzers (November 2009 ) 32 Hours training comprising concept of RF Water & Crude oil oscillator and operation of the water cut analyzer. Operation in GOSP & refineries.
** Fault diagnostic, rectification, maintenance and replacement of microwave sensor.

Marital Status  : Married
Nationality  : Pakistani
Transferable Languages  : English, Urdu, Punjabi, Basic Arabic.



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