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Embedded Developer Resume Sample, Experience : 1 years



Name of the Candidate:[Private]
Name of the Post Applied:Embedded Developer
Job related skills / software:C, C++, Data Structres, ASM, 8051, ARM, Embedded System Design Engineer
Category:Design Engineering
Sub Category:Embedded System Design Engineer
Years of Experience:1 years
State:Andhra Pradesh
Salary Expected per Month(Rs):20,000 to 25,000
Highest Qualification attained:M.TECH
Major / Specialization:EMBEDDED SYSTEMS
Email Id:[Private]
Are you looking for job now?:Yes
Can the recruiter contact you?:Yes
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Objective  :
To pursue a demanding career and continue pace with the ever changing requirements in the industry by acquiring new skills and awareness with the most up-to-date technologies.

Experience  :
Established a academic project training Institute and worked in it for two years as a programmer for the 8-bit and 32-bit controllers.

Hands on experience on I2C(Inter Integrated Chip), Serial Peripheral Interface(SPI).

Skill Sets / Domain Knowledge  :
Language C, C++, Assembly, Microcontroller 8051, LPC2148, Operating System Windows 98/2000, Windows XP, Linux

Tools  :
Keil, Proteus, Orcad

Academic Qualifications  :
M.Tech (Embedded System Design)  : Basavaraju krishna Bhai college of engineering, Hyderabad (Pursuing )
BE(Electronics & Communication)  : Joginapalli BR engineering college, Hyderabad, 2009, 63.66%.
Diploma  : Govt Polytechnic Nizambad, Nizambad, 2006, 72.5%
SSC  : VishwaBharathi Vidyalayam, Nizambad, 2003, 85.5%

1 Railway track fault detection using GSM and GPS  :
This project was implemented basically with the help of ARM microcontroller controller and it was specially programmed so that it can implement the fault detection algorithm for the Railway track cracks without any human intervention. UART Communication is established for GSM and GPS interfacing lpc2148 controller.
As soon as cracks or damage in cracks is detected, that particular location is grasped with GPS and same location is sent as an sms to the recue team, control room, along with the station master inorder to prevent the accidents.

Language  : Embedded c.

Tools  :Keil IDE

2 Tongue Drive System  :
Hall effect sensor is interfaced with LPC2148 Controller. Hall effect sensor is magnetic sensor which detects the magnetic field and transforms the magnetic field in to electric filed which is sensed by the controller to perform the necessary operation. RF communication is established between the tongue drive system and the wheel chair prototype model in which the Hall Effect field was generated by the user to control the wheel chair. DC motors were interfaced with the ARM controller to control the wheel chair movements.

Language  : Embedded c.

Tools  :Keil IDE

3. Remote Power on/off control for Home electrical appliances based on Zigbee
Zigbee communication is established between master and slave using 8052 controller. Zigbee transmitter is equipped with switches for transmitting control commands to the receiver. Receiver is coordinated using 8052 controller for controlling electrical appliances.

Research and Development, Microcontrollers

Declaration  :
I here by declare that all the above mentioned details are true and genuine to best of my knowledge.

Place  : Hyderabad
Date  : 03/07/2013


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