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Commercial Officer Resume Sample, Experience : 12 years

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Name of the Candidate:[Private]
Name of the Post Applied:Commercial Officer
Job related skills / software:Checking All invoices & Supporting documents dispatched materials Loose,Packing Product, By products, wastes/scrapped materials and job works process etc,.
Category:Stores / Purchase
Sub Category:Commercial Manager / Commercial Executive
Years of Experience:12 years
Salary Expected per Month(Rs):25,000 to 30000
Highest Qualification attained:Diploma
Major / Specialization:Bussiness Adminiatration
Email Id:[Private]
Are you looking for job now?:Yes
Can the recruiter contact you?:Yes
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Resume Format / CV Sample Template / Example / Model :


Plot no-105-A, Dhara Residence, Nr.Lilasha kutiya, Adipur (Kutch).
ronakpatel3339 AT gmail.com

1) Indian business management school Diploma in business administration , 2013-14
2) C.L. PATEL Technical High School Computer added civil draftsman & architecture design, 2004-05

To find a challenging position in the FMCG industry with committed and dedicated people where.I can utilize my specialized knowledge, skills and experience to produce time bound, exceptional results.

Operating software and Programs Microsoft Windows,Ubantu,IBM Lotus Mail,Thunderbird mail,Microsoft outlook,Microsoft Office, Kingsoft Office, Microsoft Navision 2009 ERP, SAP GUI version ( SD,MM,FI Module ), Multiple browser (Google crome,internet explorer, mozila firefox) also known tally and PageMaker,DTP etc,.

Ruchi soya industries limited -Gandhidham -- Sep-2013 to continue... :
Commercial Officer,
** Sales documentation, Sales Accounting, Logistics and Supply chain.
** Checking All invoices & Supporting documents dispatched materials Loose,Packing Product, By products, wastes/scrapped materials and job works process etc,.
** Responsible for commercial activities, dispatches against different types of sales like normal/direct sales,institutional sales,consumer sales,modern trade,consignments sales,branch transfer and job work process.
** Coordination with port operations team for Crude materials inward ( received ) Process.
** Coordination with Packing & Loose oil Production department Quality department, Loading ( Dispatch ) department and Security department For Outward material ( dispatch) Process.
** Responsible for dispatches against traded by trading department.
** Responsible for sales contract, purchase contract,waste / scrapped material contract bookings in SAP and issue Sales delivery order / Purchase order as per customers requirements.
** Coordinations with sales depots for Branch transfer transaction and dispatches.
** Coordination with IT Teams for resolved problems during system process and documentation process.
** Responsible for checking and fills up road permit ( way bill ) state wise whenever required.
** Coordination with parties, broker and transporter and trading hub for dispatch process.
** Maintain relationship with customers, vendors and transporter.
** Payments follow-up, accounts updating,Credit/Debit notes issue,clearings and reconciliation etc,

JMD Oils Pvt Ltd -Gandhidham (Jun-2008 to Sep-2013) :
Commercial Officer,
** Sales documentation,Sales Accounting,Supply Chain.
** Checking All invoices & Supporting documents dispatched materials Loose,Packing Product, By Products, wastes/scrapped materials and job works process etc,.Booked Sales,purchase contracts and generation sales order,Purchase order in Microsoft navision erp systems,coordination with Parties,Brokers and Transporter etc,.
** checking All excise and non excise invoices against dispatched materials in tankers and trucks.

filling Gujarat and other state borders forms whenever required through online and manually.
** Daily reconciliation received loose oil reports and dispatched material reports.
** Making GRN/MRN Received Crude oil from port and Refined oil purchased by parties.
** Prepared daily dispatch reports (all loose oil & finished Goods like Good Health,Vital,Sainik vanaspati,Priya etc,.
** coordinations with all sales depots,marketing,logistics, production, refinery,tank farm, purchase and accounts departments etc,.
** Operating Computerized weighbridge capacity of 50 matric tons.
** Payments recovery of Bulk,Consumer Packed and By products materials dispatched parties.

S.R. Bricks (Mar-2005 to May-2008) :
** Sales,purchases,production and finance etc,.
** Responisible for all commercial activities likes Row material purchase, Daily Production,instruments purchase, products sales, Billing process, payment recovery and follow-up, managed relationship with vendors and customers,man power arranging,sales and purchase materials.
** Handling Products, By Products, waste and scrap sales and Purchasing Raw materials,instrument etc,.
** Handling production process,target and quality.
** Handling man powers work distribution and hiring labours.
** Handling financial activities labours payments, Vendors Payments, Customers Payment recovery,Payment Follow-up and banking work etc,
** Maintained Vendors, Customers Requirements, relationship.

Current Salary  :- 17,900/- Per mont (CTC).
Expected  :- 25000/- per month (CTC)

Declaration  :
I hear Declare that all Above information is true the best of my knowledge & belief.

Date  :
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