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Commissioning Process Operator Resume Sample, Experience : 18 years

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Name of the Candidate:[Private]
Name of the Post Applied:Commissioning Process Operator
Job related skills / software:Handling Pumps, Compressors, Exchangers
Category:Site / Construction
Sub Category:Process Engineer
Years of Experience:18 years
State:Tamil Nadu
Salary Expected per Month(Rs):Negotiable
Highest Qualification attained:Diploma
Major / Specialization:Petrochemical
Email Id:[Private]
Are you looking for job now?:No
Can the recruiter contact you?:No
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Resume Format / CV Sample Template / Example / Model :


Objective :
To work in a challenging work environment thereby proving my competence in the Competitive industry and improving team work.

Scholastics :
Diploma (Petrochemical Engineering) from CPCL Polytechnic, Chennai, India.
Certificate course (Refrigeration & Air-Conditioning), Chennai.
Boiler Operator certificate from Government of India, Chennai

Synopsis :
Commissioning of Hydrogen generation plant..
Adsorbents and activated carbon loading for pressure swing adsorber.
Catalyst deduction for shift reactors and reformers.
Deft in handling various process equipments i.e. Pumps, Compressors, Exchangers, columns, reactors, heaters, boilers, incinerators and vessels etc.
Achievement oriented, hardworking & dedicated with strong leadership/well honed skills in supervising and getting work from field process operators.
Meticulous and structured approach with super planning & implementation skills.
Excellent man-management, time management, and leadership skills.

Employment Scan  :
1. Since Mar-2011  :associated with HMEL Refinery in Bhathinda, Punjab as a
Field Engineer Through Brunel India Pvt Ltd in VGO & Diesel Hydrotreater. (DHDT) 3 MMTPA .
Loop Checking
Making Punch points.
Format dilution .
Verification of Process and instrumentation diagrams.
Inspection of Columns and Vessels.
Accomplished responsibility for commissioning of VGO &Diesel Hydrotreater unit.

2 May-2010 to Nov 2010 : associated with NaftoGaz India Pvt. Ltd. , in Bina, Madhyapradesh as a Commissioning Supervisor for Bharat Oman Refineries Project (Hydrogen generation unit.)
Chemical Passivation.
Refractory Dry out and boiler boil out.
Close and long loop nitrogen circulation.
Nitrogen circulation replaced by Hydrogen.
Feed cut.

3. Jan-2010 to April-2010 associated with Brunel Energy, in Barmer, Rajasthan as Commissioning Operator for oil and gas project.
Kupps & sachs filter commissioning for water injection unit.
Commissioning of chemical dosing system.
Water flushing and card board blasting.

4. OCT-09 to Jan-2010 : associated with Punj-Lloyd, in (IOCL) Haldia Refinery Project designated as Commissioning Process Operator.
Punj-Lloyd Company, has become the largest engineering and construction company in the World leader in major projects in Oil & GAS, Construction, Energy and Infrastructure industries.
Proficiency Forte :
Catalyst loading for DE-SULPHURISER (comox reactor)and shift reactor.
Accomplished responsibility for commissioning of Hydrogen Generation and Hydrogen cracker units in Haldia refinery.
Organized all engineering activities and ensure they comply with quality and Plan, assist & deputize for lead engineer in planning, progress reporting, manpower loading & general administration activities on a project.
Inspection of Process and Instruments diagrams
Guidance and training to subordinates.
Engaged in the start up and field activities
Ensure Safety standards while start up and commissioning activities

5. From Feb’08 to June’09  :associated with CCIC, Qatar designated as Junior Engineer.
Consolidated Contractors International Company, from its beginnings in 1952 CCC, has become the largest engineering and construction company in the Middle East, leader in major projects in Oil & GAS, Construction, Energy and Infrastructure industries. Today CCC embraces the ambitions and welfare of over 35,000 employees composed of over sixty nationalities.
Proficiency Forte :
Accomplished responsibility for managing pre-commissioning & static equipments (internals) installation for Qatar Gas LNG onshore expansion project.
Minimizing performance bottlenecks for achieving high productivity with optimization of men, material & machine
Assessing the training needs of the various employees in co-ordination with the various department heads in the respective departments.
Associated closely with the Lead Engineer to adjudge any major slippages/delays to the schedules, causes & recommend corrective actions and bespeak for changes by the Project/Client, which may constitute a contact change.
Devised effective strategies for inspection and checking of supplier drawings & documents.
Organized all engineering activities and ensure they comply with quality and Plan, assist & deputize for lead engineer in planning, progress reporting, manpower loading & general administration activities on a project.
Contributed significantly in preparation of the materials logistics specification, in accordance with the Client’s.
Successfully organized various training sessions for the team to enhance their performance.
Accountable for issuing work permits (PTW) on ensuring safety specification.
Deftly involved in employee coaching & counselling, appraising and reviewing performance, ensuring optimum performance.
Meticulously handled the preparation of daily production report, temporary work instructions and other production relevant reports.


From Dec 95 to Feb 08 
:associated with Tamilnadu Petroproducts Ltd (TPL), Chennai, India. Designated as Process Operator.
TPL is one of the largest Linear Alkyl Benzene production company in India having annual
Capacity of 120000 MT with Technology supplied by M/s. UOP Inc., USA.
Proficiency Forte :
Closely monitored the plant process parameters in order to meet the production requirement.
Gained invaluable experience of handling various equipments i.e. pumps, compressor, columns, heat exchangers, fired heaters & storage tanks.
Efficiently managed pre-start-up, start-up operation and shutdown of process sections in compliance with established instructions.
Drove the efforts for shutting down the plant in emergencies
Executing all kinds of Plant Operation.
Monitoring and Recording of field readings.
Collecting of Samples.
Maintaining Plant House keeping
Handing over Equipment for Maintenance safely.
Handling of Chemicals.

Equipments Handled :
Pumps  : various types of centrifugal and positive displacement pumps including types like “Sun dyne pumps” and “Canned pumps”
Compressors  : Reciprocating, motor driven, multistage compressors
Columns  : Atmospheric, pressure, vacuum distillation columns, Strippers
Heat exchangers  : Shell and tube, double pipe, air fin fan, plate type exchangers and reboilers
Fired heaters  : Natural draft and balanced draft multi pass heaters
Storage tanks  : Fixed, floating and fixed cum floating roof tank.

Notable Contributions :
Honoured with the “Safety Award” from CCIC-Qatar for dazzling and outstanding performance throughout the career.
Actively involved in completing various projects with the leading international consultants
Distinction of achieving authorized permission from Authority of Permit to Work system (PTW) of CTJV.
Holds the credential of giving various suggestions that were implemented successfully thus improvising the process efficiency.

Additional Merits and Accolades :
Fire Fighting from Industrial Safety Council.
First Aid Programme from St. John’s Ambulance, Chennai.
Personality Development.

Date :
Place :


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