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Lead Process Operator/ Panel Operator Resume Sample, Experience : 13 years

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Name of the Candidate:[Private]
Name of the Post Applied:Lead Process Operator/ Panel Operator
Job related skills / software:Centrifugal Compressor Commissioning, Air Blowings
Category:Site / Construction
Sub Category:Process Engineer
Years of Experience:13 years
State:Andhra Pradesh
Salary Expected per Month(Rs):Negotiable
Highest Qualification attained:MIT. : Master in Information Technology
Major / Specialization:Information Technology
Email Id:[Private]
Are you looking for job now?:No
Can the recruiter contact you?:No
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Resume Format / CV Sample Template / Example / Model :


Career objective  :
To work in a dynamic and esteemed organization to exercise my knowledge, skills and potentials towards organizational development and growth.

Educational qualification  :
Higher educational qualification  : MIT (Master in Information Technology) Marks: 80%
Educational Qualifications  : B.Sc. (First Class), Marks: 76%
Computer Education  : Basics, MS – Office & C
Professional Experience (Total experience  : 13 yrs):

GULF Experience  :
Worked in Commissioning of Saudi International Petrochemical Company (SYNTHESIS GAS PLANT (H2 + CO)), which consist of Sulphur Removal, Steam Methane Reformer, Cryogenic system, Acid Gas recovery system (Absorption Columns), Centrifugal and Reciprocating Compressors, Centrifugal and Reciprocating Pumps, Heat Exchangers etc.

Pre-Commissioning & Commissioning Experience  :
Air blowings.
Steam blowing of HP & LP Steam lines.
Flushing & degreasing of lines.
Mechanical completion checking of various lines with isometric views.
Hot lube oil circulations.
Commissioning of Centrifugal Compressor.
Chemical cleaning & Amine circulation of CO2 Removal unit.
Catalyst filling in Reformer, Hydrogenerator, Desulphurisers, etc.
Chemical circulation of STEAM DRUM for passivation.
Boil out & Dry out of STEAM REFORMER & STEAM DRUM.
Centrifugal Compressors commissioning & start up.
Flare commissioning & start up.
Deriming & Start-up of CRYOGENIC System -COLD BOX

Experience in INDIA  :
Worked in commissioning of Synthesis gas production unit Hydrogen (AMMONIA PLANT), and as Panel operator in M/S Nagarjuna Fertilizers and Chemicals ltd.

Company Profile  :
SIPCHEM is the world’s largest SYNGAS (CO & HYDROGEN) producing Petrochemical plant producing CO & H2 at a capacity of 345,000 MTPA with NATURAL GAS as raw material. Technology supplied by LURGI, GERMANY in Association with AIR LIQUID, France.
M/S Nagarjuna Fertilizers and Chemicals ltd One of the major Ammonia production plant with the capacity of 1050 MTPD, Naphtha / NG based NG & naphtha reforming process, technology supplied by HALDOR TOPSOE. DCS (of ABB) HYDROGEN (Ammonia) Plant.
Commissioning Experience  : Pre Commissioning & Commissioning in SIPCHEM & NFCL.
Present Responsibilities  : LEAD PROCESS OPERATOR
Previous Responsibilities  : FIELD & PANEL COORDINATOR (Ammonia HYDROGEN plant)

Proven Experience in operating the following sections Equipments from the panel and field:
Pre de-sulphurisation, Final de-sulphurisation of naphtha& Naphtha Tank Farm area
NG & NAPHTHA mixed feed steam reforming & Synthesis Gas purification
G.V.process to remove and recover the acid gas
Compressor house (Three numbers with the power of 17MW, 9 MW & 6 MW)
Synthesis Section, Refrigeration Section and the Purge gas recovery unit (CRYOGENIC SECTION)
Multi stage pumps like Naphtha feed; BFW feed, G.V.solution & Ammonia Product.
Operating 11 no. Of fixed bed catalyst reactors of different type including AMMONIA SYNTHESIS REACTOR, FIRED TUBULAR REFORMER AND THE AUTO THERMAL REFORMER.

Career Specialties  :
Joined in Ammonia plant by “Campus Recruitment “ Rich Commissioning and A.P.C. Implementation Experience.
Recently received Cash Awards for four Suggestions
Hands on Experience on the following process equipments  :
Naphtha Storage  : Floating roof atmospheric pressure storage tanks, with all safety equipments.
Raw Naphtha 2 No’s –Capacity  : 3450KL
Sweet Naphtha 1No.-Capacity  : 7050KL

AT Pre-Desulphurization  : It consists de-aeration, hydrogenation and stripper, Sulphur content in the Naphtha is reduced to a Level of 10 PPM.
AT Final Desulphurization  : It consists of feed stock preheated, hydrogenator And H2S absorber beds. Sulphur content is reduced to a level of 0.01 PPM.
AT Reforming Section  : System consists of adiabatic pre-reformer, Primary Reformer and Secondary reformer. By steam Reforming of Hydro-carbons methane Content is reduced to 0.6%.
AT Adiabatic Reformer  : Having catalyst RKNGR contains magnesia (MgO) Operating at 510 deg. It reforms higher hydrocarbons into lower hydrocarbons. It is second successful catalyst in India.
AT Primary Reformer  : Side-firing reformer having 190 Catalytic tubes in two Chambers subjected by 360 natural gas & naphtha Burners. The nickel based catalyst operating at 35KSC/730 deg.
AT Secondary Reformer  : Air injected auto ignition chamber and nickel based Catalyst bed type reformer operating at out-let conditions 34 KSC/895 c. Methane is 0.6 % maintained.
Co-Conversion  : High temperature, Iron-chromium catalyst Co-converter, Low temperature Zinc-copper converter. Operating at 350 c and 196 c respectively.
Acid gas removal section  : Giammarco Vetrocoke (GV) solution absorption Process. Absorption column operating at 30 KSC by feeding lean and semi lean solutions. CO2 slip Outlet of absorber is reduced to 500 PPM.
**  Regeneration takes place in HP generator with steam input operating at 1.02 KSC and in LP Regenerator by flashing operating at 750 mm of water column, boosting up the CO2 to 0.8 KSC by Booster compressor.

Methanation  : Nickel based catalyst reactor converts residual CO2 and CO into CH4 operating at 25KSC/300 OC inlet conditions.
Syn. Gas Loop  : Syn-loop having waste heat boiler, heat exchangers And Converter Coolers, chillers and separators operating at 150 KSC. Iron based catalyst converter having two beds with Inter cooling heat exchanger with cold shot provision. Topsoe 200 Series radial flow type of converter.
Product Ammonia and wash Section & Distillation
**  The separated ammonia is purified in letdown Vessel at 25 KSC and flash vessel at 0.1 KSC and Ammonia pumps for product transfer to urea Ammonia vapors from letdown vessel feed to Absorber and Distillation column operating at 15 KSC and 20 KSC respectively.

Refrigeration unit  : The syn-gas in loop is cooled to 150c by operating Ammonia refrigeration chillers at 1.2 KSC and 6 KSC.
Cryogenic Section  : Programme Logic controller based Absorbers and Cryogenic unit for hydrogen recovery from loop Purge gas supplied by LINDE, GERMANY.
Furnaces  : Natural Draught and Balanced draught furnaces
BFW Treatment  : De-aeration, Chemical dosing
Steam Turbine  : Extraction and condensing type turbine (18MW, 108 KSC, 5100c inlet flow 240 T/hr) supplied by SIEMENS, Germany to drive Centrifugal synthesis gas compressor supplied By Hitachi, Japan.
**  Injection cum condensing type steam turbine (9.6MW, 39 KSC, 3700c) to drive centrifugal Processor air compressor both supplied by MAN GHH, Germany
**  Condensing type turbine (6.5 MW, 39 KSC, 3700 c) to drive centrifugal ammonia refrigeration compressor both supplied by MAN GHH, Germany.
Compressors  : We have both centrifugal type and reciprocating Type of compressors.

AT Centrifugal type Compressors :
a) 4 stage horizontal split casing processor a Compressor which suck ambient air an Compress it up to 34 KSC .Capacity : 55085 NM3/hr
Syn gas Compressor  :
b) 4 stage vertical split casing synthesis gas Compressor in 3 stages it compresses make-up gas from 24.5.

KSC to 145 KSC. 4th stage is re-circulator to increase synthesis gas pressure from 140 to 150 KSC. Make up gas
Compressor of capacity : 1, 70,000NM3/hr.
c) 3 stage horizontal split casing Ammonia refrigeration compressor is to compress Ammonia vapors from 0.05 KSC to 25 KSC.
Reciprocating type compressor :
d) Double acting horizontal balance opposite crosshead type-reciprocating compressor for Compressing recycle gas supplied by Khosla Crepelle.
Cooling Towers  :
It consists of 2 pumps of capacity 18,000 M3/hr driven by 1.2 MW motor and 1 pump driven by condensing type of turbine. Tower designed by Paharpur Cooling Towers.

High pressure process condensate stripper (35ksc) pressure BFW Pumps, capacity 114m3/hr and 150 KSC, two waste heat steam boilers of total Capacity 240 T/hr and Steam super heater furnace operating at 105 KSC and 5100c.
Desulphurization : It consists of feed stock pre heater, hydrogenation (Co-Mo bed) and H2S absorption (Zink oxide bed). The out let of this unit contains 0.03 ppm of Sulphur.
Primary Reformer: It is an Adiabatic Shift Reactor with nickel based catalyst operating at 30bar and 800-850 deg which reforms Higher Hydrocarbons into Methane Rich Gas.
Steam Reformer: Nickel based catalyst bed reformer with 400 tubes & 135 burners, operating at outlet conditions of 28bar, 890 deg C and methane level is reduced to 5%.

aMDEA solution absorption process.
Absorption column operating at 27bar and CO2 slip outlet of the absorber is reduced to 12 ppm.
Regeneration takes place in regenerator operating at 0.3bar.
CO2 Removal using activated MDEA solution.
Operating at Cryogenic temperatures at (–180 deg C), Separating the gases like CO, H2, CH4 & N2 by cryogenic distillation and to achieve the highest purities.

Process gas reforming furnace, balanced draught, and top fired, 135 burners, 400 tubes and heat duty of the furnace is 48 G Cal/hr.
Waste heat recovery system with steam production of 60 T/hr AT 48 bar pressure.
Condensing type turbine (35 MW, 47 bar, 405 deg C).
Seven Stage, 18MW Turbine Driven Centrifugal Compressor with Dry Gas Seal System, Which Compresses Low Pressure CO (1.5 bar) to MP CO (6.5 bar and 22 bar) and HP CO (38 bar and 63 bar) with capacity of 133,000 Nm3/hr and supplied by MAN TURBO, Germany.
Two stages horizontal split casing centrifugal compressor, which compresses Natural Gas from 24bar to 35bar and its capacity 55,000 Nm3/hr, and supplied by KOBELCO, Japan.
Six stage Motor Driven CO2 compressor, Which Compresses CO2 from 0.3bar to 40bar at a flow of 16,000Nm3/hr, Supplied by KOBELCO, Japan.
Two stage Motor Driven Positive Displacement H2 Compressor, Which Compresses Hydrogen from 24bar to 68bar, Supplied by KOBELCO, Japan.
Two Diaphragm Motor Driven H2 Compressors, Which Compresses Hydrogen from 24 bar to 44 bar, Supplied by HOFER, Germany.

DCS System Handled :
Emerson Delta V
Experienced in loading, unloading & stabilization of various catalysts like…
Ni Catalyst (Alumina based Alkali activated Nickel
CoMoX (Cobalt Molybdenum Oxide)
Zno (Zinc Oxide)
Job Responsibilities :
Monitoring and controlling of process parameters & equipment's condition.
Startups and shutdowns of the plant.
Maintaining safety and house keeping in work area
Handing over the equipments safely for maintenance after positive isolation
Generating requisite work permit for the concerned job
Preparing and updating the unit operating manuals
Studying of P&IDs and Writing of SOPs for safe start-up of equipments or plant.
Giving training to junior operators

I have thorough knowledge and practice on the application of the following systems.
Work permit system  :
Cold work Permit
Hot work Permit
Confined Space Entry Permit
Vehicle Entry Permit
Process Safety Management System
Fire Extinguishers
Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)
Deluge system
Fire Hydrant System

Special Training & safety courses attended :
Basic training on usage of personal safety devices
Mock drill on emergency attendance
Human Relations & Psychology
Team building etc.

Declaration :
I heard about the prospects of your organization, and strongly believe that I can be a reliable candidature with the technical and human skills acquired in my previous work experience as briefed above and mentioned in detail in the appended Resume.
Given an opportunity to work in your esteemed organization, I can prove the skills required for the above position and can assure you of my best services.
Thanking you in anticipation.

Date :
Place :


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