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IT / Computer2 >> Testing/ QA/ QC Engineer 
Manual Software Tester Resume Sample, Experience : 2 years

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Name of the Candidate:[Private]
Name of the Post Applied:Manual Software Tester
Job related skills / software:VB6.0, Preparing Test Scenarios, Test Cases, and Software Requirement Specification
Category:IT / Computer2
Sub Category:Testing/ QA/ QC Engineer
Years of Experience:2 years
Salary Expected per Month(Rs):15,000 to 20,000
Highest Qualification attained:B.Com. : Bachelor of Commerce
Major / Specialization:GNIIT,SEED Infotect.
Email Id:[Private]
Are you looking for job now?:Yes
Can the recruiter contact you?:Yes
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Resume Format / CV Sample Template / Example / Model :


Jigar Dalal
Email Id  : jigardalal29 AT gmail.com.
Cell No  : 8898522097,9773360609.
Address  : C/6, Vireshwar Krupa, Tejpal Road,Vile-Parle (east), Mumbai–400057.
Passport  : G6663891 - Valid Passport till 2017.
DOB  : 29-April-1989.

Objective  :
Intend to build a career in a leading corporate firm with hi-tech environment & dedicated people, which will help me to explore myself and realize my true potential. Willing to work as a key player in challenging & creative environment.

Summary  :
1. 25months of total IT experience.
2. Good experience in Software Support and Testing.
3. Excellent communication, interpersonal skills and apt to work in a team environment.

Qualifications  :
Graduation Degree Institute
B’COM Passed in Year 2010. Khar Education Society– Mumbai University.

Certification  :
1. DST (Diploma in Software Testing) from SEED INFOTECH.
2. GNIIT (Diploma in Software Engineering) from NIIT.

Technical Proficiency  :
Technologies  :
Java(jdk), XML, HTML, C# & DotNet.
Operating Systems  :
Windows 2000 Professional/XP.
Databases  :
SQL Server 2005,Visual Studio 2005.

Domain Knowledge  :
1. Product Support and Testing.
2. Finance,Banking and Insurance.

Career Profile  :
Datacomp Web Technology (I) PVT.LTD.
Title  : Tech Support and Testing.
Project  :Datacomp Web Technology (I) PVT.LTD. Mumbai.
Duration  :January 2011 till date.
Technology  :VB6.0 & MS ACCESS.
Role  :Team Member.

Description  :
MagicSMS – Lite.
It is standalone software, which can be used for sending bulk sms messages to their clients / Friends etc. It supports both Handset and Internet (SOTS) for sending messages. It’s import mobile number feature makes it distinct from other applications available in the market, which support MS-Excel, MS-Outlook & Outlook Express files for importing mobile numbers. Additionally it also has strong filters for importing the specific data along with the mobile numbers from the database file. As this solution is very low in price and also very effective for a small business man / Tele-marketing companies for communicating with their customers at various events.
MagicSMS – Enterprise.
It is an advanced business solution which can get plugged with any business databases for sending various type of personalized messages after reading the data. This solution is needed in every business as it can help to service and market their business in a very economical way.
User friendly software application to send SMS to masses in simplest possible way.
Message sending via Handset & Internet (SOTS) option.
Can integrate with your business database. Integration possible with MS-Outlook, MS-Outlook Express,MS-Excel, Access, MS-SQL, Oracle.
Generate personalized messages by picking data from compatible database.

For e.g “Dear Mr. Deepak, your Maruti Zen car MH-02 MA8655 is due for quarterly checkup on 15-Sep-2007. Kindly contact us on 26735564 for pick up. Thank you. Excel Services”
Auto-Schedule – you can configure repetitive services and then leave it to MagicSMS to do the SMS sending task automatically. For e.g. if a doctor wants send an appointment reminder SMS to his patients 2 days before the appointment, then he just needs to configure this once. MagicSMS will automatically do this task daily at the specified time
Message Queuing – If your office is closed on Saturdays and Sundays, you can send the messages on Friday with instructions to be delivered to the recipients on Saturday / Sunday. For e.g. – Birthday Greetings
Message MIS – MagicSMS provides a rich MIS of all the messages sent via handset or internet. You can filter the MIS on various parameters such as date, delivery status, mode, etc.
MagicSMS Tally is an independent software application that connects and reads the data from your Tally database. It allows you to create custom queries to get specific data from your business database. Using this data, it generates dynamic and personalized text messages which you can transmit to your target audience via SMS.Maintaining your complete financial accounts managing your inventory generating customer invoices Keeping your outstanding in control
Generating MIS data for monitoring business efficiencies.

MagicSMS Tally Pre-configured Services  :
Payment Receipt Acknowledgment
Payment Outstanding Reminder
Cheque Bounce Intimation
Payment Intimation to your suppliers
Goods Dispatch Intimation
Debit Note / Credit Note Intimation
Birthday Greetings

Responsibilities  :
1.Provide online Software Support to the clients using remote login tools like Team Viewer etc.
2.Error Finding, Bugs in the software and performing unit testing.
3.Preparing Test Scenarios, Test Cases, and Software Requirement Specifications.
4.Interaction with Developers, Testers about Errors and providing the required solution.
5 Communicating with All India Clients, Channel partners via mail, live chat & Telephone.
6.Keep track of the new requirements / change in requirements of the Project.

Academics Projects  :
2007-2008 Topic-Online Railway Booking.
Project Details  :
1 Languages of Implementation  : Sql.
2 Software Requirements  : Sql Server 2005,Visual Studio 2005.
3 Operating Systems  : XP. 2009 -2010
Topic- Student Registration Form (Admission)

Project Details  :
1 Languages of Implementation  : Java ,Sql .
2 Software Requirements  : Java(jdk),Sql Server 2005.
3 Operating Systems  : XP.
Presentations (isas)Hobbies  :
Topic 1  : Evaluation of Programming Languages.
Topic 2  : Hardware and Networking.

Hobbies  :
Music,Dance,Cricket,and Always Eager to learn new things.

Honours  :
Appreciation certificate for Milo Ryan Marathon in 2003.
Appreciation Certificate for Participation of SQL 2005 of Microsoft Exam.


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