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Excise Officer Resume Sample, Experience : 12 years

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Name of the Candidate:[Private]
Name of the Post Applied:Excise Officer
Job related skills / software:Dispatch & Excise Department, Making Computer Invoice from SAP, Maintaining Monthly Sales Report as per SAP, Making Cenvat entry in SAP
Category:Finance Accounts, Tax, Audit
Sub Category:Excise Executive
Years of Experience:12 years
Salary Expected per Month(Rs):25,000 to 30000
Highest Qualification attained:B.Com. : Bachelor of Commerce
Major / Specialization:Finance
Email Id:[Private]
Are you looking for job now?:Yes
Can the recruiter contact you?:Yes
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Resume Format / CV Sample Template / Example / Model :


<b><u>Resume  </u></b>:
<b><u>Full Name  </u></b>: PATIL ARUN DHARMA
<b><u>Full Address  </u></b>: At. Narivali, Post : Waklan (Mumbra),Tal : Thane, Dist: Thane,
<b><u>Email  </u></b>: arunnura_1978 AT rediffmail.com
<b><u>Cell No.  </u></b>:9702812149/9819782149
<b><u>Date of Birth  </u></b>:3th June 1978

<b><u>Educational Qualification  </u></b>:
** B. Com. from Mumbai University in 1998 (47.28%) with subject of Financial Accounting and Auditing
** HSC passed in 1995 from Mumbai University with 54%
** SSC passed in 1993 from Mumbai University with 61.14%

<b><u>Additional Qualification  </u></b>:
Advance Diploma In Computer Application And Management (MS Word, MS Excel, Power Point, MS Access, FoxPro & Tally Package Etc.) from Diamond, Thane

<b><u>Organization  </u></b>:Akash Purochem Pvt. Ltd.
<b><u>Period  </u></b>:Dec 2013 to till date
<b><u>Post  </u></b>:Excise Executive & Administration

<b><u>Responsibilities  </u></b>:
** Making Computer Invoice from Sky software
** Maintaining RG 1 Register as per
** Preparing Part II Register,
** RG1 register, filling online ER1,
** Preparing UT 1 Bond, Submitting Proof of Export ,
** ARE 1, ARE 3, Maintaining Monthly Sales Register
** Making Cenvat entry, Entering daily Sales & Purchase Entries.
** Maintaining Purchase & Sales Registers. Follow up Payment received & Issues. Maintain Petty Cash

<b><u>Organization  </u></b>:M/s. COLOUR ROOF (INDIA) Ltd.
<b><u>(An ISO 9001  </u></b>:2000 certified company)
<b><u>Post  </u></b>:Excise Executive
<b><u>Period  </u></b>:06th April, 2011 to 1st Nov, 2013

<b><u>Responsibilities  </u></b>:
** Dispatch & Excise Department
** Making Computer Invoice from SAP
** Maintaining RG 1 Register as per SAP
** Preparing Part II Register,Preparing UT 1 Bond
** Making ER1 , ER 4, ER 5, ER6, ER7,ARE 1, ARE 3,
** Maintaining Monthly Sales Report as per SAP
** Making Cenvat entry in SAP,

<b><u>Organisation  </u></b>: M/s.

Loha Ispaat Ltd.
<b><u>(An ISO 9001  </u></b>:2000 certified company)
<b><u>Post  </u></b>:Excise officer
<b><u>Period  </u></b>:Sept 2006 to Jan,2011

<b><u>Responsibilities  </u></b>:
** Dispatch & Excise Department
** Making Invoice from Usquare package
** Maintaining Monthly Sales Report as per Usquare package
** Maintaining RG 1 Register as per Usquare package
** Maintaining Rg23D Register as per Usquare package
** Preparing Form 2 Return as per Usquare package for

<b><u>Organization  </u></b>:M/s Health Secure (I) Pvt. Ltd., Taloja
<b><u>Post  </u></b>:Store Keeper/ Excise Assistance
<b><u>Period  </u></b>:1st Nov. 2004 to 5th Aug- 2006

<b><u>Responsibilities  </u></b>:
** Receipt of Packing Material, Making GRN, Making Delivery
** Challan & Dispatch, Daily Production Report, Monthly Production & Stock Statement, Dispatch statements.
** Filling RG1 Register, TR6 Challan.

<b><u>Date  </u></b>:
<b><u>Place  </u></b>:


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