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Machine Shop Inspection Supervisor Resume Sample, Experience : >20 years

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Name of the Candidate:[Private]
Name of the Post Applied:Machine Shop Inspection Supervisor
Job related skills / software:Chrome Plating, Nitriding Hard Facing, Surface Preparation
Category:Site / Construction
Sub Category:NDT Technician / Welding Inspector
Years of Experience:>20 years
Salary Expected per Month(Rs):Negotiable
Highest Qualification attained:Diploma
Major / Specialization:Mechanical
Email Id:[Private]
Are you looking for job now?:No
Can the recruiter contact you?:No
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Resume Format / CV Sample Template / Example / Model :


Seeking challenging career options in QA/QC Coating/Lining Inspection and Testing Process Enhancement and Team Management in an organization of high repute

A dynamic professional with over 22 years of experience in QA/QC, Inspection and Testing. Presently associated with Galfar Al Misnad Engineering and Contracting WLL, Qatar, Dukhan as a Coating/Lining Inspector (QP-onshore project).Exposure in carrying out inspection and testing activities of various equipments as well as coordinating with Third Party Inspection Agency/ Client for QA / QC functions. Influencing across the organization, identifying change opportunities that will improve productivity, drive significant change and transformation at the leadership-level and the workforce-level. Track record of enthusiastic leadership and achievement in all former assignments; consistently promoted to positions of increasing responsibility. Exceptional work ethic, routinely use available time to solve organizational problems, ability in multi-tasking and timely completion of all assignments.

Familiar with the following inspection tools & equipments(MMD) :
Precision Measuring instruments, Destructive and non Destructive testing equipments/machines like UTM, Impact tester, Bending machine, Hardness tester, Barcol Impressor, Densitometer, Pressure Gauge, Hypodermic Needle Gauge, Nozzle Gauge, Ultrasound flow detector, Weld Gauge. Tooke Gauge, Cross-Hatch Cutter, Abrasive Cleanliness and Size Test Equipments.
Elcometer DFT Gauge, Whirling Hygrometer, Dew Point Calculator, Steel Temperature Gauge, Dew point meter, Wet Comp Gauge, Surface Profile comparators and Dial Gauge depth micrometer, Low & High Voltage Holiday Detector, Replica Tape, Pressure sensitive tape and Coating Adhesive Test Tape, Indicator papers
Salt Contamination Kits (Bresle Patch , Sleeve Test, Chlor Test, etc), Conductivity Tester, Cathodic Disbondment Test Equipment, Barcol Hardness tester and Adhesion Test (Tape pull-off & Dolly pull-off), etc. Dehumidifier and Blasting & Painting equipments.

Possess knowledge of :
ISO 9001 :2000 quality systems awareness and implementation
Quality Assurance and Quality Control
Coating, lining and insulation inspection.
Coating types and Inspection Criteria
Assessment of surface conditions, including design and fabrication defect.
Inspection for Surface Cleanliness Before, After and Between the multi-coat system.
Inspection and Documentation of the all Surface Preparation, Coating & Wrappig activities.
Inspection and assessment of Addition test, CSN Salts test & CD test.
Inspection of Blasting and Coating Equipments and Instruments.
Specialized Test and Test Equipment used for failure investigation of Coating.
Welding Inspection.
Radiographic film interpretation (RWTUV).
NDT inspection.
Visual inspection.
Dimensional inspection.
Calibration of Process Control Instruments

Inspection and Testing
Inspecting as well as expediting for project procurement, preparation, reviewing of Quality Test Plans, Quality Audits, and Testing & Quality Assurance.
Monitoring effective resource planning for optimizing man & machine utilization, reducing wastes for enhancing productivity.
Supervising the inspection activities, documentation, technical report writing and overall quality assurance and safety standards. Coordinating with the 3rd party inspection agencies.

Quality Management (QA & QC) :
Implementing various quality standards across various sectors and liaising with the Third Party Inspection Agency/ Client for the same.
Implementing QA & QC Procedure Documentation.
Tracking Quality through the execution of trend analysis, correlation and giving suggestions.
Practicing quality standards with key emphasis on creating quality culture across organization.

Process Improvement/ Re-engineering :
Identifying areas of improvement and recommending process/sequence modifications and equipment calibrations to enhance operational/process efficiencies of machine / equipment.
Establishing control procedures to monitor the output. Validating performance of those manufacturing processes that may be causing variability in the characteristics of in-process material and the product.
Ensuring process validation by establishing documented evidence & confirming that a specific process consistently produces product meeting specifications & quality characteristics.

Team Supervision :
Leading & monitoring the performance of team members to ensure efficiency in operations and meeting of individual & group targets.
Identifying and implementing strategies for building team effectiveness by promoting a spirit of cooperation between team members.
Recognizing areas of improvements and organizing training programs for the same. Familiar with the Quality Management Programs of major Clients/Consultants in Middle East
Kuwait Oil Company.
Kuwait National Petroleum Company.
Qatar Petroleum.
Flour Daniel.

Since Apr’08 at Galfar Al Misnad Engineering and Contracting WLL, Qatar :
As QA/QC Engineer (Painting & Coating)
Key Deliverables :
Carrying out inspections, analyzing and assessment of Painting/Coating/Lining and wrapping systems in the industry conversant with international standards ISO, ASTM, SSPC, NACE & AWWA.
Planning for coating activities (Surface preparation, Painting, HDPE Lining, Wrapping etc.) based on project drawing and specifications, obtaining company permits required for work (For Qatar Petroleum at Dukhan Project).
Key Highlights :
Planned to use resource effectively and timely completion of tasks.

As QA/QC Engineer (Painting and coating)
Key Deliverables :
Overseeing the inspection and testing of Surface preparation, coating, lining and Cold/ Hot Insulation of field erected vessels and tanks (Distilled water tank, Condensate tank, Styrene Monomer tank, Benzene tank, Sulphur Storage tank and cooling water tank) at EQUATE PETROCHEMICAL COMPANY (Olefins 2k Project).
Key Highlights :
Effectively handled execution of painting and Coating activities, Quality problems solving and timely completion of tasks by proper manpower and material utilisation.
Received Safe worker certificate.

Apr’06 – Apr’07 at Hyundai Heavy Industries, Kuwait :
As QA/QC Engineer
Key Deliverables :
Handling the following activities for the KOC Project (Crude Export Facility at NTF, STF and MAA) :
Inspection and testing of surface preparation, coating & lining of crude oil tanks.

HDPE & Coal tar Coating at 48 inch and 62 inch dia pipes (High density Polyethylene coating, FBE coating, Coal tar enamel coating, Epoxy coating) Heat-Shrunk Sleeve application at field weld joints.
Material Inspection Inspection of steel coils for pipe manufacturing, high density Polyethylene materials, coal tar enamel coating materials, coated pipes and fittings etc
Conducting and verifying of Cathodic disbondment test, Adhesion test, Bend test & Hardness test on coated specimens.
Conducting review of changes in National & International Codes & Standards and updating the internal documents to conform the changes.
Overseeing the inspection of Shop and field welding activities including Welder Qualification
Inspection & document review of spiral pipe manufacturing process as per API5L and ITP.
Spiral pipe manufacturing and inspection contains SAW process, repair welding, hydrostatic testing, auto and manual UT, RT, MPI, Residual magnetism.
Key Highlights :
Inspection and documentation of 60km (API 5L) 48”& 62” Diameter pipe fabrication and coating (HDPE) completed and delivered to the “KOC” site in time.

Jul’04 – Mar’06 at Mina Abdullah Refinery, Kuwait :
As Inspector
Key Deliverables :
Overseeing final product Inspection after completion of Maintenance, Repair and coating, plating and painting Refurbishment job but prior to installation.
Inspection of Corroded materials and components of Control Valve and Level instruments etc(control valve body, bonnet, plug, seat, cage etc)
Inspection of Roto-Lined and Rubber-Lined valves and Flow Meters. PTFE soft seat and plugs, Actuator diaphragms.
Inspection of special Coatings like Chrome Plating.
Surface preparation and Painting Inspection of control valves and level instruments.
Handling repair and refurbishment job and welding components inspection like air cylinders, spring barrels, expanders, reducers, level champers, repaired area of carbon and alloy steel control valve bodies and accessories; NDT inspection and evaluation; Inspection of machined components, coating and plating thickness.
Managing calibration of process control instruments like control valves and transmitters.
Key Highlights :
Permanently resolved the seat leaking problem (due to Corrosion) of De-Cocking high pressure valve.

Sep’90 – Jul’04 at Masoneilan India Limited, Mala, Thrissur, Kerala :
Last Designated as QA/QC Engineer (Officer)
The Growth Path :
Machine Shop Supervisor Sep’90 – Jul’96
Inspection Supervisor Aug’96 – Aug’98
QA/QC Officer Sep’98 – Aug04
Key Deliverables across the Tenures :
Handling the inspection of Raw materials, welded components and accessories, (Visual, Dimensional and Documents verification) and machined components having micron accuracy using high precision measuring instruments and methods.
Inspection of special Coatings like Chrome Plating, Nitriding Hard facing.
Surface preparation and Painting Inspection of control valves and level instruments.
Inspection of Roto-Lined and Rubber-Lined valves and Flow Meters. PTFE soft seat and plugs, Actuator diaphragms, O-rings
Overseeing the preparation of Welding Procedure Specification as per ASME Section IX , ASME Section II Part C and AWS Standards
Reviewing changes in National & International Codes & Standards and updating the internal documents to conform the changes.
Evaluating vendors; analysing the assembly problems and take preventive measures.
Conducting Helium leak testing using Mass Spectrometer Leak Detector 5000E, Edwards.
Co-ordinating with materials department for arranging the raw materials and consumables required for fabrication and manufacturing.
Handling the calibration of Measuring Instruments, Pressure gauges, and Equipments with master instruments having national /International trace ability.
Key Highlights :
Deputed to Petronas Penapisan (MALAKA) for Technical Discussion (Suitability of components in the service contract) in 1999.
Control valve flow chocking problem solved.

Commenced career with Sree Ram Engineering Works, EDATHRA, PALGHAT (DT), Kerala (ST) :
As Shop Supervisor Aug’87 –Sep’90

Diploma in Mechanical Engineering from Board of Technical Education, Kerala in 1986.

NACE Coating Inspector Level-3 Certified
Certified Welding Inspector (CWI) from BHEL-{Welding Research Institute-India}.
Level II Certification on :
Dye Penetrant inspection.
Magnetic particle inspection.
Radiographic inspection.
Ultrasonic inspection.

ISO 9001 : 2000 Quality Systems Awareness and Implementation.
Different Method of Surface Preparation and Cleanliness Testing.
Atmospheric Monitoring and Safety meter.
Water-soluble ferrous salt Qualitative & Quantitative test.
Coating Integrity with Type-1 pull-off gauge,Type-2 Electromagnetic & Eddy-current Gauge.
Pull-off Strength of Coatings Using Adhesion Tester.
Discontinuity testing by Using Holiday Machine (Low voltage and high Voltage).
Metrology & Measurement.
Productivity & Supervisory Development Program.
Radiographic Film Interpretation (RWTUV).

MS Office (Word, Excel) and Internet Applications.



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