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Software Engineer Resume Sample, Experience : 4 years

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Name of the Candidate:[Private]
Name of the Post Applied:Software Engineer
Job related skills / software:Content Management System, Online Invoice System, HTML,C and C++
Category:IT / Computer2
Sub Category:Software Developer / Engineer
Years of Experience:4 years
State:Madhya Pradesh
Salary Expected per Month(Rs):15,000 to 20,000
Highest Qualification attained:B.Tech. : Bachelor of Technology
Major / Specialization:Computer Science
Email Id:[Private]
Are you looking for job now?:Yes
Can the recruiter contact you?:Yes
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Resume Format / CV Sample Template / Example / Model :


Email  : rakshasaxena18 AT gmail.com

Objective Statement  :
I want to work with an organization where I will grow mentally and as a human resource, where rewards shall be in qualitative accordance and I will be able to produce best of my productive achievements.

Academic Qualification  :
I have completed 12thfrom Ram Krishna Vidhya Mandir Higher Secondary School (M.P. Board) in the year 2007.
I have completed 10thfrom Ram Krishna Vidhya Mandir Higher Secondary School (M.P. Board) the year 2004.

Professional Qualification  :
I have completedBachelor Of Engineering with Computer science & Engineering from Gwalior Institute of technology and science (G.I.T.S) College Gwalior (RGPV University Bhopal) in the year 2011.

Technical Proficiency  :
Computer Languages  :
Basics of C and C++,
Basics of HTML,
MS Office Applications .
Basic knowledge of computer hardware.

Projects  :
Major Project Title –“Content Management System”
Description  : To solve this website design and maintenance problem, we develop the CMS. In this we don’t have to need write the code, it will automatically store in the Database.
Minor Project Title –“Online Invoice System”
Description  : In this Online Invoice System we purchase the items by cash, master card, check and corresponding the stored items are import and export by many of transport medium.

Their corresponding Invoice will generate.

Professional Experience  :
I have 1 year Experience in e-learning profile, in which I worked as a Quality Analyst and html developer where we convert the normal text into the html files and I did all types of conversions. .

Special achivements  :
Got NCC Certificate
Got Certificate in Boxing

Hobbies / Interest :
Listening Music, Painting.
Playing Badminton, Chess.

Strengths :
I have the abilities to work independently or team leads. Willingness to learn and attain success And works in any Challenging Situation and I’m a good time manager.

Personal Vitae  :
Father’s Name-Anil Saxena
Mother’s Name-Manorama Saxena
DOB-18 August 1988
Marital Status-Single
Languages-English & Hindi

Declaration :
I hereby declare that the information furnished above is true to the best of my knowledge and belief, if any irregularities are found in given information I will be solely responsible for that.

Date  :
Place  :


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