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Relay Testing Engineer Resume Sample, Experience : 1 years

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Name of the Candidate:[Private]
Name of the Post Applied:Relay Testing Engineer
Job related skills / software:Circuit Breaker, Current Transformer
Category:IT / Computer2
Sub Category:Testing/ QA/ QC Engineer
Years of Experience:1 years
State:Tamil Nadu
Salary Expected per Month(Rs):Negotiable
Highest Qualification attained:B.E. / BE : Bachelor of Engineering
Major / Specialization:Electronics and Communications
Email Id:[Private]
Are you looking for job now?:No
Can the recruiter contact you?:No
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Resume Format / CV Sample Template / Example / Model :


1.One year Experienced in Grid Relay Testing  in  Tamilnadu Electricity Board.
2.Six month Experienced in Special protection division in VOLTECH, Chennai..
3. six month Experienced in protection engineer in AUVA(AL-FOZAN) groub in Saudi Arabia.
The nature of job includes :
1.Configured and testing all type of relays.
2.Periodical testing of protection relays.
3.Trouble shooting in Control &Relay (C&R) panels as well as circuit breakers.
4.Erection and commissioning of C&R panels and breakers .
5.Preparation of cable schedule as per requirements.
As  Apprentice Trainee in the Grid Relay Test Section in Tamilnadu Electricity Board, worked in the field of Testing and Commissioning of EHV equipments,
Circuit Breaker, Current Transformer(CT), Potential Transformer(PT),Capacitance voltage Transformer(CVT),Capacitor banks ,Auto Transformer and Relays, preparation of scheme drawings for existing panels, cable scheduling for new panels and wiring. Replacement of old relays including preparation of scheme drawings and wiring.
As Testing &Commissioning Engineer in Special protection division in VOLTECH, worked in the field of configured and testing the relays using OMICRON KIT.
The relays configured and testing in Power Grid, Generating Station, Power plant ,EHV, HV, LV Substation, HT Switch Gear ,LT Switch Gear panels.
As a protection engineerin Saudi Arabia testing relays using omicron cmc256.
Configure and Testing of Generating, EHV,HV,LV control and relay panels, Generator protection relays, Distance protection Relays, Over current & Earth fault Relays, Differential relays, Directional Over current & Earth fault Relays, HT and LT Switch Gear relays, 230/110 KV Auto Transformer & its Relays, DC,AC distribution panels individually, wiring, preparation of cable schedule & scheme drawings.
**Configured, Testing, Wiring, Calculation of setting and Commissioning of Relays.
Generator protection Relays including Addition functions:
**AREVA : P343
Distance protection Relays(21) including Addition functions:
**AREVA: MICOM Serous Relays.
(P441,P442,P444,P430 that series relays)
**GE : D30,D60 type of relays.
**SIEMENS: 7SA522 that series relays
**ABB : REL 100,RELZ 100, REL 511,REL 670 and RAZOA Relays.
**Easun Reyrolle: THR3PE1,THR4PE1,SEL311C and
SEL 321 Relays.
Transformer Differential Relays (87T):
**SIEMENS:7UT613 Series relays.
**Areva : p633
**EE : CAG
**GE Multilin : T60
**Testing,Wiring and Commissioning of Relays.
O/C & E/F Relay
**AREVA: P121,P122,P123 that series relays.
**SIEMENS:7SJ600,7SJ61 that series relays.
**ER : TJM 11 / THB1 / MIT 104
**GE :F650 that series relay
DIR O/C Relay (67)
**AREVA: P121,P122,P123,P341 that series relays.
**SIEMENS:7SJ61 that series relays.
**ER : TJM 12 / MIT 121
**Testing, Wiring and Commissioning of EHV Equipments
**Breakers: 230KV & 110 KV
**CT’s : 230KV & 110 KV : BHEL / ABB / CGL / WS /IT.
**PT’s CVT’s: 230KV & 110 KV : BHEL / ABB / CGL / WS /IT.
All types of meters including AC & DC distribution panels.
As a Apprentice in Tamil nadu electricity board (TNEB) Participate in Relay testing, Breaker testing, CT, PT, Transformer  testing the sites are.
1)230KV/110KV substation Thanjavur, tamil nadu.
2)110KV/66KV substation Thanjavur, tamil nadu.
3)230KV/110KV substation Thiruvarur, tamil nadu.
4)230KV/110KV substation mayiladuthurai, tamil nadu.
5)110KV/66KV substation vaitheswaran kovil, tamil nadu.
6)110KV/66KV substation Narimanam, tamil nadu.
7)Gas power plant in kuthalam, thanjavur, tamil nadu.
8)Gas power plant in Aban, thanjavur, tamil nadu.
.As a Testing and commissioning Engineer in VOLTECH, Chennai .

I have done and participate the sites are,
1) 2*96 MW Allian duhangan  hydral power plant in manali, HIMACHAL PRADESH.
1.Generator Relay  :P343  - 2 nos
2. Distance Relay  : p443  - 4 nos
: D30- 4 nos
3. Line differential Relay  : L90 – 2 nos
4. Bus diferential Relay : B90 – 2 nos
5. Transformer differtial rela


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