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HSE Engineer Resume Sample, Experience : 5 years



Name of the Candidate:Sankara Subbu
Name of the Post Applied:HSE Engineer
Job related skills / software:Checking & inspection of cracks on helmet, Checking & inspection of broken Chin Strip, Crown Strip, Dent on Helmet, Safety Goggles & Shield, Inspection of Aisle pace for inspection.
Category:Site / Construction
Sub Category:Safety Officer / HSE Engineer
Years of Experience:5 years
State:Tamil Nadu
Salary Expected per Month(Rs):20,000 to 25,000
Highest Qualification attained:Diploma
Major / Specialization:Fire & Safety
Email Id:ssubbu337 AT gmail.com
Are you looking for job now?:Yes
Can the recruiter contact you?:Yes
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Resume  :
Sankara Subbu K.
Mobile  :9790905677, 9080131314
Email  : ssubbu337 AT gmail.com.

Post Apply For Fire And Safety Officer.

Career Objective  :
To achieve the target by utilizing adequate experience and qualification and interest in handling industrial fire, gas leakage & constructional activities through appropriate safety standards.

Academic Qualification  :
** Diploma in Computer Engineering DOTB The Institute of Road Transport Polytechnic College 2004 to 2007 Completed
** Diploma in OSHAS Occupational Safety State Board Thaai College of Fire and Industrial Safety 2009 to 2010 80 %
** Diploma in Fire Engineering and Safety Management Annamalai University NIFS (Institute of Fire Engineering & Safety Management) 2013 to 2014 52 %
** SSLC State Board Senaithalaivar Higher Secondary School 2004 78.6 %

Certification  :
Has successfully completed the Training program on FIRE AND RESCUE DEPARTMENT conducted by TAMILNADU FIRE AND RESCUE TEAM (CHENNAI KILPAUK FIRE STATION).

Software Proficiency  :
Operating Systems  : MS-DOS, Windows
Packages  : MS-office.

Experience  :
** 1 Year Data Entry Operator in Sri Sathya Sai Solution PVT, LTD, Nanganallur, Chennai, (10/04/2007 to 25/05/2008)
** 1 Year Legal Services (Data Entry Operator) with QC GV Technology India PVT, LTD, Vidyaranyapura, Banglur, (02/06/2008 to 17/04/2009)
** 3 Year’s Safety Supervisorat MAYTAS INFRA PVT ,LTD, In Chennai, (07/08/2010 to 22/05/2013).
** Tool Box meeting
** Watching do not occur fire by Hot work & Cold work
** Welding check list
** Gas monitor and gas testing in atmosphere
** Checking for electrical Material
** Emergency Rescue Team (Fire Officer) Supervisor, Form Vijay a Mohall, Chennai. (2013 to 2014 Year).
** Still Working Now “Sodexo Facilities Management Services India Pvt Ltd”. “HSE Executive in Honeywell Technology Solutions Lab Pvt Ltd”. Site at Madurai.

(2014 to 2017 Year)

(Additional Scope of Work)
HSE executive at site and a HSE manager region for the management of the said SOWS w.e.f.

Daily  : Fire Hydrants / Fire pump rooms:
** Check the designed pressure is ensured for hydrant pumps, sprinkler pump & jockey pumps
** Check for any abnormalities in fire alarm panel

** Performing daily GEMBA observations and sharing with respective teams
** Ensure closure of all GEMBA observations by taking appropriate corrective action to prevent recurrence
** Ensure STP is functioning well by checking the parameters such pH, MLSS are well within the limits as prescribed in the KSPCB consents.

Work Permits  :
** Issuing / Authorizing work permits (General work permit, Hot work, Confined space work, excavation permit, line breaking work permit, high access work permit etc…,) based on the requirements and ensuring contractors’ safety during their tenure of work
** Inspection of hand & portable power tools of contractors
** Providing tool box talks for all the contractors
** Inspection of Contractors’ Activities in the site & updating the observations in the respective checklists ( Contractor safety checklist, hot work inspection checklists etc…,) as per HTS standards
** Closure of work permits and ensure observations are made after critical works such as hot work, confined space
** Inspection of contractors’ ladders, scaffolds prior to use
** Inspection of cranes as per the checklist

Fire Extinguishers  :
Perform daily observations to make sure no fire extinguishers are blocked at any point of time and easily accessible

Weekly Fire Hydrants  :
Checking the pump by running the electrical pumps (jockey pumps, sprinkler pumps & booster pumps) and diesel driven pumps to ensure proper functioning.

Walking & Working Surface Inspection  :
** Checking all floors for any obstructions in the Floor.
** Ensuring all cautions signage’s in place.
** Ensuring staircase and fixed ladders in Good condition.
** Ensuring mats provided where ever necessary and in good condition.
** Ensure proper Housekeeping in the Floors.
** Ensuring no pathway blocked by storage of Materials.

Hazardous Waste Storage Area Inspection  :
** Check the condition of Container for any leaks & damages.
** Check for availability of Secondary container.
** Ensure aisle space adequate for checking & removing of Chemicals.
** Ensure availability of proper Extinguisher.
** Ensure availability of Spill Kit.
** Check for Labeling.

Spill Kit Inspection  :
** Check for availability of Sorbents.
** Check for availability of Nitrile Gloves.
** Check for availability of Safety Goggles.
** Check for availability of Safety Hand Gloves.
** Check for availability of Barricade Tape.

Fire Pump Inspection  :
** Check the pressure of Water in the pipline.
** Check for any leakages.
** Check the Startup & Cut of pressure of Main Pump.
** Check the Startup & Cut of pressure of Jockey Pump.
** Check the Startup & Cut of pressure of Booster Pump.
** Check the House Keeping in Pump room.

Monthly TNPCB returns  :
** Collate data from respective team for water consumption details and submitting in Form 1
** Collate data from respective team for hazardous waste generation details and maintain record in Form 3
** Collate data from respective team for e-waste generation details and maintain record in Form 2
** Updating of details in TNPCB info board

Training  :
Providing training as per training plan to all facility employees including M&E team & Housekeeping on the HSE procedural requirements of HTS

Fire Extinguishers  :
Coordinating with vendors for servicing / inspection of all fire extinguishers at site

Fire Hydrants  :
** Coordinating with vendors for servicing / inspection of all fire hydrants at site
** Report any impairment on this system to GRC through HSE team.

Follow the procedures based on the GRC work method statements

Safety Harness checklist  :
** Inspection of webbing for any cut/crack/Damage.
** Inspection of Snap Hook of harness
** Inspection of worn out thread in sewing of harness.
** Inspection of damages in rope.

Inspection / Audit of Ladders  :
Trolley Ladder / Portable Ladder/fixed Ladder  :
** Checking of broken & missing feet.
** Checking of loose, cracked or broken Rungs, rails & Braces.
** Inspection of Sharp Objects in ladder
** Inspection of missing tires
** Inspection of ladder screws & nuts & bolts.
** Inspection of ladder safety rope.

Inspection of PPE’s  :
Safety Helmet  :
** Checking & inspection of cracks on helmet
** Checking & inspection of broken Chin Strip, Crown Strip, Dent on Helmet
** Safety Goggles & Shield
** Checking sign of any crack on Glasses
** Ear Muff
** Checking the condition of Ear Muff.
** Inspecting of damages in Ear Muff.
** Electrical Gloves
** Checking of voltage available seal on Gloves.
** Checking of holes & Cracks on Gloves.

Chemical Gloves / Leather Gloves
** Inspection of Aisle pace for inspection.
** Inspecting of containers & corrosion in containers.
** Checking for provision for thermal expansion.
** Checking of spills, Leakages & labels in containers.
** Inspections of availability of Emergency response equipments like Fire Extinguishers, Spill kit box & PPE’s

As & when required Support to site HSE leader for submission of KSPCB related documentation
** Support for preparation of CFO/CFE Applications.
** Half Yearly Updating / submission of Form 08
** Annual returns updating / Submission of Form 4
** Preparation of TREM card and handing over to the authorized vendor for safe disposal
** Preparation of manifest (6 copies) for tracking hazardous wastes

Incident reporting & investigation
** Incident investigation
** Identifying the root-cause of the incident
** Identifying corrective action and preventive action to prevent recurrence
** Sharing the incident details in the form of HSE alerts

Waste Management  :
** Ensure hazardous wastes are identified and stored separately in hazardous waste storage area
** Quantifying & documenting the hazardous wastes / e-wastes generated per month at site
** Ensuring the hazardous waste / e-wastes are disposed safely from the site to the HTS / KSPCB authorized vendor by coordinating with them
** Ensure the general waste are being stored in scrap yard
** Coordinating with HTS approved vendor, EXIM, SCM & Operations team and providing end to end to end support for disposal of scrap from the site

Risk Assessment  :
Coordinating with consultants to carry out risk assessment for the site

Mock Drills  :
** Coordinating with site HSE leader for conduction mock drills for various emergency scenarios such as fire, medical emergency, chemical spill, confined space rescue, LPG release etc.. based on the mock drill plan
** Preparation of Mock drill critique for the mock drills conducted and share with HSE leader

Other HSE activities  :
** Extending support for HSE pre-assessment & corporate audits
** Ensuring the HSE procedural requirements are met by performing all the required inspection and document the same.
** Ensuring calibration of equipment are done according to the monitoring & measurement plan
** Coordinating with testing agency for collecting samples for testing DG stack emission, STP outlet water, ambient air quality, indoor air quality monitoring activities
** Review of reports to ensure the results are well within the prescribed limits
** Closure of HSE related tickets in ServWell tool.
** Review of chemicals of contractor team and inform the Site HSE leader for approval of the same.
** Vendor coordination on safety related items.
** Raised for Risk All type of Assessment.
** Raised for General Work Permit.
** Loto Observation and Checklist Site Monitoring.
** Raised for Height Work Permit.
** Raised for Line Breaking.
** Confined Space Work Permit.
** Live Electrical Permit.
** Crane Inspection.
** Fire Fighting.
** Walk and Working Area Observation.
** Safety Training to All Employees.
** OCA Point Observation.
** Raised for MOC.
** Raised for RCA
** Incidents Investigation.
** Preparing to Legal Documentations.
** ERT Training
** Fall Production Training.
** Ladder Safety Training
** Chemical management Training.
** Precaution and Control Measures.
** Electrical Safety Training.
** Hand and Power Tool Training.
** Site Emergency and Site Rules-Policy, Contractor Accountability Training.
** PPE’s Requirement Training.
** Hazards in Job/Task/Activity Training.

Hobbies  :
** Gardening
** Watching TV

Personal Profile  :
Father’s Name  : E. Krishnan
Date of Birth  : 16.05.1986
Gender  : Male
Marital status  : Married
Languages Known  : Tamil and English and Kanata.
Passport no  : L 2337262
Permanent Address  : 28/19A Kattapomman Nagar, Vickramasingapuram -- 627425, Ambasamutram Taluk, Tirunelveli (Dist.), Tamil Nadu.
Present Address  : 5/487, Krishna Nagar, Kunnur South, Krishnankovil – 626126. Srivilliputhur Taluk, Virudhunagar (Dist.), Tamil Nadu.

Declaration  :
I hereby declare that all the details furnished here are true to the best of my knowledge.

Date  :
Place  :


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