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Production Executive Resume Sample, Experience : 3 years

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Name of the Candidate:[Private]
Name of the Post Applied:Production Executive
Job related skills / software:Chemical Analysis and Quality Management (PGDCAQM)
Sub Category:Medicines Production Executive
Years of Experience:3 years
State:Andhra Pradesh
Salary Expected per Month(Rs):Negotiable
Highest Qualification attained:M.Sc. / MSC : Master of Science
Major / Specialization:Bio Technology
Email Id:[Private]
Are you looking for job now?:No
Can the recruiter contact you?:No
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Resume Format / CV Sample Template / Example / Model :


Career Objective:
    A highly motivated, optimistic and versatile individual interested in contributing to the betterment of science, backed by an impressive record of academic achievement and offering a broad skills base gained in academic.
Education Details:
2006-2008        Ganga Kaveri College, Bangalore University, Bangalore.
M.Sc (Bio Technology) 2003- 2006        Sai-sudhir Degree College, Osmania University, Hyderabad.
B.Sc (Biotechnology, Microbiology, Chemistry) 2001- 2003        Sri Chaitanya Junior College, Hyderabad.
Intermediate Education of AP.
Technical Skills:
**    Familiar with microscopic investigation, aseptic techniques, DNA extraction, agarose gel electrophoresis, streaking plate techniques.
**    I had gained good knowledge and certificate by attending the course training during the period of 18th Jan 2008 to 9th MAY 2008 in “ARISTOGENE BIOSCIENCES Pvt Ltd, Bangalore”.
There I had become familiar in handling the biotechnical instruments such      as PCR, RAPD, RT- PCR, SDS- PAGE, Southern Blotting Technique and Western Blotting Techniques.
Extra Course:
**    I pursued Post Graduation Diploma in “Chemical Analysis and Quality Management (PGDCAQM)” from Hyderabad Central University, Hyderabad.
**    I gained good knowledge by attending following workshops in the University such as, NMR- Spectroscopy, X-Ray Diffraction and UV-Visible Spectrophotometer.
Work Experience:
From  6th July 2008 to  13th Jan 2010 I had started my career as “Senior Chemist” in Fermentation Technology  with  M/s. Liquors India Pvt Ltd, Hyderabad.
**    I have got good experience in production division.
**    Here we produced some drugs like LOVASTATIN, PENCILLIN and DOCOSA HEXANOIC ACID (DHA) by extracting it from the respective organisms.
**    I have got good experience in sterilization process, inoculation of an organism in to the fermenter by peristaltic pump, maintaining the back pressure, and transferring  of  nutrients when the organism require.
**    Good experience in handling the Quality control equipments such as, Analyzing the Reducing sugar percentage, PCV and handling of centrifuge machine.
**    Good experience in handling the large fermenters manually i.e, 4kl, 8kl, 36kl and 82kl fermenters.
From  15th Feb 2010 till the date I am working  as “Production- Executive” in Fermentation Process  with  M/s. Subhash Biosciences  Pvt  Ltd (A Group of Krishidan Seeds  Ltd),  Jalna,  Maharashtra.
**    Here I have got good experience in production of different Metal Gluconates in powder and liquid formulation by the fermentation process developed by Indian Institute Of Integrated Medicine (IIIM), Jammu.
**    These gluconates have been produced which it is useful for Agricultural, Pharma industry, food industry and textile industry.
**    I have good experience in handling the equipments such as,
**    M/s.

Scigenics Company PLC equipped Fermenters like 7L, 50L, 500L, 5KL and 30KL.
**    Good experience in handling downstream process equipments such as,
**    M/s. SSP Company  Evaporators,
**    M/s. Scigenics Filtration unit process like plate and Frame Filter Press, Crystallizers (2000L and 5000L Capacity).
**    M/s. B.A. Engineering Centrifuge machine, Fluid Bed Dryer,and Pulverizers.
**    Experience on ECO Certified audits, and Knowledge on USFDA Audits..
**    Maintaining the Batch Manufacturing Records, log sheets.
**    Ability to work in a team, Comprehensive problem solving skills.
**    Zeal to learn new technologies and apply.
**    Optimistic attitude, Good analytical skills.
To accustomed myself to the latest industry trends and contributing the same to the growth of the organization
Project Profile:
Title    : Biochemical Analysis of some Aromatic Medicinal Plants and Its Oils..
Duration: 1 Month.
Team : 5 Members
Description Of Project:
In this project work our team had worked on four plants and its respective oils. The following medicinal plants we used are “Eucalyptus, Lemon grass, Patchouli and Spear mint. In this experiment we had compared the amount of Sugars, Protiens and Fats in plant materials as well as the oil samples by taking the Optical Density values.
Skill Set:
Major    Action planning, Analytical and logical thinking, Creating and Creative Thinking, Dexterity, Managing and interpreting information, negotiating, Numeracy, Team Work and collaboration.
Minor    Adaptability, Empathizing and Perceiving, Managing and Organizing, Questioning, listening, Viewing and spatial sense
Team work    Able to adjust to different team member’s attitudes and the same timing responsible to the assigned job.
Communication    Oral communication skills expressed in presentations and in talking to the general public.
 Computer skills :
Knowledge and experience of Windows XP, MS office, Using email and internet.


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