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Electrical Maintenance Shift Supervisor Resume Sample, Experience : 16 years

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Name of the Candidate:[Private]
Name of the Post Applied:Electrical Maintenance Shift Supervisor
Job related skills / software:Spares inventory and control, Budgeting of Manpower and Machinery needs, Condition based monitoring / maintenance planning and execution, Capability in ISO documentation system, Kaizen and 5S activities
Category:Site / Construction
Sub Category:Shift Supervisor / Incharge / Manager
Years of Experience:16 years
State:Tamil Nadu
Salary Expected per Month(Rs):Negotiable
Highest Qualification attained:B.E. / BE : Bachelor of Engineering
Major / Specialization:Electrical and Electronics
Email Id:[Private]
Are you looking for job now?:No
Can the recruiter contact you?:No
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Resume Format / CV Sample Template / Example / Model :


To seek a challenging and responsible position at Engineer level in the fields of electrical project execution and maintenance, preferably with Chemical industries and Power plants. Has very good communication skill, maintain good relations with superiors and subordinates and ready to learn things.

As an electrical Engineer (11 years),supervisor (5 years) with 16+ years of rich experience in project execution and maintenance with proven abilities & Trouble shooting skills in a complex electrical system in a large petrochemical industries and power plants.
Good experience in Installation and Commissioning of Electrical equipments in Power plants and Petrochemical Industries.
Well experienced in High voltage distribution and operation of electrical system.
Have versatile experience in the field of Maintenance of Electrical systems up to 110KV voltage level, including Generators, Substations, Switchgears, Transformers, Motors, DG sets, UPS, Variable speed drives, Relays, Battery systems, Lighting etc., in Petrochemical and Chemical Industries.
Well known about all types of maintenance systems like Preventive, Breakdown, Turn around and Running maintenance of various electrical equipments.
Undergone various inhouse training programs conducted by the company’s training centre on various technical subjects and safety procedures.

Global chemicals & Maintenance systems LLC (Oman)
Electrical Engineer (from Dec 2010 to till date)
Carried out installation, testing and commissioning of 65MW Diesel power plant with associated equipments of Wartsila engines,Mirrless Blackstone,KHD Engines.
Executed erection and commissioning activities of Transformers, HT/LT panels, cabling, lighting, earthing and lightning protection etc., for the above project.
Erection, commissioning and maintenance of HT and LT switch gears ( 33KV,11KV, & 440 Volts). Installation of 110V & 24V DC battery charger ,testing and commissioning (make  :Effort,BHL)
Spares inventory and control, Budgeting of Manpower and Machinery needs Manpower controlling, day to day activities report to site manager.
Preplanning of next day work activities.

IndoJordan Chemicals Company Ltd, Jordan, September2008 to Nov 2010 :
Position  : Supervisor (Electrical)
As shift supervisor of Electrical section, responsible for operation and maintenance of entire Electrical system in the Sulphuric Acid and Phosphoric Acid complex with 12.8MW Captive power plant.
Preventive & Breakdown maintenance of HT/LT panel boards, switchgears, HT/LT Motors, Turbo generator set, DG set and Variable speed drives etc.
Shutdown and Annual Turnaround Maintenance activities of Electrical system.
Executed electrical activities for relocation cum high capacity gypsum disposal project in the phosphoric acid plant.
Routine Inspection of electrical equipments and their upkeep.
Preparation of Daily activity report and forward to department Manager.

Covanta Samalpatti Power Plant,India, November 2000 to September 2008 :
Position  : Lead Electrical engineer
As Lead Engineer of Electrical section, responsible for operation and maintenance of entire Electrical system in the 105.66MW diesel power plant
110 KV Yard comprising of 110/11 KV power transformers and its associated switchgears such as Current Transformers, Potential transformers, Lighting Arrestors, Isolators etc.,
Power & Distribution Transformers with capacities upto 40 MVA and transformation ratios such as 110/11 KV, and 11/04 KV.
Operation & Maintenance of DG SETS capacity 15MW ( Make WARTSILA ; No of Engines :7)
Routine & Preventive Maintenance of Power Transformer capacity 40MVA (4 no’s) and Distribution Transformer capacity 2MVA (4no’s).
Different makes of electromagnetic/static/micro processor based protective relay systems supplied by leading manufactures such as Siemens, ABB, and Alstom etc, including conducting periodical health checkup, primary & secondary injection testing & replacement planning.
SF6 & ACB Breaker Routine Maintenance.
11KV / 0.440KV Station Transformer Maintenance.
OLTC (ON LOAD TAP CHANGER) Type  : D III 400 60Y60 maintenance.
Operation & Maintenance of Battery & Battery chargers at various level of voltage 110v, 24v etc.
Routines, Preventive & Breakdown maintenance of H.T & L.T Switchgear (ACB,SF6)
L.T Motor Preventive Maintenance.(ABB,Brookhansan,siemens)

Southern Petrochemical Industries Corporation, Tuticorin, India ( Nov 1995 to Oct 2000) :
Position  : Technician (Electrical)
1) Project Experience :
Carried out installation, testing and commissioning of 6MW cogeneration power plant with associated equipments in a Sulphuric Acid plant of SPIC fertilizer complex.
Executed erection and commissioning activities of Transformers, HT/LT panels, cabling, lighting, earthing and lightning protection etc., for the above project.
Erection, commissioning and maintenance of HT and LT switch gears (22KV, 11KV, 3.3KV & 440 Volts), especially L&T, ABB and SIEMENS make, for Ammonia and Urea complex as part of plant modernization.
Installed, Tested and commissioned the following major equipments in Ammonia and Urea plant.
o 11KV, 1850 KW Synchronous motor with associated controls for Urea plant CO2 compressor.
o 11KV, 970KW Induction motor for Ammonia additional process air compressor
o 3.3KV, 640 KW Induction Generator

2) Maintenance Experience :
Operation and Maintenance of Electrical systems in SPIC petrochemical complex, Tuticorin, India.
The complex consists of Ammonia plant (1200 TPD), Urea plant (2000 TPD), Sulphuric acid plant (600 TPD), Phosphoric acid (300 TPD) and two streams of DiAmmonium Phosphate (each 1000 TPD) plants.

The complex also has utilities such as Water treatment facility, Captive power generation plant (24 MW) and Ammonia importation and storage facility.

I have experience in the following areas  :
TRANSFORMERS  : Maintenance of High voltage transformers up to 30 MVA and HV/LV switch boards and capacitor banks
CIRCUIT BREAKERS  : Operation and Maintenance of 110KV, 11 KV and 3.3 KV substations and related switchgears, including Minimum Oil Circuit Breakers (MOCBs), SF6 circuit Breakers, VCBs and ACBs.
PROTECTION SYSTEMS  : Testing, trouble shooting, Coordination and maintenance of protection systems (Electro magnetic as well as Static relays) and programming of SPACOM, MOTPRO relays.
POWER GENERATION  : Operation Maintenance of turbo generators up to 13MW of FUJI (JAPAN), DG sets upto 1100KVA, Gas turbine (3750 KVA) of make MEIDEN Electric Company, Japan.
MOTORS  : Preventive, Breakdown and periodical maintenance of HT as well as LT motors including synchronous motors of 1850 KW, Induction motors up to 1880 KW, Flame proof motors.
VSD  : Operation and maintenance of variable speed drives particularly VVVF controllers (Inverters of 1600 KVA MITSUBISHI make and 220KW Telemecanique make etc).
UPS  : Operation and Maintenance of UPS up to 80 KVA, GUTOR, Switzerland make.
PLC’S  : Operation, Maintenance and LADDER Programming of PLC Systems (YASKAWA – R84H)
BATTERY SYSTEMS  : Erection, Commissioning and Maintenance of Batteries and Battery charger systems.
CABLES  : Knowledge about XLPE, PILC (upto 11 KV), PVC and TRS cables and their terminations and testing of cables including HIPO TEST (AC as well as DC voltage).
MOV’s  : Knowledge about MOV’s (Motor Operated Valves) and erection, commissioning and Maintenance of MOV’s especially AUMA, ROTORKIQ Range (Micro processor based)
In addition to the above, I also got experience in maintenance and trouble shooting of Cranes, Hoists, Lift Systems, Conveyors, Industrial Lighting arrangements, Vessel Heater systems, Smoke and Heat Detector (Fire Protection) Systems & Auto start system of DG sets.

Microsoft Word, Excel & Power point.MS DOS,

Diploma in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from Tuticorin government Polytechnic, Tuticorin, Tamilnadu,
Bachelor Engineering in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from Bargur engineering collage, krishnagiri dist.

Skills in  :
Spares inventory and control, Budgeting of Manpower and Machinery needs
Condition based monitoring / maintenance planning and execution
Handling individual development programmers for working personnel
Good exposure to Energy conservation and Plant & Personnel safety activities
Capability in ISO documentation system, Kaizen and 5S activities
Considerable experience in MS Office, MS Windows, MP2.Orion..
Good exposure to fabrication and erection activities of Machinery / Plant Confident interaction skills in English, Tamil.



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