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QA/QC Engineer Resume Sample, Experience : 11 years



Name of the Candidate:[Private]
Name of the Post Applied:QA/QC Engineer
Job related skills / software:Static/ Rotary/ Structures Inspection
Category:Site / Construction
Sub Category:QA QC Engineer / Executive / Manager
Years of Experience:11 years
Salary Expected per Month(Rs):Negotiable
Highest Qualification attained:Diploma
Major / Specialization:Mechanical
Email Id:[Private]
Are you looking for job now?:No
Can the recruiter contact you?:No
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Extensive international and domestic experience in Inspection of Welding, NDT, QA/QC, Piping and related disciplines in various sectors such as refineries, petrochemicals, consultancy, pipeline etc.
March 2011 to Till Date             
QA/QC Engineer  - Assignment to Technimont Icb for MRPL (Manglore Refinery and Petro chemicals Ltd) On going project in completion stage
October 2008 to March 2011
QA/QC ENGINEER(EQUIPMENT AND STRUCTURE) - Assignment to Borouge, Ruwais Abu Dhabi (Representative of Punj Lloyd ltd  Abu Dhabi) This project was started in May 2008 and completed in March 2011
**    Responsible for Inspection to ensure that construction and engineering activities are as per defined standards, procedures and specifications.
**    Reviewing ITP, Method statements and records.
**      Responsible for the inspection of all Mechanical activities
        In the project, covering pressure piping International codes like ASME Sec-IX, ANSI B31.3, B31.8,          B31.4, API, and B31.1 & API & AWS D1.1 .and ISO  Standards related to Power Piping, Petrochemical Plants, Gas Plants, Refinery, Power Plants and Hydrocarbon transportation piping etc.
**    Inspection of installed system (Static/Rotary/Structures) based on check advice intimation and performing surveillance audit. Reporting any discrepancies as per defined procedures and to ensure that corrective action has been carried out.
**    Witnessing and conducting “Welder Qualification Tests” at shop and field for EPC contractor’s welders.
**    Reviewing radiographic films as per applicable standards.
**    Preparing and issuing Weekly and Monthly Quality concerned reports.
**    Review Quality Control Plans, Construction drawing, P & ID’s, Method Statement and Procedure, ITP , and Vendors Specifications as per clients agreement with the contractor that complies with the international codes/standard practices
**    Responsibilities also include to carry out work as per inspection test plan, QC Procedures , specifications &international codes such as ASME ,API and AWS
**    Mechanical( Rotary & Static Equipment ) QC inspection activities
**    Preparation of QC documents for Mechanical& Structural.
**    Coordinate with client representative for as-built drawings, test reports, release notes, final acceptance certificates etc.
**    Preparation of Test Packs to prepare pre punch list & Final punch list referring P & ID and ISO drawings.
**    To be maintain the project Documents.
**    Prepare the every week inspection status.
**    Co-ordinate with Client Final Inspection Activities.
**    Prepare daily activity inspection reports.
**    Any site modification make technical enquiry Co-ordinate with client.
**    Clash checking of piping with other equipment & structures.
**    Internal Auditing with each Department.
**    Preparation of certification matrix for mechanical and structural activities for mechanical completion as per system and sub-system.
**    Co-ordination with client for Pre-commissioning &commissioning activities.
**    Review of As-Built Drawings for final submission to clients.
**    Preservation activities for mechanical Equipments and verifying preservation cards as per requirement.
April 2006 to Sep  2008
QA/QC ENGINEER(EQUIPMENT & STRUCTURE) - Assignment to Rasgas, Qatar (Representative of ALNASR Engg.
**    Preparation of Inspection and test plan prior to start of work for client approval.
**    Preparation of QC procedures prior to work commencement.
**    Mechanical and structural inspection as per inspection and test plan.
**    Carry out quality control activities inspection to verify the quality of the erection / installation and ensure construction operations are in compliance with project specifications.
**    Implement the quality control intervention points on the inspection and test plans (Surveillance,
witness and mandatory inspection and record review.
**    Verify the document control process at site /field.
**    Interpret Approved for Construction/Erection Drawing for Structural Drawings including Standards and Specifications for implementation used.
**    Ensure all IFC drawings are in latest revisions with a stamp Issued for Construction.
**    Provide Technical assistance to construction personnel during lay-out, erection and installation.
**    Coordinate with the Area Supervisor regarding some site instructions and modifications.
**    Review and evaluate QA/QC documents for submittals.
**    Prepare WPS / WPQTR/ Welder Approvals for Client Approval.
**    Control and ensure that Calibration Certificates for Machines (Holding ovens, Survey Equipment, Wrench) are available for inspection.
**    Ensure that the Material and Consumable Certificates availability (Mill Certificates.).
**    Witness on-site material and installation inspection for compliance with Client.
**    Perform witness and surveillance inspections of installed materials from in-process to completed installations based on proper orientation conformed to the approved Erection Drawing prior to full welding, alignment and Bolt tightening.
**    Prepare and Make Inspection Reports (RFI) for Alignment/Bolt Tightening/Welding for Client Inspection.
**    Prepare Inspection Reports and Non-Conformance Reports if there is some problem towards the material receiving / installation /erection that did not coincides the Standards and Specifications.
**    Inspection of material to be installed based on material installation procedure (Bolts, Nuts and Washers etc.)
**    Coordinate with the Site Supervisor with regards to the new & revised area.
**    Prepare/Approved punch listing activities for clearing of punch list as per client comment and suggestion.
**    Responsible for internal inspection before client final inspection.
**    Prepare certification matrix for smooth completion of project.
FEB 2000 to APRIL 2004
QC Inspector :
QC Inspector(Welding) Inspector - Assignment to Alstom projects india Ltd
**    Preparation of inspection and test plan.
**    Positive material identification prior to start of fabrication as per required specification
**    In process inspection stage wise during fabrication and fit up of various equipments
**    Organizing and Conducting the Welder Qualification test as per specification.
**    After Completion of Fabrication Checking Final Dimension as per approved drawings
**    Checking the calibration of all the equipments.
**    Ensure welding is carried out as per WPS and PQR
**    Carrying out audits with each department
**    Co-ordinate with client and third party for inspections
**    Visual inspection of equipment in internal trays and cleaning of vessels
**    Preparing line punch list and mechanical clearance.
**    Preparation of QC documents.
**    NDE Clearance
**    Preparing  traceability matrix for eac


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