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Engine Service Engineer Resume Sample, Experience : 1 years

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Name of the Candidate:[Private]
Name of the Post Applied:Engine Service Engineer
Job related skills / software:Reporting Good, Internal Combustion Engine Lubrication, Agricultural Attachments on Bike
Category:Site / Construction
Sub Category:Service Engineer
Years of Experience:1 years
Salary Expected per Month(Rs):25,000 to 30000
Highest Qualification attained:B.E. / BE : Bachelor of Engineering
Major / Specialization:Mechanical
Email Id:[Private]
Are you looking for job now?:Yes
Can the recruiter contact you?:Yes
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Curriculum Vitae  :
Mr. Soma Rahul Shrinivas
Email : soma.rahul3 AT gmail.com

Personal Profile :
Name  : Rahul Shrinivas Soma
Sex  : Male.
Nationality  : Indian
Marital Status  : Single.
Languages Known  : English, Marathi, Hindi & Telugu.

Hobbies  :
1. Intrested To Learn New & Advanced Technology
2. Reading Books & Newspaper.
3. Playing Cricket.

Career Objective :
Aspiring to work in a competitive job environment that provides me with the opportunity to harness new technology era & utilize my skills to the best.

Discipline :
Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical, Nagesh Karazagi Orchid College Of Engineering & Technology, Solapur, Solapur University, Solapur.

Professional Qualification :
B.E ( Solapur University) 62.67% June 2015.
Diploma in Automobile Engg. 75.75% Summer 2010.(MSBTE)
HSC(10+2 MCVC) in 76.17% Feb 2008. Auto Engg. Technician (PUNE Board)
SSC (PUNE Board) 53.46% March 2006.

Project Details :
Diploma Project  : “Internal Combustion Engine Lubrication”
As the era is era of Practical authorities, each and every this has Practical view of importance. So, there is great need of model on I.C. Engine Lubrication also.

As a result the model of on Project in lab will be of much informative to one and all for through study of lubrication and need of lubrication for I.C. Engine. So that it will be very useful to understand the how lubrication is done in I.C. engine.

Bachelor of Engineering Project :
“Agricultural Attachments on Bike”

India is widely known in the world for its agricultural activities.

Farming is one of the important commercial businesses. Still in our country enough importance is not given to the improvement in the agricultural field. The current growth in the agricultural sector is not very satisfactory as compared to other sectors. The farmers are much dependant on bullocks or tractors and are unable to bear up with its increasing cost.

Thus there is need to mechanize this sector with the least possible cost. Hence we are developing “Agricultural Attachment On Bike” as in the Solapur district rabbi season is taken on large scale.

Computer Proficiency :

Extracurricular Activities :
** Attended National Level Technical Symposium Participated in LATHEMATE at NKOCET SOLAPUR.
** Participated in TRAINED EXPO at TATA MOTORS PUNE.
** Winner in a National level Event of Abhiyanta 2014 ROBO-RACE at J.J.M. COE, Jaysingpur (Kolhapur).

Experience :
** 1 Year Worked as a Diploma Trainee in TATA MOTORS, PIMPARI PLANT (CVBU) PUNE.
** 15 days Vocational Training in S ENGINEERING PVT. LTD.
** Worked in a“Vijai Fabricators and Erection Contractors” under the project of“Solapur Super Tharmal Power Plant (SSTPP)” As a“Execution Engineer ” from theMay 2015 to May 2016.
** Currently taken Training of Insurance Surveyor under Mr. Srikant J. Madur ( Surveyor & Loss Assessor).

Strength :
** I am very enthusiastic, self-motivated person.
** I am very joyful in working with a group.
** I am a good team member.

Declaration :
I confirm that the information provided by me is true to the best of my knowledge and belief.

Place  : Solapur
Date  :

(Mr. Rahul Shrinivas Soma)


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